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Panda and Hedgehog Episode 16 Recap (Final)

  It's our last episode. Step-dad shows his hand, changes are afoot, and Seung Ji finally learns to call Cherry Blossom mom. Well, mama. I'm going to miss this drama, in all its delightful sweetness. Like Seung Ji's signature macarons, it's cute and sweet and fun. It may not be filling like a main course, but it's a nice treat and leaves me with a pleasant taste in my mouth and a smile on my lips. 

  Won Il frantically makes phone calls, telling everyone to search for Step-dad. Panda gets a call, too, and is warned that he's after Seung Ji and Grandpa. Maybe even Cherry Blossom, so they need to keep an eye out for her. 
  Seung Ji, Grandpa and Host Club show up at home looking for Cherry Blossom, but she's not around. Host Club suggests they throw a party in celebration of the discovery of Seung Ji, but not today. 
  At Saint Honore, the crew realizes that Step-dad has already left. Won Il is furious, and wants to hurry and find him, but Glasses tries to calm him down. He reminds Won Il that they are proceeding according to the law, but Won Il realizes that they still have to be quick about things. Especially since the statute of limitations isn't very long for embezzlement. 
  One of Grandpa's team members speaks up and says that they all know what it's like to not be trusted and that they will do anything for Grandpa. That includes protecting Saint Honore, so they will do all they can to that end. Won Il promises them all full-time employment after everything is settled, and he makes sure to emphasize that it's because of their talent and dedication, not just for sticking by him tonight. 
  At the bakery, Beom Bo closes shop, but notices one of the guys keeping watch outside. He runs upstairs and congratulates Seung Ji and Grandpa, and asks what Seung Ji's real name is. When they hear it's Jang Min Woo, he and Host Club snicker together, and ask if it should be Park Seung Ji instead (since Grandpa's last name is Park). Seung Ji asks which name he likes best, and says they should stick with Ko Seung Ji. 
  The guys say nothing's really changed, since Grandpa is Seung Ji's maternal grandfather, and Seung Ji retorts that it's not like they haven't seen each other every day for the last 5 years. Grandpa looks away, and Seung Ji asks if he was always thinking of his grandson instead of him all this time. The guys ask if he's jealous of himself right now (it wouldn't be the first time), and he gets a little angry.
  Spy meets with Eun Bi, her dad, and the young female victim of Step-dad's attentions, but he hesitates to tell what he knows. The employee tells him to just speak up, since she already did, and he says that he hasn't actually committed any crimes. Eun Bi rattles off a list of crimes that basically add up to different forms of aiding and abetting, and her dad asks if he wants to be a witness or an accomplice. Spy tries to use the excuse that Step-dad threatened his life, and LDC reassures him that they'll protect him.

  Beom Bo asks Seung Ji about their sentry, and Seung Ji recognizes him as the friend Won Il tried to learn martial arts from. Seung Ji demands to know why he's there, and he answers that he should ask Host Club. Seung Ji knows it's because of Step-dad, and the friend admits that Spy was told to get rid of him and Grandpa, so he's there for protection. Seung Ji tries to run out to confront Step-dad, but Beom Bo talks reason into him. 
  Host Club reassures Grandpa that Seung Ji will grow accustomed to thinking of Cherry Blossom as his mother. Grandpa thanks him for being a part of his life for 10 years, which confuses him, but Grandpa says that Seung Ji would never have survived prison so well without him. 
  Mom calls the girl who has shares in the company and tries to persuade her to hand them over. She reassures her that it's not because she doesn't trust Won Il, but because he's just not used to things yet. Step-dad asks her to go visit the girl and ask in person, but she argues that if she leaves, they'll lose what footing they still have at Saint Honore. She shows him the sales report and points out that in only 10 days, they've sold more than Step-dad usually sells in a month. 
  Mom starts wondering about Seung Ji's relationship with Grandpa, and Step-dad snaps at her. She says it's important so they can figure out if they can bribe them to lose the bet/contract. He tells her to stop wasting her time worrying about such things. 
  Seung Ji gets Cherry Blossom's bed ready and looks through his Power Rangers sketchbook. He decides that if Step-dad isn't going to act like a human being, then he won't treat him like one. (Just don't do anything stupid. Please.)
  Cherry Blossom finally comes home (I was really starting to worry), and Grandpa tells her that they're going to keep using the name Seung Ji for now. Seung Ji comes out and brags that he was really smart as a little kid—his cake drawings are amazing, he drew hearts for Panda, and he was even able to depict Won Il "accurately" (as ugly, hahaha!). 
  Grandpa wants to get down to family business—they need to decide how to address one another. Cherry Blossom agrees to start using banmal, and Seung Ji agrees to call her "mama," since he's not quite ready to call her oma. Grandpa says he has good news.
  Eun Bi presents a packet of papers to Won Il, so that they can start proceedings against Step-dad tomorrow. Step-dad has been very sneaky, so it's hard to find any substantial evidence against him, and the rest of his illegal activities have lapsed the statutes of limitations. They'll have to make Grandpa and Seung Ji stay at home for now, also. 

