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Oohlala Spouses Episode 11 Recap

  Hyun Woo really starts to make his move this episode. Awesome. Let's keep that going, 'kay show?
  But, really, this is Yeo Ok's episode, as she starts to reevaluate what she wants from her life going forward, and decides to pick herself up and move on.

  Soo Nam misses the ferry, but sees Hyun Woo standing at the back railing as it pulls out. He runs to an attendant and is informed that the next ferry leaves at 9 the next morning. He starts frantically trying to buy a ride with a fishing boat captain, but the captain says the waves are too high. Bribery doesn't work, either. 
  Pushy Mom encourages Yeo Ok to go back, since marriage takes patience. Yeo Ok explains the reasons for the divorce and finally admits that Soo Nam caused her miscarriage. Hyun Woo lurks outside, almost in tears over this confession. Pushy Mom tells Yeo Ok to stop using these things as excuses, so she calls Soo Nam and leaves her phone so Pushy Mom can talk to him. 
  Soo Nam is getting drunk at a food stand while Moo San watches him. He is overjoyed to take a call from Yeo Ok, but it's Pushy Mom asking him if everything she's heard is true, and he answers yes. Pushy Mom drops the phone in her grief.
  Yeo Ok wanders outside while Hyun Woo spies on her from the shadows. (Just go talk to her, dummy!) He remembers a time when they were kids and she was crying. He took her to the woods and built a fire and gave her sweet potatoes. He says "There's only me, right?"

  Moo San approaches Soo Nam and pours him a drink. She lectures him about breaking other peoples' hearts. "It always breaks yours harder in the end."
  Yeo Ok wanders the woods near her house, drawn by a fire, and is surprised to see Hyun Woo, in a suit, tending a small bonfire. She approaches and he jumps up to offer her his jacket and his seat. She asks what he's doing there, and he answers with the thoughts he's sure are going through her head. "'Did he come because I've been missing work? How did he know to find me here?' It's because I'm your oppa, that's how I knew." He asks her to go back with him, and she answers that he doesn't know everything, and if he did, he wouldn't ask that. 
  He tells her that he knows that she came here to get away from all her frustrations and to find some peace, but once she got here she realized that it didn't work. Now she's just a burden to her mom. "After living your entire life for others, it's time to live for yourself." She starts to cry and he kneels in front of her to wipe her tears. He tells her to let it go and promises that he'll make it all better. "So don't hurt anymore."
  He leans in to kiss her, and the screen blurs and we hear Soo Nam saying "It can't happen!" as he jerks awake. But, he passes out again. (Please don't say that was a fakeout!)
  Hyun Woo tends the fire as Yeo Ok sleeps behind him. He stares back at her then tightens his jacket around her and tells her not to be in pain any more. He'll make everything better. He leans in to kiss her, but stops himself and goes back to tending the fire, promising that he'll make things better for her. 
  Soo Nam sleeps on the beach while Moo San plays and dances in the sand. Wolhwa appears and yells at her for getting involved, reminding her that she can't change fate by her interference. She praises Hyun Woo's love and devotion and says that true love can change fate. They make a bet, and Moo San promises to stop interfering, and demands Wolhwa's fan if she wins. She wakes Soo Nam.
  He goes to Pushy Mom and bows to her, seeking forgiveness. She tells him that she knows what the world is like these days, even though she's isolated from most things. She says that if it were several years ago, she would tell Yeo Ok to stick things out, but things aren't like they were, and she needs to find her own way. She asks Soo Nam to stay away for a while until Yeo Ok has figured herself out. She rebukes him for his mistake and leaves.

  Hyun Woo and Yeo Ok pull up to the hotel. She tells him "Oppa—I mean General Manager, you should go in first, since this is our workplace." He encourages her "Fighting!" and goes in, and she gives herself a little "Fighting!" pep talk, telling herself that she has to make a life for herself. As she passes the bellhops, she gives them high fives.

