Friday, November 16, 2012

Oohlala Spouses Episode 14 Recap

  An episode with lots of dancing. Plus, one of my concerns from last episode gets resolved. (Unfortunately it's not by burning that hideous outfit.)

  Hyun Woo tells Yeo Ok he loves her. She jumps up to check her cupboards and he comes over and kisses her. When they pull away, it's a bit awkward, and he suggests they go back and eat. She collapses a bit against the counter.

  Hyun Woo starts eating again and teases her about  using an ahjumma for her cooking. She gets a little angry, but he says he was just lightening the awkward mood. He thanks her for the home-cooked meal, since he always eats out and misses home-cooked food. She presents his gift—the coat she bought (yay!) and he tries it on. They smile shyly at one another.
  They go for a walk, and suddenly they're holding hands. Hyun Woo starts listing all the things he wants to do with her—revisit the zoo they used to go to, ride a couple's bike (tandem bike, maybe?), and eat street food. They run over to a cart and get some food and then walk off hand-in-hand.
  Soo Nam and Lawyer Lee go out for drinks and barbeque. Soo Nam decides to offer Lee some advice, and Lee begs him not to tell him to stop cheating. That's exactly what Soo Nam wants to say, and he tells him that he regrets many things, but regrets cheating most. He lost a lot by cheating. "What did you lose besides your wife?" (Isn't that enough?) Soo Nam answers that when he lost his wife, he lost everything. Lee wouldn't know, because he hasn't lost his wife, but it's a big deal. 
  He thinks back to joking with Yeo Ok about PiD looking like a penguin and says he never realized how beautiful her smile is. He remembers arguing with her about housework and says he shouldn't have been so careless back then. He begs Lee to be kind to his wife.
  At the next table Moo San tells Wolhwa that Soo Nam's finally human. Wolhwa laments that it's not enough—he was supposed to learn and grow with Yeo Ok by his side. Moo San says it's enough for Yeo Ok to have Hyun Woo, and to leave them alone in their love. He argues that since things weren't made right in the last life, they have to fix things now so their next life will be better. Moo San replies that it's this life that's important, and she's going to work for Yeo Ok and Hyun Woo's happiness together. She also points out that not all marriages are destined to last a whole lifetime, and since people live longer these days it's likely they will find happiness in a second marriage.
  Yeo Ok and Hyun Woo try to work out secret signs for work. Touching the eyes means "I miss you," touching the nose means "I want to be close to you," and touching the lips. . . . They stare at each other for a moment and then cough awkwardly. Hyun Woo reminds her about all the eyes watching at the hotel. He tells her that she's been receiving many compliments, since she's the one who helped Man Soo recover his palate. He offers to move her to the Customer Care Department.
  She gets a call from Ki Chan, who can't sleep, and she talks to him for a while. Hyun Woo asks her what she's going to do about him, and offers to help her sue for custody. She stammers "S-s-sue?" and says she'll think about it. 
  Soo Nam takes a cab to Yeo Ok's aparment and drunkenly stumbles toward the parking lot as Hyun Woo and Yeo Ok pull in. He watches as they argue over who has to go first, and as Hyun Woo pulls her in for a hug. He thanks her for making his day better. As he drives off, Yeo Ok waves and then looks at the sky happily, then heads up to her apartment.
  Soo Nam laugh-cries to himself and then goes and gets even more hammered. He gets a call and is happy thinking it's Yeo Ok, but it's really Victoria. He says he's sorry, that this is too hard for him, and he wants her to come back. He says he misses her and asks if she can come get him. Victoria knows he's not really talking to her, but goes and picks him up anyway. He just sees Yeo Ok and repeats all the things he said on the phone.
  The next morning, Victoria makes him hangover soup and goes to wake him up. He's surprised and angry that she brought him to her house and leaves. She slumps against the wall.
  Jin Goo paces his office, concerned that he hasn't received a reply to his "sensuous message." (You think texting a girl her name is sensuous? Bwahahaha!) He decides there's nothing for it but a face-to-face meeting, since Il Ran is obviously a player and he needs to convince her of his charm. 

