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Oohlala Spouses Episode 13 Recap

  I really don't have much to say about this episode. Except for a big squee at the end.

  We get to see that awesome punch again, then Yeo Ok runs off to find Ki Chan. 
  Hyun Woo paces at the theatre and finally calls Yeo Ok, who tells him what's going on.
  Soo Nam lectures Victoria, and she tells him she was trying to become close with Ki Chan. He tells her there's no reason for that, since he already broke up with her, and he doesn't want her to jeopardize his reconciliation with Yeo Ok, but she insists that she'll stay by him until the day Yeo Ok takes him back. She leaves and starts to get in a taxi, but hesitates when she sees Hyun Woo run in.
  Yeo Ok confronts Soo Nam and informs him that she's going to get custody of Ki Chan. Hyun Woo steps forward and says he'll help her get her son and raise him. Soo Nam clenches his fist and steps toward Hyun Woo. Yeo Ok steps between them and asks Hyun Woo to talk to her outside. He stares at Soo Nam for a moment more and then leaves with her. Victoria shows up just in time to see Soo Nam collapse into a chair.
  Yeo Ok asks Hyun Woo why he came. He asks if he was a bit much, and she answers that she didn't want him to see her like that. He answers that he doesn't like seeing her having a hard time and he just wants her to be happy. 

  Soo Nam pays the bill and Ki Chan suggests they go out to eat as a family. Soo Nam excitedly agrees, but Yeo Ok says she's tired and just wants to go home. Soo Nam insists and then suggests they get lobster and snow crab, since she loves them so much. Yeo Ok thinks back to a time she begged him to take her to eat lobsters and crab and he yelled at her that they're too expensive. She yells at him to go eat without her, but Ki Chan aegyos her into it.

  While they eat, they start to discuss Ki Chan's appointment to get tested for ADHD. Soo Nam keeps snapping at him, and Yeo Ok snaps at Soo Nam. Ki Chan finally admits that he caused trouble so their family could be together. Soo Nam's never home, and Yeo Ok doesn't live there, and he just wants things to go back. Yeo Ok hugs him and they all cry.

  Soo Nam drops Yeo Ok off at her new place, but Ki Chan begs her not to go. She explains that she can't go back home, and he needs to do well in school. Although things are like this now, she wants to make things better soon. They hug and she gets out. Ki Chan rolls down the window and they encourage one another. Soo Nam leans over to try to get some encouragement from Yeo Ok, too, but she shoos him away. As they drive off, Ki Chan waves and cries and Soo Nam stares at her in his mirror. Just before they turn the corner, her cheerful facade crumbles and she starts sobbing.
  At home, Soo Nam asks MIL why she called Victoria in the first place. She explains that it's because she was so upset about the visit she had from Hyun Woo, who said he was Yeo Ok's hometown oppa. "What is this, the 80's? Like I'd believe that!" He says that Hyun Woo is her hometown oppa and he's also the GM of the hotel. Il Ran freaks out because MIL hosed him down, but Soo Nam starts laughing hysterically and tells her she did well. 
  He gets serious and explains that Yeo Ok never did anything wrong—they got divorced because he had an affair with Victoria. MIL doesn't believe that since she and Il Ran heard Yeo Ok (but really Soo Nam in her body, which he tries and fails to explain) when she admitted to having an affair. That's why she was so insistent on the abortion, because they didn't know if it was his child. She decides that they must have both cheated and decided to act like nothing happened. 
  Jin Goo struggles to send the perfect text message to Il Ran, one that will engage her in a conversation, while at the same time conveying that he's a very busy and important man. He finally settles on the simple and cryptic "Il Ran-sshi?" This irritates her, and she almost calls "Old-geezer Ajusshi," but stops herself. Um, wait, do you like him? This really surprises me, actually. I just wanted to see her shut him down repeatedly.

  Hyun Woo works on the villa plans and decides to text Yeo Ok. She reads it while she's at the Lee's house, and Lawyer Lee guesses immediately who it's from, lamenting that Soo Nam has really lost now. Ae Sook is excited and advises Yeo Ok to snatch him up. Lawyer Lee says he's just "greasy and slimy. He's even worse than me! He's like butter—no, worse! He's like margarine. I feel like I need to eat kimchi." This comparison makes Yeo Ok gag, and she leaves the room to text goodnight to Hyun Woo.
  The next morning Il Ran goes to throw some clothes in the laundry, but the washing machine is full of clean clothes. MIL says she didn't do the laundry, and Il Ran says she's scared. (She probably thinks there's a ghost. Haha!) Soo Nam comes in and unloads the washer, and the two women marvel that he's doing chores. They ask if he's sick and he answers yes, but he'll be helping out around the house now. Il Ran begs him to just go back to normal.
  Hyun Woo meets with Jin Goo and Chef Man Soo to discuss the large number of complaints they've been receiving about the food. They decide to have a tasting to see if Man Soo's palate has changed. Outside, Soo Nam asks if Man Soo is all right, expressing his deep concern for him both as chef and as his friend. Jin Goo interferes by saying it's none of his concern, which turns things physical. Man Soo just wanders off dejectedly. 
  Soo Nam goes in for his meeting with Hyun Woo, who expresses his disappointment. Soo Nam explains that, as a newbie to sales, he's uncomfortable trying to bring in new guests this way. Hyun Woo asks if it's his pride getting in the way. He then asks if it's his pride that makes him cling to Yeo Ok, then quickly apologizes for bringing up personal things.
  Soo Nam says that he wants to be forgiven and he wants to make things right with Yeo Ok. That's why he can't let her go, because if he does, he'll never get that chance. Hyun Woo asks if making her suffer more is really going to make that happen, and Soo Nam answers that he's going to work hard "to make sure my Yeo Ok is happy." And even though he admits to being shameless, he's going to do everything he can to remarry her. 

