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Oohlala Spouses Episode 8 Recap

  So many revelations and major decisions in one episode! Another person is informed of the body swap, and another big impediment to my shipping happiness is presented. Also, Yeo Ok makes calf eyes at Hyun Woo, but he doesn't notice because he thinks she's a man. Ha! Finally, there's a new Fate Meddler in town, and she's gonna make things interesting.

  Soo Nam bolts to the restroom heaving. He wonders to himself why mention of the word mussels makes him nauseated, then remembers Pushy Mom asking if they're pregnant. He pulls himself together and laugh maniacally. 

  He goes back out and asks Hyun Woo to keep telling him about the last time they met—without using the word mussels. Hyun Woo mentions "that girl" and Soo Nam asks "That girl? Oh, um, that girl! Yeah, uh, go on about her." Yeo Ok clenches her jaw behind him and remembers "that girl." Hyun Woo continues that they weren't really going to get married—she was just a friend that helped him out, because he was really sick. With stomach cancer. (SHOW!!! I told you no cancer! Is this My Name is Kim Sam Soon?! Hasn't this plot device been beaten to death, resurrected, and then beaten a second time? WHY?!?!)
  He continues by saying that both his body and soul were blackened by the cancer, and he was only expected to live a few more months. We see a flashback of him vomiting and pulling a bloody towel away from his face as he writhes in pain on his bed. He says that "the worst part was missing you. Every night I cried, and then cried some more." As Yeo Ok listens, tears stream down her face and she clutches her heart.
  Soo Nam sighs dramatically and then summarizes what he's just heard. Hyun Woo admits that Pushy Mom knew everything, and remembers back to a conversation with her. She demands that he let Yeo Ok go, because she can't bear watching her suffer the same life she has led, raising her child alone from the time Yeo Ok was 7, wanting to throw herself into the ocean and die of grief, etc. If he really loves her, he'll let her move on. 

  Soo Nam's body fades out as Yeo Ok's spirit stands and moves over to sit next to Hyun Woo (though this is figurative—he never interacts with her spirit). She asks him if he's stupid, not even telling her anything. He says that her mother was right, it would have made her more miserable to lose him that way, and she may never have looked for another man. Her spirit glares at Soo Nam and says that if she had known that he was going to cheat on her, she would have lived a solitary life, and been better off for it. Soo Nam pulls at his ear. 
  Hyun Woo says that he really regrets it now. If he had known he'd survive, he wouldn't have let her go. He entered a monastery to die, but met a monk who asked why he didn't just jump off a cliff if he wanted to die so much. He needs to embrace the cancer in his heart instead of hating it. In the morning, we see that he  drank the medicine the monk brought him.

  Spirit Yeo Ok cries some more and apologizes for all the time she spent blaming him for her unhappiness.She hugs him around the neck and says if she'd only known. . . . Hyun Woo says he's glad they could meet again like this, now that Yeo Ok's divorced. She jerks away from him and she and Soo Nam both act surprised. He asks how Hyun Woo knows he's divorced, and Hyun Woo admits that he found out by reading his resume. "You are divorced, right? Aren't you?" Yeo Ok looks at him lovingly and says that he's right. Soo Nam tightly replies that whether or not he's divorced, Hyun Woo shouldn't involve himself in his affairs any more. This earns him a shocked stare from spirit Yeo Ok.
  As Yeo Ok drives off with the linen delivery, she cries so hard she has to pull over. Meanwhile, Hyun Woo tells Soo Nam that he's just as pretty as ever, which elicits gagging noises from Soo Nam. He points out all the flaws on Yeo Ok's body, saying that it's really old now. Hyun Woo chuckles and says "Your ex-husband must have put you through a lot." Soo Nam is enraged that Hyun Woo would presume to know what type of man he is and answers "No way! You don't know what a great man he is! I should never have lost him, but I had an affair and he divorced me." (Say what now?) 