  Seung Ji calls Panda and explains that he's staying the night at Grandpa's. She says that he'll probably stay there permanently now, since he left so Grandpa and Cherry Blossom could reestablish their family ties. But now that they know he's family, too, he needs to do the same. Plus, it's better if he and Panda don't live under the same roof, since they're not married. He responds that that didn't stop them before, but she says that she was his family before. He insists they have a meeting tomorrow, even after she reminds him that he doesn't do meetings.

  When he hangs up, he remembers back to right after they met, and they had decided he would work for her. He objected to meetings or lengthy conversations then. He says to himself that he thought that was their beginning, but it turns out they started things 20 years ago. Panda thinks back to the same conversation and tells herself the same thing. 

  Seung Ji pats Grandpa's belly, and Grandpa complains that he'll keep him up all night. He answers that he has some serious thinking to do, and he does his thinking better if he's hugging Grandpa. He tells Grandpa that Panda wants him to live there, and Grandpa says he should do the ol' back-and-forth living arrangement—one day here, the next at Panda's. He warns him not to get dumped, because even after 20 years together, couples split all the time. Seung Ji asks what they're going to do about "what we discussed earlier," and Grandpa replies that he'll have to decide. Seung Ji says he'll take it up with Panda and Won Il. 
  Seung Ji asks if they can take a picture together, and Grandpa objects, thinking he means some kind of before-and-after thing. Seung Ji says he wants a proper family portrait, and they make hearts with their arms and say "I love you." 
  Seung Ji waits for Won Il to show up to work the next morning, and Won Il freaks out when he sees him standing outside. Seung Ji jokes about Step-dad wanting to kill him and reassures Won Il that Grandpa has several layers of patissiers surrounding him, so he's safe. Won Il says that Step-dad is unpredictable, and they don't know what he's capable of, so they still need to be careful. 
  They go upstairs and discuss whether Seung Ji will stay at Saint Honore. Won Il says he has no right to make that decision, but Seung Ji argues that he does. He starts chanting his mantra and says that because Won Il taught that to him, he's been able to make it this far. Won Il presents him with the "Keep Calm and Carry On" poster. He tells him that it's like another spell, but Seung Ji worries because "the English is so short." Won Il replies that it isn't, but Seung Ji's English is. Haha. 
  Seung Ji asks what it means, and Won Il explains. Seung Ji takes it to mean that he needs to get back to work, but Won Il says that the last thing his father sang to him was the insect song, and the last thing he gave him was this poster. He insists that Seung Ji keep it, and when asked why, he answers that he'd look at it whenever he thought of him the last 20 years. Seung Ji shudders and says "Disgusting. You had me in your heart for 20 years?" Hahaha! 
  Won Yi comes in screaming for her hyung, and then realizes that both of her hyungs are in the room. This makes her yell it even more. They finally calm her down enough to ask what's up, and she says that the DNA test proves that Seung Ji is Step-dad's son. 
  Although he already knows, this isn't really something he was hoping would be confirmed, so he goes off for some alone time. He angrily crumples the report, opens it, and then crumples it again, before slamming it to the ground. 
  Cherry Blossom discusses the important matter with Panda and Da Na. Apparently it's about some kind of merger between the stores, because Da Na says that she thinks it would be good to build a bakery greater than Saint Honore. And since the cafe was kept in hopes of finding Min Woo, it's not as important now that they have. Panda says she wants some time to consider, since she's not ready to give the cafe up. Cherry Blossom says that it would be hard to give up the bakery, too.
  Panda asks whose idea it was, and Cherry Blossom reveals that it came from the rich customer who ordered the croque en bouche. Da Na says that she must have lots of money if she wants to open stores in both Korea and France. Cherry Blossom says that if they do this, they can bring in Aunt and Customer as well, and all work together. Da Na is even more for the idea, since they won't even have to put up the investment. Plus, she thinks it's time Seung Ji had a chance to really shine. They all decide that the kitchen at Saint Honore is more suitable for Grandpa and Seung Ji. Da Na insists they do high fives all around.

