Friday, November 2, 2012

Oohlala Spouses Episode 10 Recap

  This episode is an exploration of heartbreak. Yet there's a glimmer of hope shining at the end. Just have some tissues ready.

  Soo Nam manages to gasp out most of the villa's address before collapsing. Wolhwa calmly fishes and Moo San shows up panicking. He shushes her as a fish bites and she magics it off the line before telling him that Yeo Ok is dying right now. Wolhwa placidly continues with his fishing as Moo San explains that Soo Nam doesn't know about Yeo Ok's asthma and he's having a major attack. They need to do something! Wolhwa replies that life and death are fate's domain—they can't do anything about it. But he does look at the water intently.
  Soo Nam collapses, Yeo Ok fall off the ladder, and their spirits switch back. Soo Nam opens his eyes on the laundry ahjummas hovering over him. He sits up and complains about the weight of his head. He asks for a mirror (the ahjummas comment that he must be okay if he's asking for a mirror) and is overjoyed to see his own nose and face. He celebrates for a moment, but then remembers Victoria and Yeo Ok and runs off.

  Yeo Ok wakes and manages to somewhat control her asthma, just happy to be back in her own body. Unfortunately, she's at the site of her last major attack, and it seems some of those memories cause her more problems. She notices Victoria and glares at her briefly before stumbling outside. It's an eerie echo of her last visit as we watch her fight to the elevator and claw her way out of it before asking the security guard to take her to a pharmacy. (Wait, what about Victoria? Are you just going to leave her there? I know you don't know the full situation, but she's obviously unwell.)
  Soo Nam drives recklessly to the villa, calling an ambulance on the way. Yeo Ok is carried into the pharmacy and uses the inhaler. Her breathing starts to calm, but she suddenly starts feeling pelvic cramping. Uh-oh. Soo Nam gets to the apartment, but there's no sign of Victoria. The place is a mess from Yeo Ok's crashing around, and he finds his phone abandoned on the floor. 
  At the hospital, Dr. Wolhwa tells Yeo Ok that she's lost the baby. She insists that can't be right, and he tells her they'll check again after she's rested. Nurse Moo San unhelpfully says that she shouldn't have gotten pregnant in the first place if this was going to happen. (Way to be sensitive there, Moo San. Thanks for adding to the trauma.) Yeo Ok cries alone.
  Soo Nam makes it to the hospital and asks about the woman who was brought in. The nurse says she's stable, but has a bad heart, so they sent her to dialysis. This surprises Soo Nam who asks about the other woman. "There wasn't another woman. Just her." She knows, because she met the ambulance when it got there. She sends him to dialysis.
  He finds Victoria unconscious and wonders why she's there alone. He calls MIL to ask if she's heard from Yeo Ok, and she starts in on a lecture about letting women work outside the home, blah, blah, blah. Awesomely, Soo Nam hangs up on her. Bossy Maid hasn't seen her either, and when she starts on her rant, he hangs up on her, too. He distinctly remembers being at the villa and calling for help, so where is she? He sinks to the ground, tearful or angry or both. 
  Hyun Woo visits the monastery where "Our Jin Woo" is staying. Jin Woo asks why dad has taken so long to come, and the abbot asks what he's been up to. Jin Woo and the abbot play with the toys Hyun Woo brought while he brings out some food. The monk mentions that he seems at peace, finally, since the black cloud has left him. He must have given up his obsession. Hyun Woo corrects him by saying that he met that woman. 

  The monk asks who sought out whom, and he answers that they met by fate. The monk says there's no such thing as fate. What is found can be lost again, and who we meet we can also lose. He needs to break free of this obsession. Hyun Woo silences him when he tells him that she's divorced and living alone. 
  Yeo Ok lies in a hospital bed, sobbing still, and still struggling to breathe. 
  Hyun Woo walks with Jin Woo, who asks to go to kindergarten. Hyun Woo promises him that he can.
  Soo Nam paces Victoria's room and she wakes up, confused to think that Yeo Ok is there. He explains the body switch and asks about his wife. Victoria is pleased to think he came for her, but he just keeps asking about Yeo Ok. He explains that he went to the villa before the switch, but couldn't breathe. Then they switched, and Yeo Ok is now missing. Can't Victoria remember anything? She answers that she can't. He continues to pace, rubbing his belly, then realizes he should check the OB/GYN ward.

