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Oohlala Spouses Episode 9 Recap

  This is a big episode. So much emotional business intercut with the funny. It's actually perfect, and things move forward several steps. Now, if we can just get some more Hyun Woo/Yeo Ok action. *Plotting to myself while rubbing hands together* Also, there were so many great screenshots, so expect many pics.

  Yeo Ok and Pushy Mom try to stop Soo Nam, but MIL blocks them, using her powers of ahjumma luchador wrestling she learned somewhere. Pushy Mom calls her a gangster, and she responds that if that's what it takes, then she'll act like a gangster. 
  Inside the exam room, Dr. Wolhwa says he'll start after Soo Nam listens to one sound. Nurse Moo San turns up the volume on the ultrasound machine and Soo nam asks what that sound is. It's the baby's heartbeat, the sign of life, and Dr. Wolhwa says he wants Soo Nam to hear it before he starts the surgery.

  With tears in his eyes, Soo Nams jumps up and runs out, sneaking past Yeo Ok and the moms who are collapsed in a tangled heap. As he runs off, Pushy Mom jumps up and cheers him on. 

  On the drive home, Yeo Ok notices Soo Nam holding his belly. MIL sulks in the back seat while Pushy Mom makes plans for them to celebrate. MIL sniffs that she won't be participating in any celebration, but Pushy Mom just keeps planning happily. Soo Nam is in his own world cradling his belly and staring contentedly at the sky.

  Late that night, Yeo Ok sneaks out of the bed she's currently sharing with MIL and MIL angrily follows. She hears loud laughter coming from Soo Nam's room and listens in on a game of Go Stop between Soo Nam, Yeo Ok, and Pushy Mom. Pushy Mom asks what the deal with the alleged divorce is, and they answer that MIL just said it because she was angry. Pushy Mom talks about MIL being a gangster, which angers MIL enough that she almost barges in to have it out with her. But instead, she goes back to bed where she tosses and turns.

  Pushy Mom hands Soo Nam a wad of cash so he can buy any type of food he wants during the pregnancy. "Don't worry about your family members and just eat what you need to." Soo Nam tries to give it back, but Pushy Mom insists that she can't do much to help her, living as far away as she does, but she can at least do this. Yeo Ok tackle-hugs her. The three end up sleeping in the bed that night. (During the Go Stop scene, Soo Nam makes another effort to talk like Yeo Ok. Kekeke.)

  The next day, Soo Nam and Yeo Ok help Pushy Mom onto the train back home. Yeo Ok hands her a bag of food for the trip and gives her a giant hug. Soo Nam stands awkwardly and tells her to have a safe trip. He gets yelled at for being so formal and tries to hug Pushy Mom, but gets swatted away. Yeo Ok cries as Soo Nam drags her off the train, and then awkwardly forces a hug from him.

  As they drive home, Yeo Ok continues to cry and Soo Nam apologizes for always being so indifferent towards Pushy Mom, and for being so unkind to Yeo Ok all those years. He never understood her. Yeo Ok explains that he's feeling this way because of his hormones creating maternal feelings. He starts talking to the baby and suddenly shouts "WHAT? Steak? And pizza, and spaghetti?" He starts lisping, asking Yeo Ok to take them to get steak, pizza and spaghetti, spaghetti, spaghetti.

  At a restaurant, Soo Nam enjoys his spaghetti, but asks Yeo Ok to write a note. She reminds him of the pledge they made in their past life that he didn't keep, and he'll just keep letting her down. He asks her to trust him, but she says she can't. We see their true selves as the conversation becomes more emotional. Yeo Ok says he wants this from her because of his pregmancy, but he was never there for hers, even in the hospital when Ki Chan was born.  
  But that's not even the worst part. The worst is the things MIL says to her once in a while, especially when she says they never would have accepted Yeo Ok if she hadn't gotten pregnant. Like she's the one that made herself that way. He made her his by telling her he loved her, but now she's treated like trash, kicked around by everyone. And he's never once stood up for her. 
  During her whole confession, Soo Nam can barely look at her. He finally says he's sorry, but she asks if he really thinks those words are enough. He reluctantly admits that those words of his mother's—about not accepting her into the family but for her pregnancy—well, he's had those thoughts, too. He used to have thoughts that he could have found a better wife. "I'm sorry." 