  Hyun Woo laughs at that and says he knows he's not that kind of woman. He doesn't want to rush things and is happy to take care of him from afar. Soo Nam jerks back in his chair and realizes that Hyun Woo is a formidable opponent. He brings up the fact that he's sure "oppa" is married, and the kind of person he hates most in the world is "the kind that leaves his wife and child to have an affair. . . . (To himself) Wait, why does my conscience feel a prick?" Hyun Woo just asks "Married man?"
  Yeo Ok gets back to the hotel to find Jin Goo waiting for her, eager to lecture her on her tardiness, and then on using informal speech. She gets all up in his grill and yells at him, then tells him that today, she's really depressed, and pushes his head back.
  She turns and sees Soo Nam and Hyun Woo returning to work. Soo Nam flashes her a look, but she only has eyes for Hyun Woo. As they head inside, Hyun Woo puts his hand on Soo Nam's back, making him contort into awkward, "get away from me" positions. Hahaha! Jin Goo remarks that things are weird, and that they're moving really fast. "Tsk, a bachelor and a divorcee." Yeo Ok asks if Hyun Woo is really a bachelor, and Jin Goo replies that he's pretty positive, though he has no proof. She whacks him in the mouth with her driving gloves and walks off. (P.S. How hilariously retro for her to wear driving gloves all the time.)
  Jin Goo discusses the matter with Chef Man Soo and decides he needs to investigate.
  Yeo Ok waits for Soo Nam at their pick-up drop-off spot and cries thinking about what she overheard. When Soo Nam gets in the car, he assumes that the laundry ahjummas have been making things hard for her, and reassures her that she'll make friends with them in no time, since she's also a chatty ahjumma. She starts driving and tells him to ask Pushy Mom about sending Hyun Woo away, and admits to following them. She also yells at him for telling Hyun Woo to stay out of her life. He has no right to make those kinds of decisions for her. 
  He looks at her with a wounded look and then says that their whole relationship was a scam to hook him while she still loved another man, wasn't it? She asks if he really thinks that and goes one step further by saying that he must feel that she and Ki Chan are huge burdens that have ruined his life. His wounded look returns, and he asks if she's that upset about losing her chance with "that guy." She answers that yes, she is, since she wouldn't have had to live like this if she had married him.
  He asks if she can really say these things to him and she responds that she's not the one who had the affair. In all their years together, she never once thought about Hyun Woo. And because of Soo Nam, her whole life came crashing down in an instant. He tells her that Hyun Woo promised to wait for the ink to dry, and then yells that when their bodies switch back, she should just go to him! He gets out of the car and slams the door while Yeo Ok cries to herself.
  At home, Yeo Ok massages Pushy Mom's arm and Pushy Mom says that he son-in-law needs to realize that her daughter is like a sea urchin—prickly on the outside but soft on the inside. Yeo Ok's spirit comes out and she asks Pushy Mom about sending Hyun Woo away. Pushy Mom answers that she did it for Yeo Ok's benefit, and look at her now. She married a man like Soo Nam. Yeo Ok cries that it's because of him and his affair that she's so miserable now.
  Il Ran comes in and finds them asleep next to each other on the bed and wonders what the heck is going on. (Ah, so at least half of that scene was a dream. That makes so much more sense.) She runs over and hits Yeo Ok in the shoulder, and then drags her off because MIL wants to see her. 
  MIL is desperate for Pushy Mom to leave. She' just in the way, and they're on different levels, and she just doesn't like having her around. Yeo Ok gets after her, reminding her that Pushy Mom only has Yeo Ok in this world, while MIL has 2 kids. And, in her opinion, both mothers are on the same level. She runs out dodging the pillow MIL throws at her.
  At dinner, MIL glares at Yeo Ok, while she enjoys paying special attention to Pushy Mom. MIL asks when Pushy Mom is leaving, and she answers that she will only stay as long as she's needed. (Is she Mary Poppins? Heehee.) Ki Chan asks her to just stay with them forever, and Il Ran basically agrees, saying that all the food she prepares is so delicious. This earns her a slap on the arm from MIL. 
  Suddenly, Soo Nam starts heaving again and runs to the bathroom. Pushy Mom crows that her dream came true. When Soo Nam comes back to the table, Pushy Mom congratulates him and he and Yeo Ok have another silent conversation, but this time we don't get voiceovers.

  Yeo Ok runs to the pharmacy and asks for every brand of pregnancy test they have. The female pharmacist looks at her askance, but complies. At home, they wait for the results, and Yeo Ok tells Soo Nam that he needs to be more careful. The test she's holding comes out positive, and Soo Nam freaks. "I can't be pregnant! I'm a man! I'm Go Soo Nam! What have you done to me? How dare you impregnate me?!" Soo Nam shows her that his pregnancy test is negative.
  Yeo Ok paces nervously outside the exam room at Dr. Wolhwa's office. He confirms that Soo Nam's pregnant. They grab him and beg him to tell them he's joking, and he storms out, followed by Nurse Moo San. 

