Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Fashion King Review

  I'll make this simple. Don't watch it. Even if you love Yoo Ah In or Lee Je Hoon, or even Shin Se Kyung. Don't watch this drama. Seriously.

  You want more? Really? Well, if you're still reading, I'll go on. There will be spoilers.
  This drama should really have been called Fashion Train Wreck. Basically that's what it was. The leads were constantly unlikable, the plot was crazy (and not in a good way), and the "fashion"—oh the fashion. *Shudders*
  I mean, I know kdramas like to push the envelope when it comes to fashion—I believe they think they are being "cutting edge"—but Fashion King took the edge, beat it completely out of shape, Jackson Pollocked the crap out of it, dropped it in acid (I think the costumer was dropping acid too, btw), and then beat us over the head with it. I think there should be a class action lawsuit against this drama for collective retinal scarring.
  Anyway, the writing is bad. The only reason you root for Young Gul is because of his sad childhood and his determination to succeed. However, he is a terrifying person, and I just wanted Ga Young to run away from both him and Jae Hyuk, who is even scarier. But then, I didn't really like her that much, either. I just don't like abusive relationships. 

  When I reached the end of this drama, I hated everyone and everything in it. (Okay, I almost liked Anna.) But I still wanted an ending that brought some kind of resolution and happiness to someone. Then there was the whole shoot-Young-Gul-in-the-penthouse-pool thing, and I asked myself "What in the freak just happened?!?" (Yeah, Kid History rocks!) What kind of an ending was that?! No explanation of who the shooter was, why Young Gul was shot (so many people could have hired a hit man, including me), or why he was wading in his pool with a white fur coat on! Seriously, what was the point of the fur coat? Why did beautiful Yoo Ah In have to die? Why did I watch this drama to the very end? What are questions that will never be answered, Alex?
  I had to turn to the interwebs to find some satisfaction, and I found it thanks to Deeno, who is one of my blogging heroes. Also, she provides alternate endings for Fashion King that truly make the writers and director look incredibly weaksauce.
  To sum up, this is a drama about people who say they like fashion (but try to murder it), ruin each others' lives, constantly seek revenge, cry a lot, go to America a few times, and finally get eaten by zombie velociraptors. (That's how it ends in my head, mmmkay?)
  Like I said, Don't. Watch. Fashion. King. (You don't get to actually see the zombie velociraptors, so even though that would be awesome, you have to just imagine them administering sweet justice to the lame characters.)


  1. Blogging hero? O.O I do like your zombie veliciraptors. I only had zombie rabbits. Dinosaurs are so much better. I'll just another affirmation that this drama should be avoid at all costs. Unless you like making fun of bad dramas.

  2. Which I do, but only if I can watch a little bit of the bad. I can't handle a full series of the bad, which makes it surprising that I made it to the end of this one. I guess I was just expecting a better payoff.

    Deeno, I love your dark sense of humor. And your brevity (a trait I am seriously lacking), and your creativity. That's why you are one of my blogging heroes. ^^

  3. Hello! I've watched Fashion King. It's not bad after all. It is really good. Interesting story. The only weak point was the complications and behaviors of the characters. It is not the best nor the worst. It's in average level compared to other kdramas. The acting was very good, the location was really nice, the dresses were all good. But I agree to you that the ending is bad but very heart melting :(

  4. I just finish watching Fashion King and I find the storyline pretty interesting. The actors played their role pretty much how it is suppose to be. Giving suspense to the viewers in every episode with lots of questions going thru our heads. The ending wasn't what most of us viewers wanted I guess and this spoilt the show to many viewers. But I think the script was in fact written this way on purpose.

    My opinion on who hired the killer to kill Kang Young Gul was Jung Jae Yuk's father. he did mention in the last episode that he has to get rid of Young Gul.

    The only letdown of one specific character in this movie is Lee Ga young. She was toying around between 2 men fighting for her. Although in the movie, she prefers Young Gul, she could not fully commit to him and allowed Jung to interfere which made Young Gul feel insecure. Her actions made both men fight with each other.

    In the end, she went with Jung and she knew that the Jung's were going to dispose of Young Gul. I think this part made the viewers mad.

    1. I agree with you that this drama is great at building tension and keeping the audience hooked throughout the story. I just wish it made more sense and that the ending had more explanation, instead of coming out of nowhere. Overall, I don't like this drama, and I felt like it was a waste of time when I finished it (although I didn't feel like it while I was watching it). I'm glad that you were able to find something to like in it, though.

  5. It IS a SH*T series!!! Lousy plot. Regreted wasting my effort to watch!! Pui.....

  6. I only recently saw "Fashion King" which has been showing on CCTV-8 here in China. The love triangle was kind of interesting, especially seeing how spoiled-rotten Jae-Yuk was going mad with his "love" (more like obsession?) with Lee Ga-young which, I thought, was built up nicely. I decided then to watch the series online and was quite disappointed by Episode 19 because things started not making any sense. Up to then, no matter how "weird" the characters' behavior appeared to be, they still kind of made sense in their own way, but by Episode 19 I think somebody took over the video/film editing and just cut and spliced footage willy-nilly. The last episode admittedly generated from me a total "WTF!?!?" reaction. It reminded me of the weirdness of the ending of the film, "The Servant", which was completely bizarre and seemed to have come out of the blue. It gave the impression that the production ran out of money or something and things because things were just hastily concluded without the loose story lines getting some decent wrap-up.

  7. I agree with u totally it's the worst ive watched..I kept on hoping no praying that at some point she would eventually let Young Gul know how abusive he was to her during the entire series but no she remained motionless and absorbed everything to the very end. The men were just crazy, Young Gul was soo obsessed with God knows what (at some point I couldn't even pinpoint the morale behind his actions) and the rich kid kept on making the wrong move(like when he invited her for dinner and had the rest of them join in)so he wasnt the hero either..At some point I was just soo mad and was watching in hopes of a somewhat comforting end to the charade but I guess we all know how that ended..I just couldnt understand how Young Gul pays for flight ticket and is then allowed to mess up her entire life and she in turn used it to destroy the life of the rich kid and I just wasted an entire week of my life..and finally theres nothing i hate more than when u love some one so completely and have to end up being the second choice or the last choice and u having to be content with the fact that u atleast have that person around.But on a lighter not I sort of liked the fashion

  8. i hate the ending...watched this because of Yoo Ah In but alas his character died.....and why was Lee Ga Young not surprise in hearing the gunshot while talking to Young Gul? I hate the feeling og Lee ga Young toying with the feelings of both character just to get to her dreams....