Monday, August 27, 2012

Panda and Hedgehog Episode 3 Recap

  This episode gives us some background on our characters. Both guys make some moves toward wooing Panda, and the plot thickens. Also, there are plenty of delicious desserts showcased in this episode. Also, Won Il bites his lip. A lot. (I feel like such a creepy noona right now.)

  Seung Ji stakes his claim at Cafe Panda—both literally and romantically, I'm guessing. Won Il confronts him about in and Seung Ji asks if he's a stalker—"I saw you that day Panda fell off the stool, and you just left. You didn't even come to find out if she was okay or who I was." Won Il says he hasn't seen her for 15 years and it would have been really awkward, and asks Seung Ji what he is. "The worst you can imagine." "A bartender?" (It's possible he means like a host at a host bar, since I don't speak Korean, but it's hilarious that the worst to him is a bartender. With so many possibilities of actually awful professions, a bartender is what he can think of?! Ha! Such an innocent.)
  Lamesauce confronts Panda about the fliers advertising for a new patissiere and she has to explain that it must be really bad if she's resorted to doing things this way. His cakes don't sell and she makes no profit. He tells her all his "virtues"—how nice he is and how he always goes out of his way to help those less fortunate than him (like with the medicated patches? Riiiight.). He demands compensation for defamation of character and back pay. But he's only sold 8 cakes, and half of them were returned. Just to pay for everything she's been working part-time jobs as a journalist, but got fired. She brings up her parents and starts crying.

   Aunt and Da Na are making kimchee and hear a strange wailing. Outside Seung Ji and Won Il also hear it and wonder what it could be. Won Il: "is it a bear?" Haha. Aunt and Da Na run in with a bat and a kendo sword, and Panda says that she kept quiet about his lies on his resumé. Aunt says the one thing she can't tolerate is lying, and yells. From outside, we hear thumping before Lamesauce runs out screaming that a group of pandas is attacking him. 
  The women come rushing out (Panda has an umbrella for a weapon) and screech to a halt when they see the two rivals. Just then a Saint Honore van pulls up, and Seung Ji connects the dots. Inside, Won Il challenges him to a baking competition for the position of patissiere, but Panda cutely raises her hand and explains that their shop isn't successful enough to host such a competition—they'll be glad to get what they can.

  Outside again. Panda tells Seung Ji that Saint Honore is the best of the best of the best, and it's unnecessary to engage in a losing competition. "You think I can't compete with them? Do you think they're better than me?" He proposes a deal: if he wins, Panda hires him on the spot without a resumé, and he gets 50% of the profit. If he loses, he works for free for half a month. Panda is a bit confused—she wins either way. "Exactly. So just tell me encouraging things. 1, 2, 3, go!" He sees Won Il coming outside and moves in close—within kissing range, but alas! no smooches yet. He glances over to make sure Won Il has seen before stepping back.
  Won Il tells his Glasses hyung that he has to win no matter what. "I came here just to make a cake, not for a competition. I don't want to ruin someone's chances at a job or their woman. She's not your woman." Ouch. Won Il explains why Panda is so important to him.

  When he was little, his dad died suddenly. He didn't really have anyone to comfort him, since his mom was already in love with someone else. Panda came along and made his life better—he only ever smiled because of her. She was always by his side and helped him through his darkest times. So he can't abandon Panda now, when he can help her.

  Seung Ji gets his pretty game face on for the competition. The rules are explained, the judges announced—those involved with Cafe Panda—and the baking begins. Won Il waits nervously outside, and stares at Panda.
  Seung Ji's friend runs into Grandpa's bakery and announces the competition. Grandpa grumpily asks if all he can talk about is Seung Ji, and he mentions that it's against Saint Honore, which is a big deal. Grandpa storms off and Cherry Blossom ahjumma asks what's the deal with Saint Honore. Oooh, finally some meaty back story on Seung Ji!

