Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Haeundae Lovers Episode 5 Recap

  The diagnosis is in, and we have amnesia, people! Finally! And, as I hoped, this version of Tae Sung is much funnier. He may be a bit of a whiny brat, but at least his lack of basic living skills makes for good comedy. Plus, he can actually allow himself to like So Ra, now, without it feeling so wrong. I'm not sure she's game, but at least he doesn't have pesky memories of having a wife to interfere with his love life.
New blows to the head: 0
  I feel like the opening sequence for this episode could be a class called  How not to Handle Pulling a Body Out of the Ocean 101:
    1. Stand around and argue while the unconscious person may or may not be breathing.
    2. Administer really bad CPR—still without checking the breathing thing.

    3. When the person opens their eyes, make out with them immediately—at least until they spit out all the water they inhaled.

     4. When EMS tells you to take off their clothes to dry them off and warm the patient  up, stand around and make jokes/argue some more about how small/shriveled their, um, man-parts must be.
    5. Work as slowly as possible to help the person.
    6. And most of all, remember to protect the modesty of the only person actually doing something to help. Because, hey, it's not like she didn't see pretty much everything the day before, right? 
  President has been moved from his private room and is now in the ER. Wait, what the—? Anyway, he's still mumbling on and on about Tae Sung. Tam Hee whines that they have a son, he doesn't need to worry about Tae Sung. Joon Hyuk watches Tam Hee's antics with amusement. Suddenly, a crew rushes in with and unconscious Tae Sung and puts his gurney right next to President's. Although the uncles completely stripped him (allegedly), he's in a gown and covered by a blanket, so there's no hope Tam Hee or Joon Hyuk will see his birthmark. However, they do recognize him as So Ra's lackey.
  As they leave, the run into the uncles. Tam Hee throws a fit, and Maknae tries to intimidate her, pointing out that her husband is on her death bed and she's already found a hot young man to take his place. At first, Joon Hyuk is amused and does nothing to help, but doesn't like the implication that he's involved with Tam Hee and tries to clear things up. Tam Hee tells them that her husband is just a little sick, but he's strong as a bear and will be better in no time. Just then, a thug runs in with adult diapers.

  "A bear, huh? He's senile!" The thug grabs 2nd Uncle by the collar and threatens him, but Bandanna grabs his collar and reminds him that he was his senior and taught him everything he knows about thugging. So Ra comes in and breaks up the fight, sending the uncles scurrying into the ER. Joon Hyuk just laughs in the background. He regrets that they are meeting again under such. . . violent circumstances, but he's pleased to see her. Tam Hee asks if her fiance knows she's from a gang family, and asks if Tae Sung is her fiance. "He may have a nice body, but his head looks empty, so he's perfect for you." Before she can retort, 2nd Uncle comes out and covers her mouth—he doesn't want those thugs knowing they were robbed, because they'd never hear the end of it.
  Jooh Hyuk notes that So Ra's fiance must be rich, since his clothes are designer Italian labels, like his own. He's also good looking, making Joon Hyuk a bit jealous. She tries to tell him Tae Sung isn't her fiance, but 2nd Uncle again covers her mouth. Maknae comes in to tell them Tae Sung is waking up, and the run in.
  Can someone please explain to me why Tae Sung has a bloody forehead, when he was bashed on the back of his head? Also, why is it in kdramas that all bandages must have blood on the outside? Don't they realize that if there is blood on the outside, there's a lot more on the inside, and they should be changed? (Except, the bandages often look like only the outside has blood. Go figure.)
  Maknae threatens the unconscious Tae Sung—when he wakes up, it's straight to the police station. 2nd Uncle mentions that in dramas, at times like these, the patient opens their eyes and asks "Who are you?" "You've been watching too many dramas, Uncle!" "But I have so many Tivoed that I haven't even gotten to yet!"
  Tae Sung wakes up and looks around while we hear music that could be straight out of a campy alien movie. He sits up and looks at each of them, and the music switches to cheesy romantic as he asks So Ra "Who are you?" (Justified, 2nd Uncle! Justified!) Everyone has hilariously amazed faces, but Tae Sung keeps staring at So Ra, mesmerized. She seems a little disgusted or creeped out, to tell the truth.
  Tam he tells Joon Hyuk that she just got papers to become the acting director starting next week, so he'd better end the contract with Uncles Fish Store right away, or she'll stop paying him. He throws down the gauntlet and tells her that the contract has already been passed by the board of directors, so she can't change things, even as acting director. She asks "You wanna go against me?" "If you insist, I have to oblige you. We'll see who wins." He does a little boxing/dance move before sauntering off. He then starts the search for Tae Sung in earnest.

  Tae Sung gets an MRI and they diagnose him with amnesia. The doctors say he may or may not get his memories back, but there is a specialist who can treat him. With a shot. More accurately, with the BIGGEST SHOT OF ALL TIME. He tries to refuse treatment, but they insist. So Ra offers him her hand. "You might need it." He says it wasn't really that bad, but won't let go of So Ra after the nurse has left. 