  Outside, Moo San asks how they could sleep together in the wrong bodies and Wolhwa tells her he's the wrong person to ask. She laughs and asks how long he's been single. He tells her that that's not the issue right now. "That Grandmother of Fertility must have gone senile to impregnate them now!" They continue to bash on her senility, and she pops up, startling them. She gets after them for insulting her, and drags them away. 
  They materialize on top of a building, all dressed in some unusual traditional costumes. (Grandmother of Fertility has earrings that connect to a sponge. I don't get it, but it's funny.) She reminds Wolhwa of his favorite saying about marriage being the result of previous connections and tells him that to have a kid together is an even greater connection than that. "Do you think I was just throwing darts in the dark?" Wolhwa tells her about the switched bodies, and she says that's even better, since men should understand better what childbirth is like. 
  She gets peeved over people having abortions after she's gifted them with a child, and complains about the number of babies who are born prematurely after one-night stands. Moo San says that's not her fault, since she's in charge of love, not one-night stands. She pouts and disappears, yelling "I hate you!"
  Grandmother of Fate asks Wolhwa why he keeps going around with someone like that, but he laughs and says she keeps following him around. She answers that Moo San must like him and asks if they've slept together. He just laughs awkwardly, and she hurriedly says that she doesn't want to know. 
  Soo Nam decides the answer is abortion. Yeo Ok points out that it's illegal, and says it's murder. He begs her to do something, like take it out of him and have it instead. I'm pretty sure it doesn't work that way, friend.

  Yeo Ok goes to work and runs into Hyun Woo, staring at him with tearful eyes. He asks if she's doing okay in the laundry, and she answers that it's fun. He says that she looks like she has something to tell him, but she answers no. "I heard you got into more trouble. Have you already quit in your heart? Remember, this is your last chance." During this whole conversation, most of Yeo Ok's answers are internal, and consist of apologies to him for not realizing he was sick and making him suffer alone. As he walks away, she turns and stares after him longingly. She holds out her hand and calls "Oppa!"
  Soo Nam receives training on cleaning rooms, but corrects his supervisor on her sheet tucking method. Amazingly, she takes his criticism pretty well.
  Victoria sends a photo text to Yeo Ok, who's busy ingratiating herself with all the laundry ahjummas by bagging on husbands and telling them how pretty they all are. She gets a call from Victoria and yells at her to stop calling while she's working. She tells a joke about getting a call from their boss, telling her to throw out all the old useless towels. "And you know what I did when I got here this morning? I threw out all the husbands! Hahahaha!" 
  Victoria interrupts their hilarity and says she needs to talk to Yeo Ok. Yeo Ok brushes her off, but she insists that she has a message from the manager. The ahjummas all send her away, hoping that she's going to get good news about her job. 

  Out in the hallway, Yeo Ok snaps that she told Victoria to stop pestering her. Victoria insists that she doesn't mind this behavior, and in desperation Yeo Ok tells her that the divorce isn't finalized. Victoria laughs and replies that she's already verified it, and if Yeo Ok doesn't wait for her after work, she'll just come over to the house. Yeo Ok protests, but then gets a better idea. "Fine, come over to my house." She barks a laugh and goes back to work. But Victoria is just excited by the invitation. 
  Victoria follows Yeo Ok home, but is surprised when she stops to pick up Soo Nam. Victoria reasons that this can't be the ex, but could it be another woman? "No, Soo Nam's not that kind of a person." 

  Soo Nam complains about feeling tired and nauseated all the time. Yeo Ok gloats about all the things that will happen to her body due to the pregnancy, and now he'll know what it's like. He begs her to take him to get an abortion. Victoria starts honking and signalling, so they pull over. Soo Nam tells Yeo Ok that Victoria has a serious heart condition, so he'll handle this, but it has to be done carefully.
  Victoria runs up to the car and Soo Nam tells her to follow them so he can talk to her. He calls Yeo Ok yeobo (which really upsets Victoria), and Yeo Ok stares at her condescendingly while rolling up the window. 