  When he was in jail, he learned his baking recipes from the tv—where we see Won Il's step-dad doing a show. The friend wanted to learn too, but didn't have the natural genius of Seung Ji. When Seung Ji got out, he really wanted a job at Saint Honore, even if it meant just washing dishes. But they refused, since he had been in jail, and kicked him out. He waited all day and night just to talk to the manager, but when he came outside, Won Il's step-dad just threw the cake in the street without even looking at it. The bakers took him out back and bullied him, led by Step-dad's creepy spy. 
  At his wit's end, Seung Ji threatened to kill Step-dad, and got gasoline to torch the place, but Grandpa stepped in and stopped him. Since that day, he has sworn revenge, and this is the first step. Although they don't have the same pedigree as Saint Honore, their bakery is better thanks to Seung Ji.

  The competition ends and the cakes are served to Panda, Da Na, Aunt, and Customer. They all choose the same cake, and the second round of cakes are served. This time, it's a cake with a panda face, but the face changes with each slice. Won Il thinks the winning cakes must have been Glasses' work, but hesitates when he looks at Seung Ji's happy face. He checks the cake design posted by Seung Ji and sees the panda cake on the back—complete with a drawing of Won Il as an angry panda. Ha!

  He sulks (adorably) back at the office and Mom asks Eun Bi to tell her everything about this Panda business. Grandpa watches Seung Ji and the sisters from across the street as they celebrate the win, proud of him, but sad, too. 
  Eun Bi comes by Cafe Panda to confront Panda about Won Il. Did they date in elementary school? Why else would he come to a place like this? Panda explains that Won Il-ie was always sweet, and they're just friends. "Won Il-ie?!? How close are you that you call him Won Il-ie?! I called dibs! How can a person just change like that?" Um, you're the one who's changing—or at least letting jealousy ruin a long friendship, Eun Bi. Da Na warns her that if she keeps acting like that to her sister, she'll have to do something about it. Like what? "Like seducing him." Cute Da Na, fighting for her sister! 

  Won Il wanders the floor of Saint Honore, seemingly dissatisfied with everything. Glasses asks him what's up, this isn't like him. He asks what the cake tasted like, and Glasses responds that he didn't get to even taste it. "Then it must have been the design, right?" Glasses tells Won Il that if it were up to him, he'd drop everyone else just to bring in someone like Seung Ji. "Is he better than President?" Glasses wisely keeps his mouth shut, but his look says it all. Won Il does research, while Step-dad nervously watches from the shadows.
  Seung Ji visits Grandpa, who is making a special cake for a mystery special guest. Hehe. Seung Ji greets Cherry Blossom as noonim (the formal version of noona) and grandpa scolds him for addressing his daughter as noonim. "What, I can't address someone this young as ahjumma! Should I call her mother?" (I would say, yes, but you don't know that yet.) Both Grandpa and Cherry Blossom are charmed (as am I), though Grandpa refuses to let it show. He mentions that the place seems brighter since noonim came. 

  Seung Ji asks Grandpa if he heard about his win, and Grandpa feigns ignorance, which doesn't fool Seung Ji one bit. He tells Grandpa that he'll take Saint Honore down, and Grandpa worries he'll do something dangerous/illegal. He reassures him, and Grandpa warns him about watching his actions while living with two girls. "Did you miss me so much you've been secretly watching me?" He makes kissy faces at Grandpa, who stuffs a lettuce wrap in his mouth. Later, as he walks home, he promises that he'll become the best baker.

  Panda comes to the bakery to find Seung Ji throwing out all her ingredients. When she complains, he shows her that they are all expired or not of good quality. He takes her to a shop to buy all new supplies, but she explains that she has no money. He shows her a wad of money, and she grabs his arm in excitement. He pulls back and asks if she's dated much. She asks him a bunch of questions about his past. Did he work at Saint Honore? Where did he learn to make cakes? Did he learn from his mother? He snaps at her that he's an orphan and doesn't remember his mother, which makes her tear up and leave the shop.
  Grandpa and Cherry Blossom go to the police station looking for someone named In Ha, but have no luck. She promises not to disappoint him. 
  Seung Ji follows Panda through a park and can't figure out why she won't talk to him. She asks if he's really an orphan and he tells her that he can't remember anything about his parents. He shows her a scar on his head and says that he got it when he was about 11 and he can't remember anything before that. Panda tells him that when she was little, her mom took her to a friend's home and said "you're an orphan now" and left her. So she was remembering her own past when he talked about orphans. *I rewatched this scene on another site, and those subs clarified things. At Panda's mom's funeral, Eun Bi came to her and told her "you're an orphan now," which made her feel very alone. So when Seung Ji mentioned being an orphan it took her back to that moment of her own sorrow. Thanks to Porcelain for pointing that out!
  Aunt comes and picks them up, and Seung Ji mentions something about the loan for the supplies. Aunt freaks out, and Panda tells him not to talk about loans in front of her. Aunt starts questioning him about his background, also, and he hedges.

