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Oohlala Spouses Episode 7 Recap

  Ooh, so many plot developments! Plus, we finally get some action—meaning shooting and stuff, since the other kind happened last episode. And we get many staring contests.

  Soo Nam ends up clutching Hyun Woo's ankles. Impatiently, Hyun Woo reaches out to help Soo Nam up as Jin Goo runs over to apologize to him. But then Hyun Woo gets a look at Soo Nam's face and freezes. Soo Nam hops up and dusts himself off, confused by Hyun Woo's stare. He looks at his name tag and realizes who this is and shows respect. 
  Hyun Woo flashes back to breaking Yeo Ok's heart. He leaves the restaurant and she hesitates before chasing after him. Sobbing and calling his name, she stops near the corner where he's hiding with the girl, rocking back and forth. He starts weeping. As soon as Yeo Ok moves off, the girl asks if this is necessary, and he thanks her for her help and stumbles away. (If he ran away because of cancer, show, I might get violent. I'll accept not wanting to keep her on the line while he finished his schooling. I'll even accept family issues. But please don't be cancer.)
  Back in his office he works to compose himself and calls Jin Goo to bring Soo Nam's resume.
  At home, Victoria ingratiates herself with the family while Yeo Ok, while Yeo Ok thinks to herself that she'll no longer be nice. She reaches out to do. . . something, but pulls back when Victoria looks her way. MIL asks about Yeo Ok getting fired, and Victoria reveals that she's there to tell them that the termination has been revoked. They're posting a list for re-training, and Soo Nam's name is on it.

  Il Ran is still highly suspicious, especially because Victoria brought flowers. Victoria shyly answers that she also really wanted to meet MIL. Il Ran and Yeo Ok are both disgusted. Yeo Ok tries to make her leave, but she clings to MIL and promises to make lunch. MIL is delighted with Victoria, but Yeo Ok finally manages to drag her out. 
  Outside, Yeo Ok reminds Victoria that they agreed she'd keep her distance until the "amnesia" wears off. Victoria says she doesn't want to, since she's the only one who can help restore the memories and calls Yeo Ok oppa. This makes Yeo Ok even more upset, and she asks how Victoria would like if she called her oppa. She says she likes it, and Yeo Ok says she's perverted. Victoria laughs.
  Jin Goo delivers Soo Nam's resume and Hyun Woo notices that she has no family listed. He asks why she didn't get the job, and Jin Goo explains that the way she dresses is so "out there," it would affect the reputation of the hotel. Hyun Woo yells at him for criticizing her and tells him to make sure she comes back tomorrow so he can conduct an interview himself. 

  Hyun Woo thinks back to kneeling to Yeo Ok's mom, who tells him that if she'd known he'd come back like this, she would never have married Yeo Ok off. But it's too late, and the baby's already 2. Hyun Woo is amazed at how old the baby is (omo, is Ki Chan his son?), and 
  Mom says Yeo Ok was going to drown herself after he left, but ended up rescuing some fisherman she met instead. Such is her fate, now his is to find some good woman and have lots of babies. As he leaves, crying, she warns him not to go searching for Yeo Ok, since she's probably forgotten all about him. Yeo Ok plays in the park with her son as Hyun Woo watches from behind a tree. 
  Soo Nam gets home and Yeo Ok asks where he's been. He tells her about interviewing for the maid position since they may never switch back. Yeo Ok insists that they WILL switch back, and he changes tack to say that they don't know when, so he needs a job until that time. Yeo Ok tells him the news Victoria brought, and he's excited at the mere mention of Victoria. Yeo Ok tells him he can't come to work now, but he says that if Jin Goo could work his way up from being a bellhop, he can work his way from being a maid in no time. "But, who will do the housework?" A light flashes in Soo Nam's eyes and he answers "Il Ran." Hahaha! Good luck with that.

  Il Ran refuses. Soo Nam explains how they'll make it work—he'll even help in the mornings before work—and Yeo Ok just sits smugly. Il Ran says she's actually going back to work at her old job soon. MIL's against it too, and this starts a face-off between Yeo Ok and Soo Nam over who will become manager first. Il Ran threatens to reveal their secret, and Soo Nam asks her to enlighten them all. She tells MIL that they're having a double affair with Lawyer Lee and Ae Sook.
  Lawyer Lee laughs about this when they're asked over to explain things. Il Ran insists that she's seen it with her own eyes, and Lawyer Lee replies that their innocent friendship is being misconstrued. He insists again that they're all innocent people, causing Yeo Ok to gag in the background. Il Ran says she knows he'll just get a divorce, too, as soon as her brother's divorce is finalized. Ae Sook just laughs in the background while Lawyer Lee says he's not that kind of person. "MIL knows, since you've known me since I was a kid." MIL says "You're all that and more, chasing girls ever since middle school." Soo Nam nods to himself. 