  His call wakes her up—kind of—and he chokes just hearing her groggy voice. She complains while he coughs and he finally pulls himself together enough to introduce himself and ask if she's free Friday. She agrees to meet him if he'll text her the time and place. He wonders why she agreed so readily, but obviously thinks it's because he has skills. He sings a love song at his phone.
  MIL comes and smacks Il Ran for losing her job and sleeping so late. She has to come help with the chores. She sits up and then remembers that Jin Goo called, but can't remember the conversation. As she leaves, he texts her the time and promises to tell her the place the day before.

  Yeo Ok turns her resume in for a promotion to Customer Care. Out in the lobby area, she sees Hyun Woo get into a glass elevator a floor above her, but doesn't see Soo Nam watching her by the elevator on her level. Hyun Woo touches his eyes, his nose and his lips.

  She touches her lips back and then crosses her hands on her chest and spins happily. Soo Nam thinks she's looking at him and gestures back happily. They each blush and wander off smiling to themselves. (If I didn't make it clear, Yeo Ok still never sees Soo Nam.) 
  Soo Nam goes to deliver a huge basket of roses to PiD, but she refuses to see him. He thinks back to seeing Yeo Ok by the elevator and smiles to himself. He hangs out outside PiD's house, waiting for her, and leaves the roses on top of his car. While he waits, he plays hopscotch and jumps around to keep himself warm. He gets in the car and thinks of a time he watched Yeo Ok showing off her dance moves to other employees. He tries doing those moves, but ends up knocking the roses off his car and making a mess. 

  Finally, PiD comes out and he intercepts her. He apologizes, but she repeats the things Yeo Ok said to her and says she's never been so insulted or betrayed. He tries explaining that he was acting funny because of his accident and that he lost his job, but she just cackles at him. He even manages to shed a tear before she turns and gets into her car. He tries to follow her, but her driver grabs him and twists the same arm Hyun Woo twisted. His pathetic cry of "Madam Haaaan!" as she pulls away is priceless.
  Yeo Ok goes to visit Man Soo, but sees Soo Nam there and "hides" outside, listening as they discuss the situation with PiD. Soo Nam tries to explain the body swap again, but gives up. Man Soo asks why he broke up with Yeo Ok, since she's such a kind-hearted woman. Yeo Ok nods sagely at this, and Soo Nam admits that he took her for granted and didn't know to be thankful towards her. Her heart softens towards him.
  She finds him outside looking sad and bickers with him a bit before telling him that she overheard his conversation and they need to fix things. She decides they need to bring PiD back forcibly, but not using handcuffs. He should be able to figure out how, since he was so smart about his affair.
  Jin Goo watches Il Ran as she shows up for their date. She doesn't see him and complains that he couldn't even wait an hour for her. He pulls up in his car, telling himself to be cool, and honks at her. He decides it wouldn't look good if he got out to open the door and sits there smugly while she waits for him to unlock it for her. He finally catches on. 
  They go out and he refuses to drink, saying that as her escort he can't, while telling himself that he's showing her how responsible he is. She decides to drink everything herself but then becomes bored and convinces him to take one shot. He gives in, and instead of pouring the soju into his outstretched shot glass, she pours it into a much larger glass. He realizes that if he drinks it all she'll know that he can't hold his liquor, but eventually gets it all down. 

  They sing together and then have a moment, staring at one another. They wind up in a hotel together, and Jin Goo has lipstick smeared on his face. He wakes up first and wonders what to do, then falls out of bed when Il Ran starts to wake up, hitting his head on the table. She gets up and heads to the bathroom and he hurriedly gets dressed and tries sneaking out. When they see each other they scream and he says he'll call her as he bolts out the door. 