  Another flashback. A little boy (Seung Ji, I assume) is crying and Panda is comforting him. Little Won Il comes up and asks what's up. Panda explains that his family's bakery burned down and his parents left him at her house for the night, but they don't know where they are. She goes to investigate, and the boys have a stare-down. They learned young. Little Seung Ji's dad comes to collect him, and Won Il's cell phone goes off (it's as big as his head). His mom lectures him, and Seung Ji's dad tries to make friends with him.
  At Saint Honore, Won Il's step-dad comes and threatens him. "I shouldn't have to ask a kid like you for money to run my company."
  Da Na and Panda are discussing cupcakes and Seung Ji overhears. Panda is writing an article, and he tells her she needs to interview Grandpa, the Cake Boss. (But not the one from New Jersey.) They also discuss what kind of cakes girls want vs. the kind boys want. Basically it boils down to the same thing—one you can eat as much as you want without getting fat or losing muscle/abs. Yeah, good luck making that taste good. 
 Seung Ji stays up all night designing cupcakes that fit the bill, and in the morning shows them to Panda even tapping his rock-hard abs to show her that they're cupcakes boys and girls will like. (We know they're rock hard, because when he taps them, they make a knocking sound. Heehee.) They set up a table nearby for a promotional event, and sell lots of cupcakes.  
  That night, Panda and Seung Ji are counting out their day's profits. Lamesauce spies on them from outside and comes up with a plan to get rid of Seung Ji. Seung Ji and Panda come up with a plan to keep Cafe Panda running: Seung Ji will provide the operating costs at first, and Panda will follow his rules.

  Won Il keeps doing research, but finds nothing. He and Glasses talk about Seung Ji, and Won Il admits that he can't find out anything about his background. "Wait, all this time you were studying Seung Ji? You are in a love triangle by yourself, my friend." Haha. Glasses says that he should become friendly with Seung Ji if he wants to learn more about him. They decide to send someone as an agent. With impeccable timing, Won Yi comes outside and asks what they're doing. Lightbulbs go off over the guys heads.
  Won Yi offers her services to Panda as a free part-time worker, since Panda is pretty much her noona. I love that her honorifics are switched around. She even calls Seung Ji hyung, and he's not really comfortable with her presence. Or her reference to practically being Panda's sister.

  They go sell outside again, and Seung Ji flirts with Panda. When they get back to the cafe, someone has written things all over their windows. Obviously the work of Lamesauce. Da Na and Customer are excited that their business has been featured on a blog. Seung Ji and Panda high-five (-ten? Is that a thing?), and he gets a look on his face.

  Won Il is angrily scrolling through pics on the blog, noting how close Panda and Seung Ji seem. Won Yi asks for payment for her efforts, and he hands her money—to buy cakes with. "I thought this was for me!" He asks if Panda sent any messages, and she did—she'll come see Won Il later, after a meeting the next day. 