  Hyun Woo points out that the source of her suffering all these years is Soo Nam. How much more does she have to suffer before he's satisfied? Soo Nam tries to restrain himself, but then grabs Hyun Woo's collar. Hyun Woo says he thinks he now understands the level of her suffering, and Soo Nam swings at him. Hyun Woo dodges and grabs Soo Nam's arm, twisting it until he gives in and asks if using his fists is a good idea. He lets go and straightens Soo Nam's collar, telling him that he'll forget this little incident, and hopes Soo Nam can, too. 
  As Soo Nam gets ready to leave (unable to use his right arm, and teary from the pain), Hyun Woo warns him that the president is upset that they lost the Chairman's business way back when, and Soo Nam needs to make sure he survives. 
  Soo Nam goes to the Chairman's company and waits for him. And waits. And waits. Finally, he comes by and Soo Nam apologizes for his actions. The Chairman refuses to forgive him.
  Yeo Ok joins other employees for the tasting. They talk about how lonely Man Soo must be living all alone and explain to Yeo Ok that he's a Goose Father (a father whose family has emigrated so the kids can get a western education). At the testing, things don't go well, and all the employees report to Hyun Woo. Bossy Maid pushes Yeo Ok forward to voice their concerns over what will happen to Man Soo. Hyun Woo says he'll have to leave the kitchen for now, but it's really something that's between the two of them.
  Yeo Ok goes to visit Man Soo in his office. She tells him that many housewives have trouble making good food after a fight with their husbands, but they don't even notice how bad their cooking is. Man Soo asks if she's saying he's like a housewife, and she laughs and says yes. But his food is still very edible. Haha! Not much of a compliment to a chef. He asks if that's supposed to make him feel better, but we can tell that it totally does.
  He confides that his sons are coming for a visit, but he found out they can't stay very long. Also, his wife isn't even coming because she feels more comfortable where she is. Yeo Ok tells him that no matter what, she thinks his food is the most delicious. He goes back to the kitchen and tries again, but his staff grimaces when tasting his food. 
  Soo Nam goes to have a real conversation with Ki Chan, remembering Yeo Ok asking him if they've ever had one.
     SN: Do you want some candy?
     KC: Yes.
     SN: Do you need anything?
     KC: No.
     SN: Do you get along well with your friends at school?
     KC: Yes.
     SN: If you're dad is asking you questions, why are your answers all so short?! Do you have a girlfriend?
     KC: I don't want one. (Well, at least it wasn't a one-word answer.)
     Crickets: *Chirp chirp*

  Yeo Ok gets to work and is told to go up and see Hyun Woo. Apparently he's in a really good mood after visiting the kitchen. When she enters, Hyun Woo asks what she said to earn such a great compliment. She hesitates and then realizes he means from Man Soo. She explains that he seemed lonely, so she just had a little chat with him. He teases her about visiting the chef so easily, but whenever he wants to talk to her, she tells him it's work and calls him General Manager. 
  Her eyes fall on the villa model and he presents it to her. She asks if it's the one they saw as children, and he asks if she's going to be more honest now. Last time she acted like she didn't know, and didn't seem interested in the building site. He decides to take her there now. (Good thing he's the GM and they can just bunk off whenever they want. Kekeke.)
  At the homestead, Yeo Ok admits that she never thought he'd remember that promise. He tells her that it came to him when he was thinking of something he could give her. She tearfully tells him that if she could really live here with him, if she could go back, it would be so nice.