  At her house, Il Ran tries to work out who made the first move. Jin Goo tries to figure out the same thing, but then decides it doesn't matter—he's going to see it through till the end "Jin Goo style." Which is his version of "Gangnam Style" as he dances the horsey dance. 
  Yeo Ok finds out that she's been promoted to Customer Care and runs off happily. The other employees who were hoping for promotions start gossiping and decide the rumors must be true and that she was promoted because of her relationship with Hyun Woo. She heads to her new department to introduce herself and is shown some flowers that already came for her. She's giddy and a bit embarrassed that Hyun Woo would be so open. She opens the card and realizes it's from "your forever cutie Soo Nam."

  He's standing at a window nearby and makes excited heart gestures at her. Apparently the sales department is only separated from Customer Care by a series of windows. She goes over to talk to him and shoves the flowers into his hands. He smirks that she wore the lipstick he likes, but she snaps back that she always wears lipstick. He asks what she's doing tomorrow and makes an aegyo face, but she whisper-yells that she's busy. As she heads back to her desk she motions him to go away, which she tries to turn into a celebratory dance move when she sees her coworkers watching. 
  On their date at the zoo Hyun Woo explains her new duties and tells her that if she keeps it up, she might get promoted to concierge. She gets excited by the giraffes and then notices that one of the orangutans looks like Il Ran. And one of the baboons looks like MIL. Yeo Ok asks if he really wanted to come here together, and he points out that it's weird to come alone. He challenges her to find anyone who is there alone, and they both freeze when they see Soo Nam, alone.
  Ki Chan runs up to him and complains that he just dragged him there without asking what his schedule was like. Yeo Ok moves away from Hyun Woo, while Soo Nam continues to argue with Ki Chan, trying to keep him from seeing them. They turn, and Yeo Ok and Hyun Woo have disappeared, so Soo Nam agrees to go with Ki Chan to the game room. 

  In the car, Yeo Ok apologizes for ruining the date, but then asks Hyun Woo to wait as Soo Nam and Ki Chan walk through the parking lot. She watches them play fight and marvels that they've become close. She apologizes again and Hyun Woo tells her that being with her is enough. She watches longingly as Soo Nam and Ki Chan drive past. 
  That night she calls Ki Chan and asks what he did today. He tells her that he wanted to play baseball with a friend, but dad dragged him to the zoo where he almost died of boredom. He complains that Soo Nam is acting creepy nowadays, and Soo Nam pipes up that at least they had fun at the game room. Yeo Ok asks if Soo Nam is there and Ki Chan hands the phone over, despite her protests. He runs out of the room, making sure Soo Nam picks up the phone.
  They have an awkward conversation and Yeo Ok points out how close Soo Nam has gotten with Ki Chan. Suddenly she starts feeling weird and ends the conversation. She pounds her chest and wonders what's wrong with her. 