  Jin Goo hears from Bossy Maid about Yeo Ok leaving unexpectedly. They haven't been able to reach her since. He reports to Hyun Woo, who was marking his calendar on his phone. (Oct. 31, 2012.) Jin Goo almost reveals her relationship to Soo Nam, but can't make himself do it, and kicks himself (figuratively, unfortunately). 
  He calls Soo Nam and tells him to come see him immediately. Before Soo Nam can hang up, Jin Goo says it's about his wife, so he'd better come now. What you mean as a tiny threat about Soo Nam's position has a much more sinister sound to it, given the situation. I really hope Soo Nam beats you, Jin Goo. 

  Soo Nam rushes to the hotel, and Jin Goo gloats over his knowledge. Soo Nam keeps asking where his wife is, and finally grabs Jin Goo's collar. He admits that he doesn't know where she is, but he can use their relationship against them. Soo Nam collapses surprising Jin Goo. 
  Soo Nam gets home and asks if anyone has heard from Yeo Ok. MIL asks why she's causing so many problems lately, and Il Ran assumes they've had a fight. Soo Nam goes to his room, and MIL and Il Ran curse Yeo Ok for distressing him again.
  He sits on the edge of the bed and runs his hand over where she sleeps. 

  At the hospital, Yeo Ok writhes in pain. She's still crying, but at least her breathing in more regular. The next morning she checks out, leaving reception just in time to see Soo Nam's back as he heads down the hall. She goes back to the desk and asks if Victoria is a patient there. She gets this devastated look and heads up to the room. Just in time to see Soo Nam place a comforting hand on Victoria's shoulder. She tearfully smiles and walks away slowly.
  At home, MIL lectures her through her bedroom door about getting pregnant, staying out all night, and not explaining anything. I'm not sure which is the worst offense in MIL's eyes. Probably the getting pregnant part. Il Ran remarks that something seems different this time, because Yeo Ok looks hollow. Something must really be wrong. MIL says it's all just an act. 
  Yeo Ok comes out with packed bags, and Il Ran asks if she's moving out. MIL snarks that the mediation period for the divorce must be over. Yeo Ok tearfully admits that they were already divorced, but they had a bit of a situation, so they stayed together. Il Ran is concerned and asks what kind of situation. Yeo Ok's eyes well up with more tears and she laughs.
  MIL asks how she can laugh right now. "What about the baby? Aren't you just going to use it as an excuse to come back?" Yeo Ok admits that things went as MIL wanted, and she miscarried the baby. MIL is shocked (and not happy, like she might have been), and Il Ran is even more concerned. Yeo Ok apologizes for not being more filial, tells MIL to take care of herself, and wishes Il Ran happiness in finding a man. Il Ran helplessly follows her for a bit, asking if she's really going. 
  Il Ran calls Soo Nam to report, and he screams at her for not stopping Yeo Ok. 
  Yeo Ok sits outside Ki Chan's school and he comes running out. He asks where she was and tells her Soo Nam was looking for her. She apologizes for not paying much attention to him these days, and he replies that he likes it when she ignores him. She sadly calls him a brat and says she's going away, so he won't have to worry about that any more. He can take care of himself, right? 
  She tells him she's a bit sick, so she's going to Pushy Mom's for a while. She asks him not to go to the PC rooms any more and he promises. They hug and she sends him back inside, sobbing as she goes.
  Jin Goo reports to Hyun Woo that Yeo Ok asked for a short leave, since she's sick. Hyun Woo asks how she's sick, but Jin Goo doesnt' know. He only talked to her ex-husband. . . . (It's hilarious to me how badly he wants to reveal the secret, yet how he just can't bring himself to do it because of his cowardice.) Hyun Woo tries calling, but the phone is turned off. 