  Lamesauce comes out of the back of the bakery and sees Da Na high-fiving Beom Bo, and then holding his hands. He wonders if they're playing or dating. He decides he needs to play cupid. (Yes, please!) Da Na heads off, and Beom Bo happily waves to her, then turns to go back inside and jumps to see Lamesauce right in the window. Lamesauce solicitously ushers him into the store and ribs him about Da Na. Beom Bo excitedly asks if he sees it too. "It's not just me, right?"
  But Lamesauce just asks why Da Na came by and gets very excited when he hears the news. "I should have studied French earlier, because now I can become a real patissier." Beom Bo admonishes him that he should work on getting licensed first, which takes all the steam out of his excitement.
  Step-dad wanders some shops, tailed not-so-subtly by Detective, and he totally makes him.
  Seung Ji puts out a cake at Saint Honore, then sighs when he sees some flowers. Won Il comes up to tell him to leave early, but he insists that he still has some things to do, like bake a cake for Grandpa, since it's something he's never done. He warns Won Il that he'll use some of his ingredients for personal cakes, but Won Il tells him to use as much as he wants, and to bake a cake for Cherry Blossom, too. When Seung Ji hesitates, he responds "Listen to your hyung." I love that he's pulling age rank all the time these days. When Seung Ji answers that he'll just make one big cake, Won Il asks if he's acknowledging him as the hyung. Hahaha!
  Mom reports to Step-dad that they've lost the deal, since Saint Honore has done great business today. He answers that the day isn't over yet, and calls someone else to set up a sketchy meeting. (Why do I have the feeling he's going to try to torch Saint Honore?)
  Won Il heads to Mom's office, but is intercepted by Eun Bi, who insists he help her with something first. We see her digging in the bamboo patch with a spoon. "This is the place with the best energy for secret methods that have been passed down for generations." She does the tongue-nose touch thing to prevent leg cramps, and Won Il starts hiccuping. She teaches him a secret method for getting rid of hiccups, then demands that he crouch by her. She pulls out a photo of Step-dad and a rock—"evil beings that need to be buried in the ground." 