  She goes to her first room and doesn't see anyone, but does find some underwear laid out on the bed. She inspects it just as the owner comes out from taking a shower (luckily he has a towel). They both scream and she runs out, leaving the door wide open. He yells for her to close it, and every time she sees him, she screams again and closes her eyes. Finally, she gets the door closed, but the bellhop asks if he needs to call security. She starts to answer, but instead makes him high-five her again and rallies herself. 
  Yeo Ok goes to the next room and calls out extra carefully to make sure it's empty. She realizes she's never cleaned a hotel room, and reminisces about singing with the laundry ahjummas, but then decides she can figure it all out.
  Bossy Maid inspects it when she's done and freaks out to see the comforters folded and stacked with the pillows in the middle of the beds. She asks if Yeo Ok's feeling okay, since she was practically trying to teach the class during training, and continues to rant. Hyun Woo walks past and overhears the scolding, but keeps going and doesn't butt in (good plan). 
  Yeo Ok interrupts by saying "Captain! Exactly. . . what. . . does a person have to eat to get such nice skin?" Bwahahaha! She also compliments her on the roundness of her skull. Bossy Maid firmly tells her that she'll have to clean the room again, and Yeo Ok says that she reminds her of Audrey Hepburn. This flattery works, and Bossy Maid is suddenly putty in Yeo Ok's hands. She agrees to let Yeo Ok work with another maid for 2 days. 
  Soo Nam drinks on the beach and ignores a call from Victoria. 
  Victoria comes home to find some people at her door. They're interested in buying this apartment that has just been listed. 

  MIL eats bibimbap alone and starts making plans to get her son remarried soon. Victoria shows up and offers to take her to dinner. They show up at Il Ran's job (she's working as a sales associate) holding hands. Il Ran yells at them, but Victoria acts oblivious and suggests they shop until Il Ran's shift ends. Il Ran mutters to herself that Victoria is a conniving fox. Victoria buys them each an expensive handbag. 
  Hyun Woo takes Yeo Ok for a walk and asks if being a maid is hard. She answers that it's nothing for someone who's used to doing housework. He asks if she has come up with a proposal that will earn her a promotion, and she doesn't know what he means, but fakes that she remembers the conversation he had with Soo Nam. She struggles with a form of address to use with him in private, discarding General Manager and oppa in favor of Hyun Woo-sshi. He asks why she's addressing him like that and she tells him that now that she's 40, she needs to be more careful with her words. 

  He turns her head and asks how she can be so pretty. She asks if he's teasing, and he admits that she made him uncomfortable by calling him Hyun Woo-sshi. At dinner, she tells him that she came back to Seoul because she decided to live her life for herself for a while. He asks if he's a burden to her and she answers that she doesn't like him seeing through her so easily. He explains that he often has to eat alone, but doesn't like it, so he often skips meals. He suggests that they help each other out from now on and eat together. 
  She replies that she's not ready to be light-hearted just yet, and needs to work through things on her own. They seem to reach an understanding about future meals together. During this scene, Yeo Ok continues to struggle with a proper title for Hyun Woo. She calls him Hyun Woo-sshi most of the time, but in moments of greater sincerity she stumbles over that and oppa and settles on not using a title at all. 
  That night, Yeo Ok explains to Ae Sook and Lawyer Lee that she doesn't want Soo Nam to know she's back in Seoul. Lawyer Lee asks if she's firmly made the decision to split, and Ae Sook yells at him for being so obtuse. He says he needs to hear it from Yeo Ok's own lips, just in case their feelings change. Just then, the Soo Nam rings the doorbell and Yeo Ok hides in the bedroom.
  Drunken Soo Nam comes in and explains his trip to Seowoldo (Yeo Ok's home island) and begging forgiveness from Pushy Mom. Yeo Ok listens through the door as he talks about drinking on the beach and wanting to throw himself into the ocean to die. She and Ae Sook both scoff to themselves while Lawyer Lee shows sympathy. Soo Nam tells Ae Sook that he thinks he'll die without Yeo Ok, but he didn't realize that before. He tearfully tells Ae Sook that if Yeo Ok will just forgive him this once, he'll be happy loving only her the rest of his life.
  Yeo Ok storms out to confront him over this. She tells him to cut the act and he kneels to her, asking for forgiveness. She starts laughing, causing everyone else to laugh hopefully, but quickly stops. Yeo Ok tells Soo Nam that the only reason she had to forgive him was for baby Star, but he extinguished that light. So, if he wants forgiveness, he should ask their baby. She leaves, doing her unsettling laugh-cry, but this time there's a bit more anger than previously. 
  At the house, Victoria explains her failed attempts to connect with her mother, and Il Ran points out that she was abandoned so that her mother could protect her family. This earns her a shoulder slap from MIL. Soo Nam comes home and is surprised to see his lover there. Il Ran sarcastically explains that she spent the entire day with MIL and bought them bags. He starts to drag Victoria outside for a talk, but MIL grabs her arm and asks what their relationship is. Soo Nam answers that they are nothing to each other. 