  Soo Nam says he has to leave for his interview, and Il Ran says she's moving out anyway. Soo Nam asks if she knows about the villa Yeo Ok bought, he and Yeo Ok have this silent conversation about how he found out and how she managed to save all that money. There are even gestures involved, which nobody else seems to find odd. 
  Soo Nam asks if Il Ran can keep acting this way knowing that "Unni—I mean, I—have done so much for you. So just do as you're told." He smiles appreciatively over at Yeo Ok, who is smiling shyly to herself.

  At the hotel, Yeo Ok almost cries to see Soo Nam's name at the top of the re-training list. Soo Nam heads in for his interview, surprised to find out it isn't with Jin Goo. When he goes in, Hyun Woo looks at him tenderly, and Soo Nam wonders why Yeo Ok thought he was so fierce, when it's clear he's just a big softie. They sit down and Hyun Woo stares and stares at Soo Nam. At first, Soo Nam looks straight ahead, then looks up, then asks why Hyun Woo is staring. "Do I have something on my face?"
  Hyun Woo first asks if it's true he's single, like his file says. He answers that he's recently separated, and asks himself why Hyun Woo is embarrassing him right off the bat. He decides to analyze him and thinks he's not fashionable, although he's wearing stylish clothing. He also doesn't seem to be married.
  Hyun Woo's phone rings and he answers it, and even Soo Nam can hear the tiny voice on the other end yelling for dad to come home soon. Soo Nam's upset that he misjudged, but decides it's because he hasn't been able to keep his spidey senses honed the last few days. 

  Hyun Woo asks if Soo Nam is going to keep pretending they don't know each other, which totally throws Soo Nam. He decides this must be why Yeo Ok was so adamant about keeping him from working at the hotel, and wonders how she knows someone like Hyun Woo. The two men have an awkward staring/looking away contest, where they alternate between the two. Hyun Woo finally breaks the silence by saying he understands and he can start work training tomorrow. Soo Nam gives him a calculating look before leaving, then pumps his fists elatedly before even getting to the door. Way to play it cool, Soo Nam.

  The first stage of training is a survival program of paintball, to test the physical and mental strength of the employees. Yeo Ok runs around screaming, but also manages to casually off everyone she passes, even spinning at one point as she "kills" people and doing a back bend shot another time. Soo Nam runs around aggressively attacking people, and even kicks one guy in the crotch. He steals guns from his targets and screams "I'm Rambo! I'm Terminator!" 
  They finally face off, Soo Nam sneaking up behind Yeo Ok and getting her to surrender her gun. Yeo Ok begs to be let off just this once, since she needs all the points she can get in order to become manager sooner. Soo Nam considers, and finally asks how she knows Hyun Woo, since he knows everyone she associates with. She yells that she doesn't have to report the details of her social life to him, and grabs her gun back while he's distracted. 
  Yeo Ok tells him at gunpoint that he'd better ignore that person, and if he doesn't, he'll either have to quit, or she will, and she'll leave on top of that. She shoots him and walks off. Soo Nam shoots her in the back, saying she fought dirty, but she explains that flustering him was all part of her plan to get him. He demands again to know how she knows Hyun Woo, and she finally admits that he's someone she grew up with, nothing more. They turn to leave and then both flip around and aim. They agree to put their guns down on the count of three and then shoot each other on 2. Haha!
  Victoria cooks spaghetti for MIL and Il Ran. While MIL sings her praises, Il Ran gripes and says it's weird for her to be there when Soo Nam isn't even home. This earns her an arm slap from MIL. As they eat, Victoria explains that Soo Nam is a special person to her, and just as she's about to elaborate, the doorbell rings. 
  Il Ran goes to answer, but Yeo Ok's mom has already let herself in. She dumps her heavy suitcase on Il Ran and criticizes her for still being in the house and having no marriage prospects. As soon as MIL distracts Pushy Mom, Il Ran tries to hustle Victoria out the door. Pushy Mom stops them and says she feels like she's seen Victoria before. She imagines a church with Victoria as bride and Soo Nam as groom and says Victoria has sinned. When Victoria asks what she means, she answers that she hasn't properly greeted her elder. She sends her away with some squid, I think.
  Pushy Mom asks after Yeo Ok and MIL tells her about the new job. Pushy Mom starts yelling at MIl about ordering her daughter around and making her feel like she needs to earn money. MIL seems pretty defenseless against Pushy Mom.
  Il Ran confronts Victoria and asks her to finish what she was saying earlier. Victoria admits that she loves Soo Nam and that he's promised to marry her. But, he has amnesia, so she's working hard to help him remember their past. His amnesia even contributed to getting him fired. Il Ran seems more upset about the amnesia than about their relationship. 