  He replies that they can just start over now. She answers that although he's still the same, she isn't; she got married, had a kid, and got divorced. She's not worthy of someone like him. He tells her she's the only one for him. He pulls her into an embrace and repeats that she's the only person in the world he wants. 
  On the way back, he tells her that there's a gift he wants in return. She asks what, and he tells her: dinner. Tomorrow. 
  Soo Nam finds her cleaning and calls her Yeobo. She yells at him and tells him to stop calling her that, since she's not his yeobo any more. He hesitatingly asks if she remembers PiD, and they finally get on the same page after he points out that PiD has a nose like a penguin. Yeo Ok jokes that she walks like one, too. They clap their hands in excitement, but then Yeo Ok remembers and swats his hands away. 
  He asks her to remember what she said to PiD, and she says that she found out the Chairman was having an affair and vented her anger. What of it? He backtracks and says that Chairman is a very bad guy for having an affair, but what else did she say. She testily answers that she can't remember, and chases him out with pillows. On the way, he tries to explain his method of tucking in the sheets, but gets some more pillows thrown at him. 

  Yeo Ok tastes more of Man Soo's dishes, but her expression isn't very encouraging. He asks if they're bad, but even the kitchen staff says his cooking is back to normal. She frowns at him and says "The taste is. . . like it was before!" She laughs, and he asks why she was frowning. "To fool you, of course." She tells him that from now on, when he has a problem, he needs to talk to her about it instead of holding it in. 

  Yeo Ok picks Ki Chan up from school, but notices that he's not wearing a coat. So, they go to the store to buy one. Cue makeover montage! Wait. . . it's just a shopping montage. While trying on coats, Ki Chan says that Soo Nam has been acting weird. He thinks he's trying to make himself look cool. He comes to his room and asks the same questions every day. Yeo Ok smiles to herself and tells him that he's trying to get to know him. Since he hasn't done this before, Ki Chan needs to be patient with him and help him out. At the checkout, she notices a man's coat and decides to buy it as well.
  Hyun Woo calls on his way to pick her up for dinner. She tells him she's not ready yet, so he should just come on up. He notices the door is ajar and goes inside to find dinner waiting for him, complete with candles. She comes out with a cake and starts singing a birthday song. He blows out the candles and asks if she still remembers his birthday. Then he pouts that he made a reservation at a nice restaurant. She sighs that she'll have to throw out all the food, and he laughs. "Sit down, and lets eat!"

  Soo Nam tries to meet Chairman again, but is repeatedly kept out of the building by security. Chairman comes into the lobby and Soo Nam greets him. He starts laughing and pointing, and Soo Nam does a crazy laugh as well, and is then dragged away by bodyguards.

  Yeo Ok and Hyun Woo toast, and he says he needs to tell her something. He starts, but can't get the words out. Finally he says "I love you." She freezes, then gets up saying she forgot the kimchi. She looks through the cupboard and he turns her around and kisses her.
  Yay! Finally, a non-blurred kiss!
  I know it's petty, but I really hate this outfit of hers. The lacy outfit she wore most of this episode was so gorgeous, but this weird polo with a wannabe 80's print paired with a floral skirt in completely clashing shades just isn't doing it for me. Why did she have to wear it in the last (and my favorite) scene? Yeo Ok usually looks so gorgeous and put together. Even Soo Nam's choices for her were better than this outfit, because at least they were in the same color palette. (Mostly.)
  However, I did really love this step forward for Hyun Woo and Yeo Ok. I also loved the scene where he showed her where he was going to build their villa. I'm glad that they were able to just communicate—she's hesitant and feels unworthy, he just wants to be with her and thinks she's the best thing ever. I think she really needed that reassurance.
  I do feel that she's still wavering. It doesn't help that Soo Nam stepped up as a man and a father in this episode and actually made an effort with Ki Chan. Even if it was incredibly awkward to watch. I guess we just need to see who she bought the coat for.
  I think this was the first episode without Wolhwa and/or Man Soo. It's kind of weird not having them pop up in some incarnation of themselves and bicker about fate and love. I also think it's a little weird that we didn't see much of Victoria. Why did we need to see her watching Soo Nam have a breakdown? She didn't even go to try to comfort him, apparently. I know she's not gone for good, and I know she wasn't really needed in the other scenes in this episode, but it feels a little odd. 
  Anyway, after last episode and all its progression, this episode leaves me feeling a bit unbalanced. I get that they're trying to show how Yeo Ok, Soo Nam and Ki Chan are hammering out a new configuration for their family, but things didn't really seem to go anywhere, except at the very beginning and the very end. I initially liked Man Soo's conflict being such a prominent part of the episode, but felt a little let down by the quick and easy resolution of it—not that I wanted it to be cancer or some other illness. I just thought it was a story line that could have had a good 2-episode arc (at least), but because of its easy resolution, I wonder why it was inserted at all.
  And what is the deal with Il Ran maybe actually liking Jin Goo? It could be so funny for him to keep pursuing her and for her to find new ways to torture him. It would totally serve him right for being such a little toad all the time. Plus, even though she has some issues, I can't help but feel that she's too good for him, and that they're completely incompatible. 
  However, I did love how she begged Soo Nam to go back to normal, and how she was so weirded out by his behavior. She continues to really crack me up. She steals every scene she's in.

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