  Yeo Ok gets off a taxi at the ferry and freezes when she sees Soo Nam. He takes her bag and grabs her hand, asking for a talk. She tells him there's nothing more to say. They're already finished. He begs again and she relents. 
  In a cafe he nervously asks "Is the baby okay?" She doesn't answer and he asks what happened. She tells him that he killed the baby. It was him who wanted to keep going, keeping the baby healthy and making sure the pregnancy went well. He was the one who insisted on a written agreement. But he just had to go back to that tramp. He tries to explain, but she insists that there's no explanation that can make it better.
  "In that moment, our baby died. And if we hadn't switched back, I would have too. The asthma that I thought had gone away after we were married came back when I saw you cheating. I would have died if I waited for the ambulance, but I survived. How can I forgive you now? Could you, in this situation?
  ". . . Earlier you said that if it weren't for Ki Chan, you would've found a better woman. I expected such things from your mother, but not from you. She even forgave him, but none of it was true. (He protests that it was true.) There's no such thing as truth for you. Do you know how miserable my life was because of all this? But you don't deserve forgiveness. Yesterday, I just wanted to die. Now I'm doing this to live. Don't try to stop me."
  As she walks away, he calls her name pleadingly. She tells him to make sure Victoria moves out of the apartment and to take care before leaving him sobbing at the table. Wow, what a gut-wrenching scene. It's beautiful to see how heartbroken Soo Nam is—not just over her leaving, but also over the baby. And how he could try to explain, but realizes that at this moment it wouldn't do him any good. 
  Hyun Woo pulls up to the house and greets MIL. He asks after Yeo Ok and she asks who he is. "I'm. . . just a hometown oppa." MIL decides that this must be the man Yeo Ok spent all night with, and he's the one who she's been cheating with all along. She asks what he thinks he's doing there and starts squirting him with the hose, chasing him away. 
  Yeo Ok gets to her mother's house only to find it empty. She heads to the beach and remembers back through her life with Soo Nam, beginning with when they met on the beach and how she saved him from drowning.
  Pushy Mom walks up the beach with her haul, surrounded by several ahjummas. Yeo Ok runs over to her and she asks what's wrong. Yeo Ok says she just missed her and came. "You haven't visited me in 3 years, and I was just in Seoul. Now you miss me? Something's definitely wrong." Yeo Ok tells her it's because she was so distant with her during her visit, so she wants to make it right. Pushy Mom answers that she didn't even seem like her daughter then. They fight over who gets to carry the bucket of mussels back to the house. 
  Soo Nam shows up to work but finds the laundry ahjummas taking a snack break. He yells at them to get back to work, or they'll be in trouble. One comes over and asks if he got his personality back, since he's acting like a manager again. She greets him formally and then stuffs her tangerine in his mouth.

  They all jump up and get back to work, calling for him to help. He's pretty confused and has a hard time keeping up with them. The ahjumma tells him to act like before and asks him to sing, holding an imaginary microphone to his mouth. He says he WILL not sing, and she answers that he always sang before. All the ahjummas start clapping and chanting for him to sing. He agrees and starts singing really bad opera-style. They throw laundry at him in protest. 
  Yeo Ok wakes up and has to orient herself. She goes outside and finds Pushy Mom praying over and over for a healthy baby. And for Soo Nam to do well, also. Yeo Ok hugs her and she asks what's wrong. Yeo Ok says nothing's wrong, but her tears give her away. Pushy Mom takes her inside so they can eat, and goes to warm the seaweed soup so it's nice for the baby. Yeo Ok sobs some more. 
  Soo Nam drinks alone at the hotel bar, and Ae Sook and Lawyer Lee come and join him. Ae Sook asks why they're drinking there, when Soo Nam could come any time, and he insists that he is Soo Nam. She laughs and jokes with him, and Lawyer Lee does too, until Soo Nam threatens to expose him by mentioning Bangkok, 2006. Lawyer Lee jumps up and covers his mouth, telling Ae Sook that he acknowledges that this is indeed Soo Nam. 
  Lawyer Lee jokes that it's too bad they switched back, because things were more interesting before. Ae Sook says she felt so uncomfortable and asks where Yeo Ok is. They happily toast him and keep joking, but Ae Sook finally notices that something is wrong. He tells them that Yeo Ok left forever after he made a mistake and caused her to miscarry. They gasp in astonishment at this revelation, and Lawyer Lee "tactfully" blames Soo Nam for killing the baby. 
  They ask what mistake he made, and he tells them about Victoria, earning more astonished repeating of her name. Which also draws the attention of the bartender. Ae Sook drags Lawyer Lee away, but not before he hits Soo Nam over the head, hard. 
  Pushy Mom jabbers about babies and seaweed soup and how nice her son-in-law was. It's like he was a changed person, kind of like Yeo Ok. Yeo Ok responds that it was all fake and Pushy Mom decides that she's there because they had a spat. She runs out tearfully and takes a walk on the beach, crying.
  Pushy Mom complains to herself that there might be something big going on, but she shouldn't react like this over a lovers' quarrel. Yeo Ok's phone rings, and Pushy Mom answers it. It's Soo Nam, calling to apologize. Pushy Mom explains that Yeo Ok went to the beach and teases him about their fight. He finally admits that they've separated. She rebukes him, and tells him they need to make up for the sake of the baby. After several mentions of  the baby, he cries and tells her they lost it. Pushy Mom drops the phone in shock.
  That night, neither Pushy Mom nor Yeo Ok can sleep right away. The next morning Pushy Mom makes Yeo Ok get up to help her collect mussels. She sees her phone and notices that Soo Nam called. 