  The Uncles are pushing Tae Sung in a wheelchair, and So Ra is trying to help him remember his name. When he struggles, 2nd Uncle yells at him, then So Ra does. They really don't understand how amnesia works. (You'd think that 2nd Uncle would, of all people, with all the dramas he's seen, but no.) They tell him his name is Nam Hae, and he's a stunt performer. Actually, So Ra tries to play charades to get him to guess stunt performer, but she's not very good at it. He doesn't believe them, and Bandanna tells him to look at his abs and callused hands. 
  2nd Uncle is impatient, and starts yelling at Tae Sung, grabbing him by the shirt and shaking him so hard he falls out of his wheelchair. Despite all his cries for help, everyone just stands around watching a patient get assaulted by a crazy guy in a Daisy Duck shirt. The police run in and they pretend nothing happened, but they insist they're here to arrest a thief. Everyone points at Tae Sung, but he says that these nasty people seem like the thieves. He declares, with the greatest conviction, "I would never, ever, ever, ever be that kind of a person. I was definitely a very good person."
  More police are cleaning up the scene of the fiery accident. The corpses are unrecognizable, but they find a watch that says Tae Sung ♥ Se Na, and a work badge that says Seoul District Prosecutor's Office. Tae Sung's dad is visiting Se Na when he gets the call to identify the body.
  Tae Sung is anxious to leave, but he's stuck next to his dad, who keeps calling his name. He gets up to try to find Yang Tae Sung, but the nurses yell at him to be quiet and rest. Just then, President flatlines. Tae Sung gets in a fight with a nurse because she tells him to go lie down. "Don't touch me, and don't give me orders! I won't be treated that way!" He watches as the doctors revive President.
  Tam Hee is busy at the salon looking at a magazine of shirtless men. Her thug comes in to tell her that President is dying, and she screams that he can't die, since she hasn't had the will changed yet.
  The uncles decide not to take responsibility for Tae Sung and run off. So Ra stays behind, but they come back and snatch her. The doctor marvels over his quick recovery and prepares him to be discharged. Tam Hee comes running in screaming that President can't leave before he changes the will. When she notices the doctor she tells him her heart isn't ready yet. Ha. 

  The policeman leads Tae Sung out, but can't find So Ra or the uncles. Tae Sung reflects that it was only a few minutes ago that So Ra held his hand and now she's abandoned him. He goes to the police station, but because of his calluses, they can't get fingerprints. He demands that they find someone who is looking for him, and they tell him to just start over until his memories come back. He tells them if they just kick him out he'll probably die, and they'll be murderers. Murderers! He creeps back in, saying he's taking pity on their lives. 
  So Ra and the uncles are calculating their losses, while it's thundering. Dad comes running out panicked, and clutches So Ra's hand, making her think back to Tae Sung, and she feels guilty abandoning him. Tae Sung sees a news report talking about thieves who wear off their fingerprints so they can't be caught. He feels anxious and hides his hands. He goes outside and barely misses being seen by his dad, come to identify the body. He positively identifies the watch, and the officer asks if the woman in the car was Tae Sung's wife. 

  So Ra comes to the station, but Tae Sung has already disappeared. He wanders the streets in the rain, starving, and everywhere he goes he sees food. He decides to go back to the hospital and be readmitted, but they turn him away. The next day, So Ra is desperately searching for him and gets a call from the hospital to pick him up. She finds him and offers her hand so they can go home. He reluctantly takes it and she gives him some bread. Sobbing, he devours it.
  They go home, and Tae Sung asks if he's really a thief and what he stole. So Ra shows him the fish tanks and tells him their losses, saying they need to be compensated. He tells her they have no legal proof or standing, and rattles off a list of things they would need to file a claim. They show him their books and he promises to pay them, and the uncles demand a contract. They realize that he can't remember his social security number and doesn't have his stamp, so they try to force him to stamp with his thumbprints.

  He runs away. He has an existential crisis and gets lost. So Ra finds him and tells him she understands what he's going through. It must be hard. She offers her hand again and he refuses to take it. Just as she turns to walk away, he grabs her, saying it would be bad manners not to accept. They stroll home hand-in-hand. She wants to let go so she can get work done, but he tells her she can't ever let go of his hand. She sees a neighborhood dog, and Tae Sung runs away, terrified. The uncles think he's lost it.
  Tae Sung's family holds his memorial.
  Tae Sung goes out on the boat to earn his keep, but has terrible seasickness. Instead of working he takes a nap, until he smells food cooking. He comes running and even tries to share the pot, but the uncles point out his portion. He whines "Why is mine different?" They tell him all his food rules and he shrinks back. "Now that you think of it, you were a jerk, right? Not the nice guy you said you had to be." He refuses to eat again.
  Joo Hee goes with Se Na to visit the accident site in Busan. Se Na blames Tae Sung and herself for his death. They stand and hug, and So Ra and Ta Sung drive by to make a delivery. So Ra suddenly decides to stop and they get out for fresh air. Se Na looks over and sees Tae Sung.
  Honestly, I didn't think this would happen so soon. I have a feeling Se Na will play it off as a grief-induced hallucination, though. Every guy looks like Tae Sung these days, or something.
  There was plenty of hand-holding this episode, and Tae Sung begging So Ra to never let him go was definitely a step in their romantic relationship. I just am not feeling great chemistry between them, though, which makes me sad. There have been so many moments of closeness, but after the first behind-the-door part, I haven't seen much sizzle.
  I do love amnesiac Tae Sung, though. He's hilarious in his incapacity to deal with. . . well, anything, really. It's amusing that he still retained all his law knowledge, and I feel like the writer did that as a little wink to amnesia plots in general. I also loved how he accused the police of being Murderers! for not taking proper care of him. And then he realized his inability to care for himself and came back. 
"Who are you?"
  I wish I could get better screenshots of the uncles. They make the most hilarious faces, but they are really just flashes on the screen that collectively add up to comedy gold. I also love how Maknae is always the one the older uncles turn to when they need something done. Need to intimidate someone? Use Maknae. Need to get out of paying hospital bills? Have Maknae come up with a plan. An artist rendition of a thief? No problem! There's a Maknae for that!


  1. Well, the "cheesy romantic music" being played when Tae Sung woke up was actually the theme song from "Winter Sonata", a drama with the male lead suffering from amnesia. Nice touch, Show!

    1. I haven't seen Winter Sonata, so thanks for sharing that. It does make that scene even more hilarious.