Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Fantastical World of Arang and the Magistrate

  I am totally captivated by this show! Granted, that wasn't difficult, since I knew it was going to be epic. I mean, Shin Min Ah as a ghost, paired with Lee Jun Ki as the only person who can see her? Gold, pure drama gold. And there is a great deal of brightness and light in this drama to bring warm fuzzies, besides the chemistry between Eun Oh and Arang. Most of all, Arang's personality shines brilliantly, the Jade Emperor is resplendent (as long as we ignore the wig), the friendship between Eun Oh and Dol Swe is beautiful, and all the scenes in Heaven, or on the bridge between the worlds have their own otherworldly glow. (Plus, the camerawork here is fabulous!) Also, the comedy is done with a light touch—enchanting during the lighter moments, and contrasting nicely in more serious/creepy moments.

  But it's the darkness of this series that really gets me. It's a stunning contrast to the light, and without it this drama would feel very unbalanced. This show is all about walking the line between life and death, and that line has become blurred in the world of Arang. There are so many scenes and images that incorporate the macabre and creepiness inherent in a ghost story. And I love it all. 
  So, I want to showcase those fantastical elements that make this show so extraordinary—both the brightness and the darkness. It's my own little yin-yang ball in the sky.
Eerie ghosts:
Arang trying not to be creepy.  Ha!


Even though we don't know much yet, I find Joo Wal's story to be unnerving, to say the least.
 A deal with death.
Gorgeous shot:
Eerily talking to her body:
Riding the River Styx (or whatever the Korean equivalent is):

Love the black and white here. 
  These next are my three favorite images so far—sooo scary!

I really love the poses in this one. Moo Young especially seems otherworldly.

 Between light and dark.

Returning to earth.
 To me, this lady is the most terrifying of all (at least so far).

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  1. Ugh, I should be sleeping but it's beautiful dramas like this that are addicting and make my husband think that all I do is watch K-dramas all day. (Which I don't I least not most days...)But watching them at night when the kids are in bed may not be good for my overactive imagination.

    So here I sit reading blogs instead of sleeping or watching more Historical Mysteries.