  When she starts burying them, Won Il asks if she's making a grave, but she insists that this is to help him realize that he came from the earth and will return to the earth, so he needs to stop his evil deeds. She says he's too soft-hearted, so she needs to do these difficult things. As he prods her to go back inside, she falls and he catches her. This stirs up memories of when Panda fell and Seung Ji caught her. This makes Won Il uncomfortable, but Eun Bi is excited, thinking that this secret method might actually be to help her start dating. 
  Step-dad meets his other mistress with a dozen roses, and they head for where he has left his car. Detective follows.
  Grandpa presents Panda with roses also, along with a diamond necklace. He explains that it's to express his gratitude for her finding his Min Woo. Won Yi and Host Club tell her that he spent over an hour and a half picking this out, and Lamesauce asks if it's really just for gratitude, or for marriage. 
  Beom Bo and the Martial Artist decide that it would be best to get Won Yi to use her influence over Step-dad. She comes out to report that Grandpa's already in bed, and Beom Bo insists that they have a drink together. 
  Seung Ji makes 2 cakes that look like baskets of flowers. Glasses asks what they're for, and he explains that they're carnations to represent the last 20 years. One is for Grandpa and Cherry Blossom, and the other is for Panda, since she took care of him when he didn't think he had family. 
  Step-dad trolls menacingly outside the cafe, noticing that Cherry Blossom is there. He then delivers flowers to Grandpa, who gradually recognizes him by the scar in the shape of a snake tattoo. When he asks if it's him, he yells "It's been a long time, father-in-law."
  Won Yi eats her chicken, while Beom Bo and Martial Artist keep an eye out for trouble. She asks why they're killing the mood—are they watching for her dad? She says a car passed earlier that looked like his, and points it out. The guys run towards it, and Won Yi hesitates a moment before running inside. 
  Seung Ji pulls up outside the cafe and Cherry Blossom and Panda come out to meet him. When they get inside, he notices the necklace, then pouts when he realizes it's from Grandpa.  He hands the women the cakes, but Cherry Blossom insists he present theirs to Grandpa. He gets a call and drops the cake. He begs Cherry Blossom to stay at Grandpa's before running out.
  Won Il calls to ask Won Yi why she isn't home yet. He also becomes alarmed.
  We see the flowers Step-dad delivered strewn over the house, and blood dripping from broken shards of the vase. An overturned lamp flickers as Won Yi paces crying and says that Grandpa was taken in the ambulance and lots of police came. 
  Seung Ji drives, begging Grandpa not to die. 
  Won Il is driving also, on the phone with his mom, demanding that she tell Step-dad to come. He says to tell him that they've found Min Woo at Saint Honore. She calls Step-dad and tells him to come to discuss the shares they're trying to obtain. She wonders if Seung Ji is Min Woo. 
  Step-dad pulls into the underground parking and starts to get out of his car, when he notices Seung Ji squealing into the parking garage. He ducks and Seung Ji gets out, putting on a black jacket and cap, but leaving his baseball bat in the van. As he heads inside, Step-dad investigates the van, picking up the bat. Seung Ji registers something wrong, and heads back to confront his father.
  He tells him it's been 20 years, and Step-dad asks if that's the only thing he can say to his dad. He admits that at 11, Min Woo was persistent in coming back to Saint Honore, even after 5 years, but if he doesn't remember that, he must not be him. Seung Ji answers that he doesn't have a father, just a grandpa who has suffered the last 20 years because of him. He swears that suffering will end tonight. 
  Step-dad sneers that he couldn't even kill a bug, so how does he think he'll be able to kill him? Seung Ji reminds him that 5 years ago, he told the police that he was scared Seung Ji could do anything to him, with his background. Step-dad changes tack and tries to ingratiate himself with Seung Ji, asking if he knows how long he searched for him. 
  Just then sirens sound and several police cars pull in. Step-dad whacks Seung Ji over the head with the bat, and he flashes back to when he was hit by Step-dad as a child, leaving the scar on his forehead. He dimly watches Step-dad get dragged off, and remembers seeing his mother taken by the police. 

  Won Il comes and grabs him, shaking him frantically and screaming "Min Woo-yah" over and over again. His eyes close and the screen goes black.
  Aunt and Customer show up at the cafe, both dressed somberly, and bow at each other. They head in and meet Lamesauce, Beom Bo, and Host Club, who are also dressed in black. Lamesauce reports that Panda left with Cherry Blossom, and they all head out together. 
  Eun Bi leads several employees of Saint Honore, also dressed in black. 

  Cherry Blossom, Panda, and Eun Bi sit together at Saint Honore, in black, and Eun Bi complains, asking why things are taking so long. A young woman comes in and bows, and the rich customer enters, introducing her as Manager Nam, who will be working with the two presidents. Eun Bi is outraged that she's been passed over. Panda is upset that this pretty girl will be working with the two presidents. 
  Won Il and Seung Ji fight over the mirror as they get ready. Grandpa comes into the office banging a cane and demands that they go downstairs. He asks why Won Il is so picky today, since he always wears suits, and he admits that he wants to make a good impression on the new manager. Grandpa sarcastically says that they'll make good presidents that way. Seung Ji sasses back that he can just fix things if they mess things up. 