  Outside, Victoria explains that she was worried and came looking for him. He tells her that they lost the baby and tells her to go home. She tells him about the potential buyers and he explains that she'll have to move out, since the apartment belongs to Yeo Ok now. She asks if he'll call her and if he'll be at work in the morning, but he just tells her to go home. (Okay, so maybe not the worst breakup ever—so far in this drama Hyun Woo gets that award—but certainly a very vague and cowardly one.) 
  That night, Victoria cries to herself, Soo Nam drinks alone, Yeo Ok sits up with unshed tears, and Hyun Woo sighs to himself.
  In the morning, MIL sets out breakfast, complaining to herself. Il Ran comes and demands food, which starts a fight with MIL about her working just to get out of doing housework. Ki Chan asks about his slippers, which haven't been washed, and begs MIL to bring his mother home soon. Soo Nam comes out and yells at her for not having his shirts ironed and ready for him. I love this echo of the first family scene, and I'm glad that at least MIL realizes a tiny bit of what Yeo Ok went through every day, even if nobody else really recognizes what they're missing. Okay, Ki Chan does a little.

  Victoria comes to find Yeo Ok at work and expresses her concern over everything that has happened. Yeo Ok thanks her and asks her if they can avoid each other in the future. Victoria asks if Yeo Ok will quit, so Soo Nam doesn't have to feel uncomfortable at work. She says she can't live without her oppa. Yeo Ok grabs a piece of paper and tears it up, saying she'd like to do the same to Victoria, and tells her to go. Victoria runs out, scared, and Yeo Ok throws pillows around, even heading one.
  Outside, Soo Nam sees Victoria trying to compose herself and hesitates before approaching her. He asks if she's feeling unwell, but she says she's fine. He asks if she's found a new house, and she asks if he'll come with her to look after work. He tells her that she knows where he's at mentally (How? You haven't exactly told her much.) and that he can't go. She begs him not to push her away. 
  Yeo Ok tries to work off her anger, but can't hold it in any longer. She calls her real estate agent and finds out there's a buyer for the apartment. She also asks him to make all the arrangements so she can move into her new place ASAP. 
  Jin Goo runs into Chef Man Soo and tells him that that wolf in sheep's clothing Soo Nam is going to be out of the hotel from today! It's all about to explode. 
  Soo Nam shows up for a meeting with Jin Goo and Hyun Woo. Jin Goo explains that he's been investigating the missing linens and has evidence that proves that the head laundry ahjumma is involved, along with the head of records. And, there's also evidence that Soo Nam is a culprit. He shows photos of Soo Nam handing an envelope full of money to the laundry ahjumma. 
  Soo Nam explains that he's stayed at this hotel for so long because he loves it. And not only does he love the hotel, but he loves all of his colleagues as if they were his family. He asks if they can let this go just this once and explains that it may appear that the laundry ahjumma is responsible, but she's also the reason the laundry functions as smoothly as it does. Her husband had a stroke and she was selling the stolen linen to pay his hospital bills. Soo Nam gave her money to replace the linens she took. He asks for them to take care of this member of the hotel family. (I love protective Soo Nam!)
  Hyun Woo asks if he still thinks of himself as a manager, but he insists that that's not it. Hyun Woo says that he'll discuss it with the president and get back to Soo Nam. As he gets up to leave, Soo Nam has a stare-down with Jin Goo.  