  At a cafe, Soo Nam starts in, but Victoria looks to Yeo Ok for clarification. She just tells her that "This is your Soo Nam, so listen to him carefully." Soo Nam asks if she's seen any body-swap dramas, and she answers that she's seen lots. Yeo Ok interrupts and asks Soo Nam if he's noticed that there are really a lot of them recently. "Maybe other people are in our situation, and they're showing it in the dramas." Soo Nam gets frustrated by this tangent and yells at her for being ignorant. She starts crying because he's humiliating her in front of "this wench," and they start a hand-flapping fight. You know, like women supposedly always have with each other (when they're not pulling hair). 
  Yeo Ok gets up to leave, and Victoria grabs her arm. She pushes her away by the forehead and says "Your oppa is that one." Soo Nam grabs Victoria and begs her to listen to him. She's stunned, saying it's absurd. He agrees, but says that only he knows some things about her, like the fact that she came back to Korea to find her mom, yet never was able to create a relationship with her.
  Flashback to Victoria meeting her birth mother in a cafe, but being told that she has nothing to offer her. She's a sinner and can't bring anything good to Victoria's life, so she should just forget about her. Soo Nam sits at a nearby table and comes to squeeze her shoulder comfortingly. 
  Back in the present, Soo Nam holds Victoria's hands and says that it's been very difficult for him, since he couldn't come to her looking like this, even though he really wanted to. She asks if there's any way to switch back, but he replies that they've tried everything and nothing has worked. She asks what that means for her.  
  At her apartment, Victoria thinks back to Soo Nam telling her to take care of her health and not to stress out over this too much. "We'll definitely find you a donor."
  At the house, Yeo Ok helps Pushy Mom cook dinner, and Soo Nam comes in complaining of the smell. Pushy Mom gushes that they're making mussel soup, which sends Soo Nam running to the bathroom. Pushy Mom is excited to know she's right, and MIL insists that they're not in a situation to have gotten pregnant. They argue and MIL blurts out that they're getting divorced.
  Yeo Ok denies it when she sees the look on her mom's face, and Soo Nam comes out and agrees that they're not getting a divorce. MIL flips out, since they promised to separate after the trial period, and Pushy Mom faints. Il Ran comes out just then with the positive pregnancy test and asks why they're lying about it.  
  Yeo Ok screams at Il Ran while Soo Nam supports Pushy Mom. But then MIL faints back onto the couch and Soo Nam stands Pushy Mom upright to go take care of his mother. Luckily Yeo Ok catches Pushy Mom before she can fall.  
  Yeo Ok massages Pushy Mom's arm and explains that they were getting a divorce but can't anymore. Pushy Mom asks if it's because of the baby and Yeo Ok answers that it is.

  MIL asks Soo Nam if this was a plot to keep her son. He answers that it's just something that happened. She decides they're going to go to the hospital for an abortion, and Soo Nam tearily says that he didn't think she'd say that, too. He makes excuses, saying they can't get it done so easily, but she insists that she knows a guy. He asks if she can do this to her own grandchild, but she answers that she's more concerned about her son's future than that of a child whose face she's never seen. He replies that it's still his child, but she tries to haul him up by the arm anyway. 
  Yeo Ok comes out and goes looking for Soo Nam. When she sees the empty room, she realizes where he must have gone and she and Pushy Mom run to the hospital. Who knew that the guy MIL knew would be Dr. Wolhwa? MIL paces outside the exam room and Soo Nam stares in horror at the probe for the ultrasound. MIL blocks Yeo Ok and Pushy Mom from going in and Soo Nam hesitates when he hears the tiny heartbeat.
  Wow. If he goes through with it, I'm not sure Yeo Ok will ever be able to forgive him, since she'd choose to keep it. I don't think he will, though, since he seems to be having difficulty with the idea now. Plus, how will we get to see more pregmancy hijinks if he does? Also, this show is clipping along if they're already at 10 weeks (usually the earliest you can hear a heartbeat).
  I think it's interesting that Victoria is in the know already. I didn't think it would happen so soon, but I can also see how they'll be able to mine even more comedy out of the situation now that she does. Will she keep pursuing Soo Nam, or hold back a bit hoping they can change back? How will she deal with being in love with a pregnant man in a woman's body? Or is it a man in a pregnant woman's body? I'd say the former, because he did get pregnant after the switch. Will she keep showing up at the house, making everything more awkward for everyone? Please?
  Also, I really want to know more of Hyun Woo's story since the cancer. Who's the little kid? Is he still a bachelor? Will he ever pick up on Yeo Ok's loving stares and be creeped out by them? Will Soo Nam keep trying to convince him that his love is a cheater? I loved that he insisted that she's not that type of person. Also, how hypocritically hilarious was it that Soo Nam talked about cheaters with such venom, but didn't really think to include himself in that category? I also loved how he called Hyun Woo oppa when he was talking to Yeo Ok, just to goad her. 
  I know that Il Ran had almost no lines in this episode, but she cracked me up with her inappropriately timed reactions to things. Like her excitement over Pushy Mom's cooking, or demanding to know why Soo Nam and Yeo Ok would lie about the pregnancy. If it weren't for her finding out about every little secret, she probably wouldn't have much to do in this drama, but her nosiness and being-there-at-the-wrong-momentness are brilliantly done. Plus, she's always more than willing to interfere, so her antics are useful in driving things forward. Haha! I love her! 

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