  Yeo Ok starts sobbing and asks how he could do that. He kneels to her, and she asks if he's sorry towards Ki Chan also. He says that he is, and that he's a bad man, and starts to cry also. He apologizes again and they both start wailing. He asks her to forgive him just this once. In the middle of their sobbing, Yeo Ok looks over and asks to cancel their order, since they're in the middle of a situation right now. Soo Nam shoos the staff away and they hug. (It's a really hilarious way to end this gut-wrenching moment.) 
  We next see them doing domestic things together: grocery shopping, where Yeo Ok drags Soo Nam around fighting for the best deals—doing laundry, where Soo Nam comentates like Yeo Ok is in a sporting event—and Soo Nam listening to fairy tales with the baby, until he realizes it's one he already knows. 
  At work, Soo Nam cleans rooms like he's playing a game. He passes Victoria in the hall, and tries to hide from her, but she forces her way into the room he's hiding in. She hugs him and he freaks out, worried that someone will see them. "Uh, we're both women. No one will think anything." He pushes her away again and says that he can't leave his wife right now. (Well, that never stopped you before, but I'm glad you've developed a conscience about it, anyway.) 
  Victoria says it's been hard to wrap her head around the body swap, but she came to the conclusion that it doesn't change anything, since what she really loves about him is his kind and loving heart. That's still the same. She hugs him, and he hugs her back. But he thinks to himself that he has to let her go now.
  As they're pulling away, Bossy Maid walks in and Victoria pushes Soo Nam away, making him do a somersault across the bed. Bossy Maid asks what he's doing, and he answers "Cleaning!" while trying to make the bed while on top of it. Haha! Bossy Maid yells at him about not getting all his work done and reminds him that he's not a gossipy ahjumma on the street anymore (like he ever was. HA!), and tells him to get back to work. When he's alone, he wonders if he should tell Victoria about the pregmancy, but decides it would be too shocking for her. 
  Yeo Ok is visiting with Chef Man Soo, who has prepared the best steak just for her. He asks if it's hard on her to do manual labor, but she admits that it's fun, since the machines do most of the work and she just gabs with the ahjummas all day. Jin Goo comes in and asks if she's always been such a gossip, and she yells at him for being disrespectful (it's especially funny because she just asked Man Soo to stop calling her Manager, but expects respect from Jin Goo for her former position. Plus, she keeps jabbing at him with her fork.) Jin Goo tells her that Hyun Woo wants to see her.

  She shyly walks into his office, followed by Jin Goo. She looks at Hyun Woo longingly while thinking to herself that she wants to talk about the past with him just once, and have a good cry together, but that's impossible now. He asks how she likes working in laundry services and she answers "It's really fun—I mean I like it." He tells her that items have been disappearing from the stockroom and he'd like to check it out. She answers enthusiastically "Me? You want me to investigate like I'm catching a criminal?" He chuckles and says that's exactly what he wants. 
  Jin Goo is upset that he's been passed over for such a clearly managerial task. Hyun Woo asks if they'd join him for lunch and Yeo Ok readily agrees. Jin Goo snarks back that she just ate a ton in the chef's office. "When? I haven't eaten anything!" *Bats her eyelashes innocently*
  They go to the cafeteria and Jin Goo keeps gesturing and muttering threats at her. Hyun Woo notices Soo Nam eating alone and excuses himself to eat with him. Jin Goo marvels that he's being so open in front of everyone, and Yeo Ok just leaves.

  Soo Nam wonders what Hyun Woo is doing, and says to himself "Seriously. Victoria comes to see me for my soul, and you come to see me for my body. It's not like I can explain things to you, too." Hyun Woo asks if he's being bullied, and says that getting along with coworkers is harder than the work itself.
  Yeo Ok calls and tells Soo Nam to abort the mission. They promised not to upset one another. He sweetly says that he'll have to call back later and stares at Hyun Woo all sneaky-like. Soo Nam says to Hyun Woo that he knows about dealing with coworkers, "General Manager—I mean o-ppa."

  Hyun Woo smirks but then looks around at everyone staring at them and gently reprimands Soo Nam. "Since this is a place of business, you should call me General Manager." Soo Nam asks why he sat with him if he wants to keep it secret. "Then should I tell everyone? Should I announce publicly that you're my first love and that I still love you?" (He's only half joking—you get the feeling he'd totally do it if Soo Nam asked him to.) Soo Nam quickly says no, looking grossed out by the idea.  