  Yeo Ok is arranging her new place when the doorbell rings. She opens it to a face-full of flowers, presented by Hyun Woo who has come to celebrate her new home. He takes over the lightbulb changing duties. She asks how he knew, since she hasn't told anyone, and he tells her that as her oppa it's his job to know these things. They look so cozy and homey setting up her house.
  Lawyer Lee drives Soo Nam and Ae Sook, complaining about Yeo Ok moving to a completely different place, when she could have just hung new wallpaper. Ae Sook retorts that she'd have done the same thing, except she would have set the place on fire after seeing her husband rolling around with another woman. Lawyer Lee points out that Soo Nam is sitting right there, but she defends herself and asks if she's said anything that wasn't true. 
  Soo Nam tries to back out, but Lawyer Lee says he needs to push his suit and that it's less awkward with them there. 

  The doorbell rings again, and Lawyer Lee and Ae Sook come in bearing tissue boxes. Yeo Ok is surprised that they know about her new place, too, and they call Soo Nam in. He brings toilet paper. Lots of it. Haha! He stares at Yeo Ok, before noticing Hyun Woo. They stare each other down.
  Does anyone else find it a little ominous that Yeo Ok never actually answered Lawyer Lee's questions about whether she's completely ended things with Soo Nam? Except she did tell Soo Nam that his last chance was the baby, and that's ended, so my shipping still has hope. Also, by the kdrama transitive property of the first kiss, Hyun Woo is the one. (I don't think the "kiss of life" she gave Soo Nam actually counts here.) Also, I really want to see this drama defy a few conventions and prove Moo San right—true love is powerful and can alter fate. 
  I'm glad that Yeo Ok has come to realize that she needs to understand herself. One thing I like about Yeo Ok is that she has always had a clear sense of self. But now she has to figure out how her new life fits in with who she is, and she has to learn what it is she really wants for herself in the new future she is creating. And to do that, she needs some time to be with herself, and spoil herself a bit in the ways she hasn't for the last 12 years. Her life has been so tied up with her family, but now those ties have been almost completely severed, so she has new possibilities to explore. I hope we get to see some more of that discovery. 
  I was annoyed by the men a bit in this episode. First, I want Hyun Woo to find happiness with Yeo Ok. I really really do, but sometimes he pushes just a bit too much. I know he has to stake his claim, especially now that Soo Nam has stepped up, but he overdoes it a bit too much. I hope he continues to be a supportive friend, and I like that he reminds her that he's ready for more, but he just needs to let her come to him. The flowers and housewarming were a nice touch, I think, and they go a long way to show her she's important. But keep it simple, Hyun Woo, keep it simple.
  Soo Nam was the one who really annoyed me, though. I understand that he was trying to convey how much he feels that he needs Yeo Ok in his life, but I hate the manipulation tactic of saying that he'd die without her. That's not a healthy expression of your feelings, it's a guilt trip. And for Victoria to repeat that phrase just proves to me that they're really better suited to each other. 
  Also, while I applaud his efforts to push Victoria away and devote himself to Yeo Ok, he showed himself to be all too aware of Victoria and very concerned about her well-being. I know there are still feelings there that he's trying to suppress, but he's much more in tune with Victoria's needs and issues than he has ever been with Yeo Ok's. Although he was making progress there while he was in her body, his affinity for Victoria is still there. Plus, MIL loves Victoria so much more than she has ever loved Yeo Ok. Victoria is so much more deserving of MIL's torture than Yeo Ok is.

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