Monday, November 5, 2012

Can We Get Married? Thoughts and Reactions

  I started watching this drama out of curiosity, thinking I might recap it. Especially since it stars Sung Joon (Lie to Me) and Jung So Min (Mischievous Kiss). But after 2 episodes, I'm not really sure how much of it I'll actually watch. I'm curious enough to watch again next week, but I don't know how long that will last. But, for as long as I do manage to watch, I wanted to share my thoughts. I'll probably do it in 2-episode bunches.
Episodes 1&2
  Whoa, 2 references to premarital sex in the first 15 minutes? I think this show is trying to be edgy. Also, how do you choke on a ring? It's not like there's a big old diamond on it. Sure, it can get stuck in your throat, but there's this thing called a hole that you could still breathe through. Doing the Heimlich wouldn't work, people, since there would be no blockage of airflow. GAAAH!
  Am I supposed to like these characters? Okay, to be honest, there are a few I do like (and they're the only reason I feel a tiny bit invested in this drama): 
  Jung Hoon, although it's a classic case of "Why is he with that girl?" Sure, he's a bit immature and clingy, but he's sincere and devoted, and just sweet. Also, I love that he works in a toy company and has toys displayed all over his bedroom. He's just cute in his childishness. 
  Deul Rae and her kid-at-heart ways, wanting to hang out with younger women because she identifies with them, craving the excitement of owning a motorcycle, and basically caring for everyone around her. She really made me love her from the moment she tried sneaking Dong Bi in for a few drinks (cue My Lovely Sam Soon music). I really don't want her to fall in love with Min Ho, but it's obvious things are headed that way. And while I think she was a bit meddlesome with Ki Joong, he really deserved more than 2 glasses of water in the face. 
  Dong Bi is an interesting choice for me to like, since she's so wrapped up in her breakup and her man, but I somehow feel a lot of sympathy for her and I really want her to find someone who truly values her. I can't believe that if Ki Joong really loved her, he'd be so completely cavalier and petty with their breakup. "You broke my lamp. You said the word 'used' in reference to our relationship. Let's break up." Although she tells Ki Joong that she's weak, she really is strong in many ways. Now, if she could just stay away from him for a while, instead of trying to be friends in order to keep him close. Such an unhealthy relationship. My favorite is when she sneaks into his house just to mess his things up and get to him through his OCD. Hahaha! So awesomely petty!
  Actually, Hye Yoon is okay when she's not around Jung Hoon. Maybe it's because I still see Oh Ha Ni when I look at her, but I like her standing up for herself with her mother and being okay with Jung Hoon's parents' decision to give up all their money. She's very calculating and selfish, but not greedy when it comes to money, like her mother is. But every time she interacts with Jung Hoon she's bratty and self-involved, and their bickering is more painful than cute to watch. The sad thing is, it's completely believable that with his personality type he'd be with her, but it doesn't stop me from thinking he could find someone who actually respects him.
  I do like that she didn't have a jumping-to-conclusions freakout when she found Jung Hoon and Dong Bi in suspicious circumstances. And for once Jung Hoon did deserve her punches. A little. 
  A tiny part of me feels sympathy towards Hye Jin and her crumbling marriage, but 98% of me thinks "Did you really think that Do Hyun would be faithful to you after you seduced him and split up his first marriage? Are you actually surprised he's been cheating all these years, you little homewrecker? Yeah, you were young and stupid, but now you're older and still stupid. Was it worth it? And why are you trying so hard to keep him around?"
  One thing I worry about with this drama is that it seems to be heading down the road of man-hating. The real message I've gotten so far is that all mean are lying, cheating scumbags and can't be trusted. The only slightly likable men are Jung Hoon and his dad. And Jung Hoon seems to have been written as being a bit dim. With hints of possibly becoming a cheater down the line (I sure hope I'm reading that wrong, but I got that vibe somewhere along the line).
  The other thing I'm very frustrated with is Deul Ja (although I adore her curly hair, hee). She's so focused on money and brags about how she landed her daughter a rich doctor, but doesn't care that Hye Jin is so incredibly unhappy. She advises Hye Jin to make a little nest egg, but completely ignores the fact that divorcing Do Hyun would mean that Hye Jin will end up in the same boat she's in—a single mother raising her child. She may start out with more money than Deul Ja had, but she'd still have to find a way to provide for herself and her son. Especially since Do Hyun already probably has alimony and child support he's paying for his first marriage. Deul Ja talks big about making sure her daughters are well taken-care of, but has really missed the boat. 

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  1. I agree with your comments. I started the first episode since I love Sung Joon and think Jung So Min is adorable. Barely made it through the first episode because so many of the characters frustrated me.
    Jung Hoon is so earnest and sincere that it disgusted me to see Hye Yoon constantly beat on him and trick him into proposing to her. It honestly made me laugh when Dong Bi tried the same thing and Ki Joong called her out for it.
    Unfortunately, I spent the majority of the episode cursing so I probably won't stick around for this despite my love for Sung Joon.