Friday, November 16, 2012

Can We Get Married? Impressions Episodes 3&4

  If you want to see my initial thoughts on this drama, here's the link.
  Episodes 3 and 4 had so. Much. Drama. And not enough of my favorite characters. Jung Hoon and Hye Yoon break up and cry buckets of tears while drinking buckets of soju. Then they get back together because she pretends she got hit by a car and is severely injured. Can you say manipulative/borderline sociopathic? Plus there's all the manipulating she does with the wedding plans, even manipulating Jung Hoon's mom by pretending to let her manipulate them. And Hye Yoon is being manipulated into all that by her mom. In addition the bickering and fighting between the "lovebirds" also reached new levels of making everyone uncomfortable.

  I was impressed that Do Hyun did something nice and responsible by showing up for the family meeting and even paying for the meal. Though he did hook up with his mistress on the way. Gross. 
  I'm very confused about the state of his marriage with Hye Jin, though. She swears she won't divorce him because she'll live in disgrace, but he needs to find a new mistress. Then he offers to pay her a bunch of money if she'll divorce him. Then she counters by asking for more money and properties and he refuses to divorce her. She asks her mother to stay so he won't come home, which she hopes will hurry the divorce. But instead he hangs on to their marriage more tenaciously while staying at his girlfriend's house. And, Hye Jin's mom decides Hye Jin doesn't even want the divorce. So Hye Jin goes and smashes up the girlfriend's place. So much back-and-forth, I'm dizzy. 
  Another thing that really bothered me about their relationship was when Do Hyun told Hye Jin that the reason he cheats is because SHE doesn't satisfy HIM. And he says it's the reason all men cheat. I'm sorry, but if you cheat the responsibility and blame are entirely yours.
  Also, Ki Joong reached new levels of douchebaggery. After adamantly declaring he would never get married and pushing Dong Bi away, he immediately sets up blind dates so he can get married and make his dad invest in his restaurant. This bothers me most because he acted like getting married was against his principles. But, instead of finding other investors, he gives in to his dad's conditions in a heartbeat. And if he marries this girl and then convinces Dong Bi to be his mistress, I'll scream. I do want him to realize what an awesome girl he lost, but I want HER to find someone amazing and deserving of her. 
  And how adorable is Deul Rae with her new love? They are just made for each other. Too bad she has to hide it from her sister. Plus, she has to keep it at Min Ho's house, which I know is a set-up for them to spend more time together. Also, I'm not sure I like her hanging out with the Douchey Gang. Sure, she's easy-going enough to handle being around them, but I'm sure she could find more compatible friends. 
  I also liked how Deul Ja gave in and apologized to Jung Hoon's mom so they could get him back with Hye Yoon. And I loved his dad's advice that the marriage is between the 2 of them, and not everyone else. Sure, you're joining your families and you want them to get along. But when it really comes down to it, it's not their relationship that matters. It's yours. Which isn't to say that makes things easier, but it's important to keep that perspective. 
  Anyway, I'm still on the fence with this one. There are some things that draw me in, but I'm not sure they counterbalance the things that push me away. I'll probably give it one more week to convince me to keep tuning in. 

Update: After watching episodes 5&6 I've decided to drop this one. There's just not enough going on to keep me interested. Plus, there are just too many things that I don't like, and not enough enjoyable aspects for me.


  1. Haha. I also just finished eps 5 and 6 and can't stomach anymore. Unless I wake up tomorrow with some different agenda, this will most likely become the newest addiction to my dropped list. Life's too short for annoyingly insane kdrama characters.

    1. "Life's too short for annoyingly insane kdrama characters." Love this.

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    1. I'm glad you posted this comment. Lately I've been seeing things that made me think it would be worth finishing, but I'm glad to know I didn't actually miss out on anything. So thank you for sparing me that.

      I agree—I love so many of the actors here, but the show just didn't gel for me. They feel so wasted on this drama.