Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Glorious Costumes of Gaskital

  This drama has the greatest fusion costumes ever. There's so much of 30's fashion, but with modern twists and elements that keep the spirit of the 30's in mind. This isn't some weird melding that jars you out of the story and the period a la A Knight's Tale, rather a harmonious blend of past and present that adds to the glamour of the past and enhances the elements of fantasy in this drama. The costume designer had better win some awards for Gaksital, that's for sure.

  I would say the costumes that least follow the period are those of the members of the Angel Club, which tend to be more modern, with occasional 30's flair. However, we don't see them too frequently, so it doesn't really spoil things overall.

Sometimes, though, they nail it.
  My major question is Why did we ever move on from these gorgeous fashions? Okay, I know there are soo many great styles and movements from later decades, but seriously, wouldn't it be lovely to live in a world where men always wear three-piece double-breasted suits, complete with great hats? So much pretty.
Double-breasted suits for all!
  Also, there are amazing kimonos.
Please ignore creepy old man's groping hand.

  Plus, Ueno Rie and the Countess have some incredible wardrobes.

  I am in love with Mok Dan's wardrobe. It's such a cute blend of tomboy and feminine, and perfectly incorporates the period feel, with suspenders, trenches, little neckties, and blazers. 

  Another great thing about the costumes in this drama is the simplicity of the common folk's attire. And the circus outfits. There are some really great group shots throughout, and the costumes are always perfect.

  Note—As this drama progressed, many of the costumes became more modernized, so I kinda stopped capturing them. They were still gorgeous, but Rie's costumes especially became less 30's fusion and more current with a vintage touch. (And sometimes not even that.)

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