Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Only in Dramaland. . . or Dramaland Cliche Game Ideas

You're Beautiful (So many cliches in one shot.)
  Dramaland. A world where no cliche is too overused, no kiss too thematic, and no character too cookie-cutter. It's a place where no idea can ever be overdone, even if it is a horrible idea/cliche, because if "they" use it enough, "they" will either gain popularity by association with those who have used it well, or they convince themselves that SOMEDAY, someday they'll find a way to make it awesome. This is the Land of Dramas. 
  The Land of Dramas is a special place, where we can lose ourselves for a time in the characters and stories we come to love. We can even predict many of the things that are likely to come up in any given series with a surprising level of accuracy. And it's not just the Asian branch of Dramaland—some (many?) of the cliches I've listed here can be found in movies, stories, and tv from all over the world.