Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Man Who Can't Get Married Review

  Apparently, I'm in a Yoo Ah In mood today. Maybe I'll go three for three and write up a review on Sungkyunkwan Scandal next.
  Anyway, on to The Man Who Can't Get Married. This is a drama that I really enjoyed watching. It's funny, cute, and has some great acting. I already loved Uhm Jung Hwa and Yoo Ah In from other dramas, and in this drama I discovered how amazing Ji Jin Hee is. Really, truly amazing. Also, while I generally dislike small dogs (especially chihuahuas, with their beady eyes) I absolutely fell in love with Sanggu. He's adorable.

  So, the story. Jae Hee is a 40-year old man who really hates the idea of marriage, but is a really great marriage prospect. He's attractive, has a great job, comes from a good family, is talented, smart, kind, and is pretty well off. He's also socially awkward and a bit neurotic, which is the impetus for most of the comedy in this series. His mother really wants Jae Hee to marry, also, so she pushes things forward—and in true kdrama fashion, her methods are ridiculous and hilarious all at once. 
  On a fateful day, Jae Hee meets both his pretty young neighbor Yoo Jin, and an attractive doctor named Moon Jung. These meetings are incredibly awkward, since Jae Hee has an intestinal bleed, and Yoo Jin helps him get to the hospital, where Moon Jung tries to treat him. There is this hilarious scene where she has to be quite forceful with him in order to properly examine and diagnose him. 

  After the initial treatment and final checkup, Jae Hee continues to visit Moon Jung in the hospital, always with some little medical excuse. After the first few visits, Moon Jung begins to think she knows why he keeps coming to see her, but Jae Hee is completely oblivious to the reasons behind his own actions. He's always pleased to see her, but doesn't understand why she smiles at him so much. He enjoys the attention, but doesn't consider her possible interpretations of his actions.

  Jae Hee becomes a project for Moon Jung and Yoo Jin. They become quick friends, and begin to try to help Jae Hee, especially in the social aspects of his life. Jae Hee doesn't see anything wanting in his life, and repeatedly contrasts himself to Moon Jung—although they are both around 40, she is a sad and lonely spinster, while he is an attractive and happy bachelor. Because he is a man, and has chosen to never marry, he can be considered successful and contented, but she is rusting, old, and pathetic because she wants to be married and isn't.
  Jae Hee's awkwardness is appropriately used in this drama, I think. He wants to spend time with Moon Jung, but struggles to communicate the fact that he is asking her out. They each buy a ticket to ride a tour bus, but are the only single people on the bus, and thus have to sit by each other. Moon Jung was fine being alone until Jae Hee comes along and makes everything awkward. He also ends up sidetracking the tour and makes a girl cry, completely oblivious to his own social shortcomings.

  Jae Hee generally isn't intentionally cruel, but he is convinced of his superiority to others, and that creates many misunderstandings and problems. He is kind, but he's quirky, and his kindheartedness isn't always apparent. Even with these shortcomings, Ji Jin Hee makes this character very likable.
  Some of his best moments are his relationship with Sanggu. It's not a typical human-animal relationship in many ways. In fact, I would almost consider it a bromance (I swear, I really try not to use that word, but it seems the most appropriate) between the two. 
   Another thing to like about this drama is Yoo Ah In. I like him so much more as a lovesick sweetie than as an ambitious jerk (Fashion King), and his part is very cute here. Just a few screenshots for our viewing pleasure.

  This show is definitely worth watching. The story is well-executed, and the characters are great. I also found it to be a really funny and endearing drama, and I don't understand why it seems so widely unknown. I liked this version more than the original jdorama, but Kekkon Dekinai Otoko is also well worth checking out.

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