  The next day a delivery shows up for Panda from Won Il. It's a massage chair, and a really nice one. While he's taking a tour of Saint Honore with his mother and Eun Bi, he gets a call from Panda and goes outside to take it. Mom and Eun Bi are angry and jealous. Panda lectures him about sending expensive gifts. Eun Bi comes out and says she stopped "them" from changing the menu, since she's on Won Il's side.
  Panda complains to herself about Won Il's gift. It's not like she's his girlfriend, so why should he spend money on her like that? Seung Ji jealously complains that she's pretty preoccupied by Won Il, and angrily drives her to meet with Grandpa. Grandpa treats her like his granddaughter-in-law, and instead of answering her interview questions, gives her relationship advice on dealing with Seung Ji.
  Outside, Seung Ji talks with his friends about buying a chair more expensive than the one Won Il bought Panda. He also discusses making the cafe more profitable. They wonder why he's doing this, has he really fallen that hard for Panda? The older friend mentions how this would be a great business opportunity—loan Panda the money, turn the business around, and take over when she can't pay off the loans. Panda comes out just in time to hear this part of the conversation, and Seung Ji looks up to see her shocked and hurt face. 
  She leaves and goes back to Cafe Panda, where Won Il is anxiously waiting for her. He sees her face and asks what happened. She looks toward Seung Ji enough to show that he's the problem, and Eun Bi walks in just then, to see Won Il holding Panda's arm.
  I loved all the back story we got in this episode. We even got to see little Seung Ji and Won Il being all jealous of each other. The mysteries aren't solved, but we get enough to really start piecing things together. Plus there's plenty of romantic rivalry.
  Also, Seung Ji's motivations are becoming clearer to us, just as they seem to be getting murkier for him. We now know that he has a personal vendetta against Saint Honore, and he's starting to realize that he has feelings for Panda that just might get in the way of his revenge.
  Step-dad proved himself to be even creepier than I imagined, spying on Won Il and threatening him over the company. And Mom's jealousy is almost Oedipal. Gross.
  I love the sibling interactions in this show. Da Na at first seemed annoyed in general with Panda, but this episode she stepped up and defended her to Eun Bi. I love that her solution to make Eun Bi pay would be to seduce Won Il. She's also been really supportive of her unni, and worked really hard for the cafe.
  I wish we had more Won Il/Won Yi interactions this episode. They are just so cute, and I basically love any scene where Won Yi is onscreen. I love how she pushed his suit forward with Panda, in a way that wasn't too interfering. Okay, it was, but that's because Won Il made her be his agent, and I don't think he'd find her efforts to be interference, even if Panda does.


  1. I'm watching the show and enjoying it, but I can't help feeling lost at times. Since when was panda a journalist?! And why did she decide to interview hedgehogs grandpa? And some other questions too. And it also seems that hedgies father is won I'll step dad. Hmmmmmm~

  2. Hi! I am so glad to find your blog! I can't seems to find any streaming subs video that work on my laptop and have been downloading and watching raw. Thus am really glad to find your recaps...

    However this part confuse me...
    "Panda tells him that when she was little, her mom took her to a friend's home and said "you're an orphan now" and left her. So she was remembering her own past when he talked about orphans."

    I don't think Panda was ever an orphan? More like her encounter with an orphan? Otherwise she will not be doing all she could to keep the cafe to keep memories of her parents alive.

    I guess the dynamics of leads; Seung Ji - Panda - Won Il were set since they were young. Won Il likes Panda but Panda likes Seung Ji has been like that since young and its playing out now after they are now reunited as adults. Except Seung Ji loses much of his memories of his childhood and for Grandpa and Cherry Blossom to confirm if he is indeed their missing son/grandson.

    Long comment is long.Really enjoying the drama... initially mostly coz I am an Elf and for Donghae... but subsequently liking this sweet drama. Thanks again and will be following your recap/blog. ^^

    1. Haha! I totally forgot about that part and how confusing it was. I just watched it on another site, and those subs said that at Panda's mom's funeral, Eun Bi came to her and told her "you're an orphan now", and she felt very alone. So when Seung Ji mentioned being an orphan it took her back to that moment.

      That makes waaay more sense than the other translation. Also, Panda would have been an adult by that time. So it's more about remembering the grief over her mother's death, and not being strangely abandoned as a child.

      Thanks for reminding me about that, because it was something that bothered me when I first watched it.

  3. What are the recipes used here???

  4. Great to see someone has recapped this series, I've been hoping to find something light and fun to watch (in amongst the stuff currently airing) and have thoroughly enjoyed what I've seen of this series so far! I love the subtle way this drama plays out it's key themes, I'm also digging the way the actors are portraying their characters, it's realistic enough and not over done. And last but not least...Lee Dong Hae and Choi Jin Hyuk.... somebody hand me a fan please.

    This episode felt more solid, where we get a chance to look into the past/painful experiences of our male leads, and how these experiences influence their behaviour and their actions. We also see how Panda fits into their story.

    Whilst Panda is a great catalyst amongst our leading men, I feel that her character is not yet defined and somewhat unimpressionable, I do love the way she is unaware of how she affects the men around her and that she is herself unaffected by them. Still early days yet, so I look forward to seeing further character developments in our heroine and more romantic hijinks!