  The next stage of training is to help them deal with difficult customers. Their drill sergeant is played by Park Sang Myun (heeheehee!), who sends them through an obstacle course. At one point, Yeo Ok gets her nose caught on the net she's crawling under. (I find these nose jokes hilarious, btw.) But it's the rope bridge that really gets her. 
  Their next task is to learn to deal with customers insulting them or yelling at them, so they are assigned to insult the person across from them, but keep their cool. Soo Nam and Yeo Ok start calling each other names, and chaos erupts around them as everyone starts fighting with their respective partners. They cling to each other in the middle of the maelstrom. 

  Hyun Woo congratulates them all and instructs them that the customer is always right. He asks them to always try to see things from the guest's point of view. Soo Nam looks over and sees Yeo Ok staring adoringly at their boss. Hyun Woo calls Soo Nam's name, and they both answer, earning Soo Nam a room full of confused stares. 
  Hyun Woo takes Soo Nam aside as everyone disperses, and Soo Nam stares after them. He has to stay for a quick meeting of the maids, and is dressed down by his supervisor. He asks her why she's using informal speech and remarks that all the maids are supposed to always speak formally. After everyone else leaves, he decides he really needs to make his way up the ladder, if he's going to be so disrespected by maids. He yells his affirmation to the empty room.
  Hyun Woo tells Yeo Ok that he didn't want to reinstate her, but so many employees asked him to reconsider, and John even got involved, so he had no choice. He sends her to work in the laundry, which she doesn't really understand because he uses the English word. However, Yeo Ok's camouflage suit is awesome on so many levels.
  She goes to her old office and finds that Jin Goo has taken up residence. He laughs when he hears where she's been assigned, but repeats it in Korean, so she finally gets it. He tells her that Hyun Woo is practically telling her to leave, and offers to look out for other positions in small hotels for her. He thrusts the box of her leftover things into her arms, and she manages to hit him in the face with it on her way out. Hahaha!
  He follows her down to the lobby, willing her to just leave, but just before she goes through the doors she turns and heads downstairs. In the laundry, the workers are dancing Gangnam Style and freeze when they see her. She bows and humbly explains the situation and asks that they all work well together.
  Jin Goo gloats to Chef Man Soo, saying that Soo Nam has no pride. Man Soo answers that it's because he has pride that he stayed, and he'll be able to regain his position soon. This infuriates Jin Goo, but he tries to pretend it doesn't. Man Soo tells him to enjoy his work, since the only person that can beat a hard worker is someone who enjoys their work. He also brings up the bellhop thing, and Jin Goo squirms uncomfortably to be reminded of his humble beginnings.
  Soo Nam greets Pushy Mom coldly and gets beaten for it. He tries to pretend that nothing's different, but she demands he quit working at the hotel. Pushy Mom asks everyone if they've noticed that her daughter is acting weird, but only Ki Chan says she is, since he hasn't been yelled at about his homework or playing computer games. Soo Nam yells at him and puts on a show of being Yeo Ok by going up at the end of every sentence and using the word endings Yeo Ok would use. Ki Chan runs off and Soo Nam chases him. MIL says her daughter-in-law is acting just as she always does.
  Yeo Ok drinks with Ae Sook and Lawyer Lee. The former tries to console her that she's much more suited to her new position, and the latter just says that it's a big insult. Bartender Moo San points out that Yeo Ok's phone is ringing. It's Soo Nam telling her of Pushy Mom's visit. Ae Sook sees her out. 