  Il Ran serves breakfast, muttering that it isn't her job and Yeo Ok needs to come back and take her rightful place in their home (as your personal slave?). Soo Nam yells at her that she should be more considerate of her sister-in-law, who has more to do than serve them. He storms out, and MIL mutters that she hopes Yeo Ok never comes back. Ki Chan says that his mom will be back soon and asks MIL why she hates her so much. He throws down his chopsticks, too, and leaves. 
  Hyun Woo stares out his window and thinks about Yeo Ok not coming to work again. Suddenly filled with purpose, he turns and leaves.
  Soo Nam does inventory, but is very distracted. He runs out and gets in his car, but not before we see Hyun Woo leave ahead of him. He gets to the ferry, but it's already pulling out and he screams in frustration. He looks back and sees Hyun Woo staring back at the ocean. 
  While I really hope this is the opportunity for Hyun Woo to get the girl, I'm saddened that it happened this way. I understand that the relationship between Yeo Ok and Soo Nam had to break completely (though that could be a starting place for them to rebuild), but I hate to see Soo Nam's soul crushed so thoroughly. I hope that no matter which man she ends up with, she gets to hear his side of the story and understand everything thoroughly. 
  In my opinion, he really did push Victoria out of his heart. Last episode, when he said goodbye to her, I really felt that he meant it. And this episode he was desperately trying to find out what had happened to Yeo Ok, and Victoria was only incidental to that goal. 
  The real gutting was when Yeo Ok accused him of killing their baby. I know that it seems that way to her, and that he is partly responsible, but it was still cruel of her to say it. And then for Lawyer Lee to repeat it. Poor Soo Nam has really hit rock bottom—his wife left him, his friend abandoned him, he doesn't even have his real job, and he gave up Victoria. All he has left is his nagging mother and his hilariously useless sister. And Ki Chan, who is finally showing some likability. 
  I honestly never thought I'd feel so bad for Soo Nam. After seeing him as a cheating McCheaterson so early on, I thought I'd stand a good chance of keeping him out of my heart. But, already having a love for Shin Hyun Joon probably didn't help me in that. And the character has really won me over with his sincerity in making a new start. Having Yeo Ok's face for a good chunk of this show didn't hurt, either.
  I've been wondering something for a while, now, and I'll address it here. Was Hyun Woo also a part of their past life? Is he the dark horse that they've been keeping from us? I hope we get to see him trying to romance Sayuri in the 30's, or at least loving her from afar. Plus, I really want to revisit those characters so I can have an excuse to analyze how they compare with their present incarnations. I'll probably do it anyways, but it would give me an excuse. Kekeke. 
  Also, please, show, reveal the mystery of Jin Woo. How is he Hyun Woo's kid? And is he just doing a regular stint at the monastery, or is he there for good?


  1. Ahhhhh, thank goodness I found someone doing recaps of this show!
    Ack, when she accused him of killing the baby - my heart had a rendez-vous with the floor.
    It was so complicated and I can see how it makes sense from her perspective, but he hadn't known about the asthma, and she hadn't known about Victoria's heart.

    Stiiiill kind of hoping they break up though so Hyun Woo can get some -3-

  2. You're recapping this? I totally missed that. I'm half addicted to this show. I'd be fully invested if I had hope that Yeo Ok wouldn't go back to her nasty ex-husband. The acting is excellent and hilarious though. Normally, I'd never cheer on the returning noble idiot of a second lead, but I really dislike Soo Nam.

  3. You know, the more I think about the end of this episode, the more it seems like it's really Hyun Woo. Since the classic move of the second lead is to always get there a little too late, I really think Soo Nam is moving into that spot and Hyun Woo is becoming the primary lead. I just can't wait until Monday. But then I have to wait for subs. :(

  4. Thank you so much for recapping this!!! IMO, I think that it's way too late for Yeo Ok and Soo Nam to get back together. I really can't stand Soo Nam, he was such a jerk to Yeo Ok, not just cheating but treating her really harshly and being unappreciative. Did he even love her?
    I really want Yeo Ok to give Hyun Woo another chance, because it seemed like he really loved her and plus he's really cute. ;)But Soo Nam's character - I kinda don't want him to get a happy ending, just because he was so hurtful to Yeo Ok.
    Thank again!!!