  Soo Nam changes tack and decides to ask about unconventional promotions. He acts all flirty, kinda doing the little-girl act. Which could have been creepy but is really really funny. (On second thought, I realize he's trying his hand at aegyo. Hahaha!) Hyun Woo asks if being a maid is too hard and says he's open to suggestions. If Soo Nam comes up with a great idea, he's more than willing to make things happen. Soo Nam pumps his fist in victory. "By the way, I found a really great mussels restaurant. We should go there sometime." Hyun Woo starts heaving and runs out. 
  Jin Goo makes a call to ask about a background check he ordered, but it hasn't come back yet. He swears he'll find something soon. Yeo Ok returns and whacks him on the arm, asking what he wants to find.
  Bossy Maid is in the restroom where Soo Nam heads to puke, and asks if he's pregnant. If he is, he should just quit now. Soo Nam denies his premancy and asks why it would matter. You know, hypothetically speaking. Bossy Maid says that their job is taxing enough, but practically impossible for a pregnant woman (or man). 
  Yeo Ok agrees later as they head home. It would be too hard on him to work as a maid while pregmant. He answers that it doesn't really matter, since he'll be moving on up soon. Yeo Ok laughs and has to swerve, causing Soo Nam to yell at her about his nausea. She starts swerving more just 'cause. Kekeke!
  They get home to find Il Ran in the middle of a big mess, watching tv and reading a manhwa. Soo Nam sits down for a talk, but has to wallop her with a pillow to get her attention. He starts throwing things and yelling about the mess, and Il Ran says she'll get to it later. She looks to Yeo Ok for support, but only gets a jacket to the face in response. Soo Nam drags her through the house pointing out all the messes she's made, and she says it's both their responsibility. Also, why is sister-in-law using such informal speech with her? 
  They keep yelling at each other until Yeo Ok cuts in to remind them Soo Nam is pregmant. Il Ran runs over whining and says that her sister-in-law is acting really weird. Yeo Ok tells her to be nicer to Soo Nam, since he's expecting AND working. Yeo Ok even bought her a villa! She also tells Soo Nam to be more considerate of Il Ran, since she was kicked out of her marriage at such a young age, has no skills, and freeloads off her mother. Il Ran runs off crying and MIL asks her what's wrong.

  She whines that everyone's being mean to her and sister-in-law is being weird. Yeo Ok asks if what she said was wrong, and Soo Nam sweetly says he only asked her for one thing. MIL slaps her in the shoulder for her impudence, and asks how long she's going to mooch. She threatens to move out and runs off to her room. Soo Nam pretends to be too nauseated to clean and begs Soo Nam to do it for her. MIL complains that she's just going to have to put up with this kind of extra nonsense now, too. 

  Hyun Woo gets back to his spotless yet empty home and mopes on the couch. He remembers taking little Yeo Ok to a fancy villa in their hometown. She's in awe and he asks if she's jealous. She answers that she is, because people that live in such nice houses must be happy, right? He vows to build a house like that one day, and he'll make sure she lives in one, too. They pinky swear on it. The next day at the hotel, he joyfully works on a model of his dream home and draws plans for it. 
  Soo Nam cleans rooms while talking to "Star," talking about how the baby is the hope that keeps its parents connected, and once it's born, their family will go back to normal. "So grow nice and healthy. Nice and healthy." He sits down, feeling dizzy, and Bossy Maid stops by to check on him. Only now he's asleep on the bed. She insists he's pregnant, and says he should just quit. He apologizes and asks for a day off for his father's memorial. 

  At a family carnival at Ki Chan's school, Clown Moo San cheers on Lawyer Lee. Clown Wolhwa works some magic and makes him fall over the balloon-ball they're pushing, which makes the Go family win. Moo San accuses Wolhwa of cheating and he asks if she's looking to start something with Lawyer Lee. She answers that she's going to fix him, but Wolhwa tells her to stay out of it—he has his own fate he has to live. She promises to teach him what real love is. 

  Bossy Maid shows up with her kid and greets Yeo Ok during lunch. Soo Nam tries to hide, but she notices him and ribs him for using the memorial excuse to come to the school festival. She asks if the two are married, and Soo Nam jumps on Lawyer Lee, pretending he's his husband. Ae Sook catches on and pretends Yeo Ok is her husband. Soo Nam even kisses Lawyer Lee's face to make it seem real (it doesn't help), and Yeo Ok covers Ki Chan's mouth as he tries to blurt out the truth. I love their overreaction to try to convince her—a simple "No, that's my husband" would have sufficed, but where's the comedy in that? Also, Yeo Ok and Soo Nam have couples hoodies on. Ki Chan screams at Soo Nam, asking "Mom, are you crazy?!?"
  Jin Goo gets the results of his background check—Yeo Ok and Hyun Woo grew up together but aren't having an affair. But they did find out that Soo Nam is Yeo Ok's ex-husband. Jin Goo realizes he has a new weapon in his arsenal, but can't bring himself to tell Hyun Woo the news. 