  Lawyer Lee tries to hit on Moo San, who at first doesn't seem interested. He sings like a drowned cat, and tells her that he's lonely. She tells him that that's why he has a wife, but he answers that she makes him feel even more loneliness. Bartender Wolhwa mutters to himself that Lawyer Lee needs to be skinned to stop his wandering. Lawyer Lee hands Moo San his card and sings some more until he notices Ae Sook coming back. As they leave, he motions for Moo San to call him. 
  Yeo Ok comes home and hugs Pushy Mom tightly, crying. Everyone is taken aback and Soo Nam tells her to knock it off. Pushy Mom asks if they're having a baby, since she had a strange dream. In it, Soo Nam was marrying another woman (Victoria) but there were no guests. Then a black swine came and made a mess, but Soo Nam finally caught it. "If that doesn't mean they're having a baby, what else could it be?" MIL explains that they're not in a situation to get pregnant, and Yeo Ok looks at Soo Nam meaningfully. He angrily says that won't happen.
  Yeo Ok gives Pushy Mom a massage, and Pushy Mom talks about how she raised her daughter alone from the time she was 7. Her only wish for Yeo Ok was to have her live close, but she met Soo Nam and moved to Seoul. The dream was just an excuse, because she really came because she missed her daughter. Yeo Ok cries on her shoulder, and Soo Nam and MIL walk in. Pushy Mom yells at Soo Nam, who finally pushes MIL and Yeo Ok out of the room. 
  He sits on the bed and receives several beatings from Pushy Mom. First for acting weird, then for not calling, and finally, after asking about Hyun Woo. Pushy Mom tells him to erase Hyun Woo from his mind, and he realizes that Hyun Woo is more than Yeo Ok admitted.
  The next day on the way to work, Soo Nam asks Yeo Ok again about Hyun Woo. She overreacts and tells him to stop asking. He says it doesn't make sense to avoid him if they grew up together, but she replies that it's all because of the gap in their statuses. He keeps pestering until she pulls over and kicks him out, since they can't be seen arriving together. He begs her to drive him just a little more, since the heels are killing him, but she refuses and drives off. She stops just long enough for him to catch up, but then drives off again. Haha!
  Victoria waits for Yeo Ok and gives her the humongous bag of bento boxes she's prepared. (For 2 weeks? Because it's really a lot.) Yeo Ok tells her to stop calling her oppa, and Victoria cheerfully answers that she'll see her later tonight. 

  Soo Nam has been assigned to clean Hyun Woo's office, and gets to work. Hyun Woo keeps staring intently at him and finally asks if they're really going to pretend not to know each other. "Is that what you really want?" Soo Nam stiffly answers "No, o-ppa," but says the oppa in an especially tight way. Hyun Woo keeps staring, and Soo Nam asks him why. He asks him to eat lunch together. Soo Nam answers tightly (I really can't think of a better word for it) again "Sure, o-ppa." 

  Yeo Ok drives a delivery truck of dirty laundry and sees Soo Nam get into the car with Hyun Woo. She follows them to a restaurant and watches them for a minute before backing to a seat at the next table. She holds a plate in front of her face and watches them. (Yeah, 'cause that's not gonna draw any attention.)
  Hyun Woo asks Soo Nam if he remembers the last time they met. "Aaah—ah! That day!" At the restaurant that serves mussels. He answers "That stinky. . . mussels restaurant." Hyun Woo points out that Yeo Ok used to love mussels because of him, and Soo Nam starts heaving. He jumps up and runs off, heaving the entire time.
  Somehow, I don't think it's the thought of mussels that's making him sick. I was really hoping they wouldn't get pregnant, but I have to admit that if they are, it will be hilarious to see Soo Nam deal with it. Because I can guarantee that it ain't gonna be pretty. But it will provide lots of comedic fodder.
  However, I think I'm 100% shipping Yeo Ok and Hyun Woo at this point. After seeing his side of the story, I feel so much pity for him. Granted, he chose the cruelest way to break up with Yeo Ok, but to know that he did it for her mother just kills me. And especially if he already knew Yeo Ok was pregnant and felt that he still had to end things for Pushy Mom's sake. It seems like Pushy Mom made him some promises before he left, though, and didn't follow through. And what was with her story about Yeo Ok trying to kill herself? Was it just another blow to drive Hyun Woo away?
  Also, although he has a kid, I don't think Hyun Woo is married. Partly because I don't want him to be, but mostly because of Soo Nam's evaluation of him. If he's that good at reading people, I'm pretty sure his analysis of his rival was accurate. But, we still don't have enough information to go on, so we'll just have to wait. 
  I loved the scene where Pushy Mom asked Ki Chan if he's noticed anything weird about his mom. It's the first time Soo Nam has really put in effort at actually acting like Yeo Ok. Sure, he's done the dishes and tacked polite endings on the end of words, but he hasn't done much to actually portray her. I guess she hasn't really done much to try to act like him, though either.
  I'm also really excited to see how this competition for manager plays out. I love how Soo Nam and Yeo Ok both have their reasons for wanting the job, and are both going after it so doggedly. Where Soo Nam has the advantage of Hyun Woo wanting to look out for him, Yeo Ok has the advantage of being in the body that last held that position. Plus, she's pretty competent and clever. Also, she doesn't have to worry about being pregnant. For now.  

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