  Manager Nam comes in and introduces herself. Seung Ji does the same and tells her that the thing she can do for him is giving inspiring orders, "1, 2, 3, GO!" Won Il nervously looks to the hallway, where Panda has walked up just in time to hear that. He nudges Seung Ji, who looks out to see Panda glaring and Eun Bi making threatening faces at him. 
  Grandpa thinks to himself that Seung Ji definitely got himself duuuumped this time, and the two guys whistle and wander off. They asks each other what they should do.
  Da Na and Won Yi berate the panda suit for being dirty, since he's the star of the show. (Hmm, I wonder who's in it now.) Glasses comes up and holds up a hedgehog macaron, saying it's also the star. Won Yi wonders if she should put it on the panda's head, but Da Na insists it goes in its hand. Won Yi jokes that of course, since Hedgehog is in the palm of Panda's hand. They bring out a sign announcing the arrival of the Panda Hedgehog Cafe, coming soon. 
  Seung Ji drags Panda outside. She's clearly still angry about Manager Nam. She asks why he dragged her to a secluded place, and he says he has something to give her. "Cake." She tells him to stop kidding around, and he holds out a box, saying she can't leave now, since she's tied to the Panda Hedgehog Cafe. She opens the box, and sighs when she sees a ring in the shape of a slice of cake. 
  Her elation at the sight of the box dissipates and she asks "What is this?" He tells her it's a ring a boyfriend would buy his girlfriend. She sighs again and says she was hoping for a couple ring, at least. He asks why it's less acceptable than a couple's ring, and she says he'd better get this right next time. He answers that a man doesn't need a ring, especially a patissier.
  She insists, and he says he'll get a better one next time, with a round stone. She excitedly says that's a wedding ring, but he says he's too young to get married. She pulls out her phone and shows him a photo of their contract. He snatches her phone and runs away, playing a one-man version of keep-away. Finally, he tells her to come here, and they hug. 
  Won Il wanders up to the panda costume and moves the macaron onto its nose. Panda comes and moves it back to its hand. Seung Ji comes up and wonders what it's doing there and puts it back on the nose. They sit on the bench, and Panda links her arms through theirs.
  Okay, the first thing I have to say is that I was really frustrated with the Seung Ji beatdown. I know that it was done for dramatic effect, but honestly, some of the police officers would have been administering first aid. And Won Il should take a first aid class, too, since he could have caused Seung Ji some serious harm by shaking him like that. I know it's a little thing, but it's something that always drives me crazy in entertainment media. 
  BUT, my chief complaint with this episode was that there was no real resolution with our secondary couples. I really think there was time for this drama to develop some cute scenes between Da Na and Beom Bo and Won Yi and Host Club. And not only in this episode, but throughout the whole thing. We were only given tiny glimpses of chemistry, but it feels wasted by being so underutilized. Plus, I just loved seeing those characters interact. In the last couple weeks, we were lucky if we saw each secondary character more than once per episode. 
  Also, as Porcelain pointed out in the comments for episode 14, they never did anything with the red thong incident. So, what was the point of it, I wonder?
  Okay, on to the positive. I loved the ending. I loved how it was Won Il, Panda, and Seung Ji (and the other panda) together, starting a new chapter in their lives. I love how they are forever linked together, not just by romantic feelings, but by a deep and abiding friendship. They've all been there for each other through very difficult times, and that counts for more than the feelings of rivalry between the guys or rejection between Won Il and Panda.
  I also love that the drama continued the theme of making a family through to the end. Not only did Grandpa's bakery and Cafe Panda merge to form a family, but Saint Honore was welcomed in as well. Including the rich customer and all the patissiers Grandpa brought in. Maybe you can't choose the family you're born into, but you can choose to make the best family you can. And this is what Panda, Seung Ji, and Won Il have done, incorporating their family members and extending their family circle to those around them. And now that circle of love and acceptance can begin to grow in France, too. I like to think Lamesauce gets to go study there, and maybe even Beom Bo and Da Na too.
  I'm also glad they didn't try to force a relationship between Won Il and Eun Bi. I started to think they would last episode, when he thanked her for being by his side. But then in this episode, when he caught her and she felt this big romantic moment, he wasn't feeling the same things she was, and his face said it all. I'm not saying something couldn't develop way, way down the road, but he has a 20-year old love to get over, and they still don't really have chemistry. (I could totally see him with Manager Nam, though, or even Cohort.)
  I was also relieved that Seung Ji didn't do something stupid to Step-dad, because I was really nervous for a moment. I know he's a big softie, but he did admit to trying to get revenge on the gangsters who killed the animal shelter ahjumma. Plus, Step-dad really had it coming. But there are other forms of justice, and he pretty much sealed the deal by attacking Seung Ji. IN FRONT OF SEVERAL WITNESSES. So he'll definitely go down for attempted murder. 
  One other thing I've liked in this drama was that they didn't follow all of the cliches of amnesia. I liked that Seung Ji didn't instantly get his memories back when he found out he was Min Woo, which feels believable to me. I kinda feel like he didn't really get most of his memories back at all, except for the two we saw at the end. If he had gotten back all his memories, there would be lots of awful ones, which would likely overshadow any good ones he had with Cherry Blossom when he was little. I like that he's come to accept that he's okay with what memories he has, and that he has what he really needs in his life. And that he can make good memories for himself with the people who love him and make him happy.   