  Yeo Ok shows up for her first day as Customer Care representative and visits Hyun Woo's office. He gives her his tablet, which he's filled with explanations of her new responsibilities. She wanders the hotel, greeting everyone she meets, and even asks if there's anything unsatisfactory. She passes Reception and introduces herself with her new title to one of the clerks, shaking his hand. She holds out her hand to a surprised and nervous Victoria, then balls it into a fist. She shows off her new name tag and flips her hair at Victoria before walking off. 
  In the restroom some employees gossip about Yeo Ok's promotion, and one says that other employees have lodged complaints. Plus, this could hurt Hyun Woo, and they'll just have to see how things play out. After they leave, Yeo Ok comes out of her stall dejectedly and stares at herself in the mirror.
  Hyun Woo yells at Jin Goo about the complaint he's just read. Jin Goo points out that it was filed anonymously, but there are more on the company bulletin boars. Yeo Ok bursts in and Jin Goo reprimands her for coming in without even knocking. Hyun Woo dismisses him.
  Yeo Ok asks if she was only promoted because he pulled strings. He smiles and tells her not to pay attention to the rumors. She tells him she can't listen to him being slandered like that, so she'll go back to being a maid. He grabs her arm and asks if she can't be a little more persistent. She answers that she's not a persistent person, and doesn't want him to suffer for her sake. He tells her that he didn't pull strings for her—he can't tolerate that kind of behavior in others, and couldn't do it himself. He asks her to just wait, reassuring her that things will work themselves out.
  Several employees approach Man Soo to ask him to help them resolve this issue. I'm ashamed to see our favorite bellhop in the group. Their applications were all passed over for that woman in a relationship with the GM. Man Soo agrees that something needs to be done and asks them to come with him. He has them call Bossy Maid and they all troop up to Hyun Woo's office.
  He's not very happy to be confronted, but asks Man Soo and Bossy Maid to sit. Man Soo brings up the rumor and says he wants to make sure everyone here hears the truth. The other employees all smirk at one another. Man Soo reveals that he was the one who recommended the promotion for Yeo Ok after she helped him out. He's watched her ever since and realized that she has a talent for reading people and making them feel better.
  Bossy Maid pipes up and says that Yeo Ok surprised her. When she would instruct her in one thing, Yeo Ok would find 10 other things to improve, going beyond her mere duties. Bossy Maid says that she has received many compliments on Yeo Ok's performance from guests and so she, too, sent in a recommendation. The employees all sheepishly look at each other and Man Soo warns them that if he hears more useless gossip from any of them, he'll escort that person from the hotel himself. Hyun Woo smiles appreciatively at him. 
  PiD gets into her car, which drives off without her chauffeur. We see Soo Nam's eyes in the mirror as PiD gasps helplessly in the back seat.

  Another new employee is introduced to the Customer Care team. This time, it's Victoria. She and Yeo Ok play nice while glaring daggers, and suddenly Yeo Ok clutches her chest and falls on her desk.

  Another health problem for Yeo Ok? Hasn't she had enough, with the asthma and the miscarriage and the whole living-in-a-man's-body? I'm not excited to see where this goes. Even without health issues, Yeo Ok now has to deal with Victoria every day—and I'm pretty sure the only open desk is across from hers. So they'll have to stare at each other all day, too. And Soo Nam will conveniently be just a window away. Cue lots of drama.  
  I AM pleased to see that my biggest complaint last episode was resolved with this one. The whole Man Soo problem didn't seem to matter much, but now we know that it played into Yeo Ok's promotion, so I'm cool with it now. I love how he resolved the issue with the gossipy employees and made sure they would be responsible for spreading any more rumors. And I love how Bossy Maid defended Yeo Ok also. 
  I appreciate the growing bond between Soo Nam and Ki Chan. Unfortunately for my shipping, it's also the key to winning Yeo Ok over. I think it's good that they come to understand one another better, but I'm nervous to see her wavering so much.
  Also, I hope Soo Nam doesn't get into big trouble for kidnapping PiD. Couldn't he have just lured her and the Chairman to the hotel with some trickery? I'm not sure that committing a felony is a good way to preserve your job.
  Other than that, Soo Nam really cracked me up in this episode, what with his getup at the zoo, and his misinterpretation of Yeo Ok's love messages to Hyun Woo, and his wailing for Madam Haaaaan! Too funny!
  I'm still flabbergasted by Il Ran's apparent attraction to Jin Goo. She even complained that she's not very pretty (she is), so why would he seduce her? Honestly, girl, you have some self-esteem issues. It'll be fun to see everyone's reaction when they find out she's dating him, though. Especially Soo Nam's. Please let this happen soon!

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  1. I think that in the next few episodes, Soo Nam might teach Yeo Ok how to 'survive' in the Guest Services team against Victoria since it was his field of expertise and maybe their bond would be developed? Wow that would be another powerful tool to win Yeo Ok back...