  Back at the festival, the Go family wins the relay over the Lee family. Soo Nam and Lawyer Lee start a kick fight over another event. Lawyer Lee: "What? You think I won't hit you in your woman's body?!" 
  Victoria brings Soo Nam some bento boxes at the hotel. He tells her that she needs to stop coming to see him, but she insists that she'll just keep on. He replies that they've decided to work things out, and she asks why he's being like this. He explains that he wasn't going to tell her, but he's pregnant, and she should find happiness elsewhere. She leaves, and both of them are crying.
  She drives home, but she's crying and very pale. She swerves all over the road. 
  Soo Nam shows up in Hyun Woo's office and he asks her to go somewhere with him. On the way, Hyun Woo asks about his proposal for a promotion, and Soo Nam answers that he's collecting data. He asks where they're going, and Hyun Woo answers that it would take too long to explain, but he's been preparing it for a long time. This annoys Soo Nam, who snaps that he hates people who try to be mysterious. He realizes that he shouldn't speak to his boss like that, but Hyun Woo just smiles. 

  They pull into a huge lot overlooking the Han River, and Soo Nam complains that it's nothing, just like he thought. Hyun Woo tells him to look closer at the nature surrounding them and goes to get something out of the trunk. 

  He shows the model villa and asks if Soo Nam remembers. Soo Nam guesses that they promised to build a home here and grow old together, but acts vague. Hyun Woo talks about the villa they used to always visit, and says that he wants to make that dream a reality. Soo Nam makes a gagging face when he's not looking. 
  Just as Hyun Woo is about to confess, Soo Nam cuts him off and says that he's trying to reconcile with his ex. They can't just do that to their son. "But we can still be friends, okay?" He wanders off, marveling at the land, and Hyun Woo fights back tears. He tells himself that he knows that's a lie.
  Yeo Ok skips through the halls of work, and is stopped by an employee who works with Victoria. She says that Victoria hasn't shown up for work and isn't answering her calls, so could Yeo Ok scold her if she sees her?

  Yeo Ok calls Soo Nam, who is back at work, and asks about Victoria. He realizes something's wrong and runs over Bossy Maid in his hurry. He literally jumps into a guest's waiting taxi and hurries to the apartment. He finds Victoria passed out on the floor and starts having an asthma attack. He dials 911 but doesn't get any words out before collapsing by Victoria. 
  At the same time, Yeo Ok falls off a ladder and hits her head. The souls switch back.
  Wow, what an episode. The Hong Sisters, you should pay attention to this for your next body-swapping drama. Episode 9 is a good place for them to go back, mmkay? 
  Having the body swap happen at this point really makes sense to me. It fits the conditions of their punishment. In this episode, Soo Nam really showed that he has come to understand her better. He's made more effort to talk like her, and has pushed Victoria away. He's come to accept and anticipate the baby, and is really making positive changes. I feel like Yeo Ok had much less to learn and was more willing, so she's been there for a while, but he's taken longer to come around to her POV. 
  I loved the whole reconciliation scene. It was so achingly heartfelt. It's about time Soo Nam sincerely asked for forgiveness, and Yeo Ok needed to really open up about how much he's hurt her, not just by cheating, but by his attitude towards her all these years. And he needed to know how much his family hurts her. He's gotten glimpses of their treatment, but I don't think he's really seen how much it affects Yeo Ok. Also, the comedic bits at the end of that scene? Gold, I tell you!
  I still don't think that Soo Nam and Yeo Ok are well suited for one another, but I could see them making things work with a lot of effort. If the baby is enough reason for them to try, I can't really fault them for that, but I hope it's not the main reason. Kids grow up, and things don't just go away when a baby comes. If things don't get resolved, in another 10-12 years they'll be right back where we started this ride. 
  I still see Soo Nam and Victoria as being well-matched. I'm actually coming to like her (aside from her homewrecking), and I think Soo Nam really values her and loves her in a way he has never felt for Yeo Ok. I really don't see him as a serial cheater like Lawyer Lee, and I think that if he were to end up with Victoria, they'd work hard to make one another happy. Plus, it would allow Yeo Ok to be with Hyun Woo, which would make ME happy. And them, I think.
  The looks on poor, rejected Hyun Woo's face just kill me. Yes, I do have a major ajusshi crush! Who wants to know? He's so devoted to Yeo Ok, and really wants to make her happy. Maybe now they can be together, but Soo Nam's comments about agreeing to work things out make me wonder. Is that just him, or is it also Yeo Ok who feels that way?

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