  1. It ended...

    Thanks for the awesome recap throughout the series. And I got a shout out yay!

    I can't help but agree with you on the points you mention above.

    A few more... over at Soompi there was comments about the time jump. But I thought it s justified since they are merging Mozarto + Cafe Panda + Saint Honore together. Plus all the legal work and yes, putting Stepdad in jail. I am not exactly sorry for Mom, I know just how the character was written but man isn't she annoying and on top of being ignorant, that shrill voice.

    And the conversation, Won Il said he has no right to decide for Seung Ji but Seung Ji insist he does(bromance!), which is why I thought it was sweet of Grandpa to go with majority votes and Seung Ji to include St Honore. As Won Il would know they can do without St Honore but St Honore cannot do without them.(in term of expertise and etc)...

    And seriously where did Stepdad went after hurting Grandpa and where did Seung Ji followed him too? I was thinking he went to the hospital to see Grandpa since he was asking Grandpa not to die on his way there. But then with Won Il screaming down the phone to his mom, I think perhaps, Seung Ji went to Stepdad and Won Il mom's place. But what's with the get up, though Seung Ji look damn good zipping up his jacket and that low cap, to avoid looking suspicious(?)... but not closing the van's door?? When you have a weapon there for all to see? Though that allows the angle for Stepdad to be using it and commit his crime for real. This part just got me all confuse... though it set for the dramatic stage... And I totally agree, that there is no paramedics and police but Won Il hugging a hurt Seung Ji. So wrong, like you say all his shaking can cause him serious harm for real!

    And yes, secondary couples... Bum Bo + Da Na is so cute. I think something really cute will develop for Won Yi and Host Club also... and I kinda want Glasses to get his own love line also, either with Cohort or the new manager... But yeah Won Il and Eun Bi still lacking in the chemistry department. And if Lamesauce isn't a dad or if he is divorce, actually think he and Customer can be a really funny couple! And yes Lamesauce should get that baking certificate!

    Overall a sweet drama and Lee Donghae... ahhh... you cute human of a man, I am glad to see his acting slowly maturing, some of his scenes with Grandpa is the best, like the tummy rubbing! Really the family scenes and the bromance exceed the Panda & Hedgehog romance but its ok. :)

  2. Thank you so much for your hard work in recapping this show. I loved reading them to see what I had missed and just to get another perspective on things. You managed to ask pertinent questions and raise issues that would then stay with me for the following episodes. It was also nice just to laugh a things together, in a way; to know that someone else loved what you loved.

    "Only in the agony of parting do with look into the depths of love."

    I am not in grief over the ending of Panda and Hedgehog because it ended happily and well. There wasn't anything that pricked or pinched me. Sure, like others, I would have loved to have had more development with WY and HC (still can't believe how awesomely you called that one!) AND a PROPER love line for Won Il, (yeah, I'm not sold on Eun Bi either, maybe as you suggested Cohort or Manager Nam.)"I like to think Lamesauce gets to go study there" Hehe, I have always loved your thoughts on prospects for characters, they are so cute that they are what I want for them too.

    Still, I am going to miss looking forward to this drama. Sure I can watch it all over again, but there is that unique feeling of watching something for the first time, discovering its wonders and slowly falling in love. Love is exactly what happened after I began watching firstly out of curiousity and then for just something sweet to lighten my day.

    In a recent interview, Donghae hoped that this drama would be something viewers remembered fondly for a long time AND you know what, I will. It wasn't epic or grand in concept, innovative or cutting edge BUT it had sweetness and profundity. I would purr at the oh so cute moments of family, then romance and then bromance and then hum at the wisdom of protecting yourself from the perils of this world by surrounding yourself with people who care for you. It wasn't a rom-com as much as it was a lesson in how to safeguard yourself from coldness and cynicism, about how to build a family in modern times. I am a better person for having watched it because it strengthened my optimism and hope.

    AND that last scene was just PERFECT!

  3. I know I'm really late in commenting here, but I just finished this series and loved your recaps.
    Just wanted to add that one of the small touches I loved in this episode is when Hedgehog finds out Grandpa has been injured and he drops the cake, then he grabs his mother and tells her to stay at Grandpa's (I think this may be a translation error, as it makes no sense for her to go to Grandpa's where there is blood and broken glass everywhere, or maybe he's telling her to stay *with* Grandpa at the hospital)- but anyway, he does actually call her Mom in Korean for the first time. It was a sweet, sweet, though brief moment.

  4. I totally missed that. I'm so glad you pointed it out, because it IS a sweet moment, and it really shows that connection.

  5. i love this drama and thanks for your recap =)

  6. i just ended up with the drama and i loved it and so on, i even cried because "i cant really see donghae hurt or crying and the story was a bit sad too T.T"
    but what the hell was that at the end, i mean why didnt they show what happened with seung ji's grandfather? it was so shocking that i cried when i saw the blood and so but why didnt the show what has happened after that.. is the grandfather dead, is he at a hospital, is he even alright, they should have shown such things. and at the end when Donghae was lying on the ground, what the hell did happen there ?!?! i mean there were police officers and so they must have seen him on the ground bleeding from his head, why didn't they call an ambulance ?!?! and then everything was alright and they were all in black suits meeting the new manager and so on.. THEY SHOULD HAVE SHOWN WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO SEUNG JI, sry but the end was really crap. honestly i expected more i was really disappointed... anyways thanms fot your recap

    1. Yeah, they kinda just shoved a bunch of things in the last episode without really following through. Kdramas love to jump ahead at the end without really offering an explanation for what happened. Or they just voiceover what happened in the meantime but don't give great closure. It's one of my pet peeves.

  7. I know this comment is super late since this drama finished agessssssss ago but I just finished watching this drama on viki and i just want to say thank you for all of your recaps <3
    I like coming here and reading them to see anything that I missed while watching it :) and I agree with you with the part where Hedgehog got hit in the head! The police just walked with Step-dad towards their car leaving Hedgehog lying in the ground with a bleeding head ..
    But this drama was very sweet and I loved it c:
    I didn't expect to cry in this drama nice it was so so lighthearted but in the previous episode where Grandad was beating himself up for not realising Hedgehog was his real grandson made me shed some tears :')
    I'm going to miss this drama a lot ~

    1. Thank you for your comment. I'm glad that others enjoy this show as much as I did. It's hard to say goodbye to some dramas, isn't it?

  8. Love love love love auper love major love cute love love!just love it!nice!everythings cute!the leads are cute,,,me likey! Thanks for doing a great job with the drama recaps!