Sunday, October 7, 2012

Panda and Hedgehog Episode 14 Recap

  Only 2 more episodes left after this one! So much cuteness is still waiting in the wings, and I want to see it take center stage. Plus, we have the actual drama parts to deal with after this episode, and the plot resolution. Will they make it?

  Panda talks to Seung Ji's shirts, saying that she'll launder, iron and deliver them every day, so he can just focus on his work. Also, don't pay attention to Mom, but just be prickly. She remembers that he'll need underwear, too, and says that she never snoops in people's private things, but just this once, she'll have to. She sneaks over to his underwear drawer (like there's anyone there to catch you) and finds a red thong inside. A woman's thong, might I add.
  She freaks out, wondering how a man could wear such a thing, then holds it up by his shirts to see. Hahahaha! She wonders if Grandpa bought it for him (Panda, your thought processes astound me), which turns her thoughts to how Grandpa will manage a croque en bouche, since it's difficult for even the best pastry chefs. 
  Cut to: Grandpa, Seung Ji, Glasses and Won Il in the kitchen, working hard. Grandpa does most of the difficult things, while Seung Ji preps the cream puffs. Won Yi decides they need a photo of this moment and whispers to Glasses to ask if he agrees.
  She sneaks off to get a camera, and Seung Ji informs Glasses that Grandpa hates having his picture taken. Glasses asks if he has eyes in the back of his head, but he answers that they're on his back. Haha! Grandpa clarifies that he has a hedgehog tattoo that looks just like him. Glasses replies that it must be cute, then, and Grandpa agrees. Glasses suggests that the hedgehog be included in the photo.
  Grandpa reveals that Seung Ji likes taking before and after photos for  promotional products. (A reference waaay back to episode 1 or 2 when Seung Ji's resume photo was used for such a thing.) Seung Ji yells at Grandpa to get back to work, but Grandpa replies that this is a process that just takes time. 
  Seung Ji grumps that it's just a simple croque en bouche, but Glasses corrects him that it's not so simple. Grandpa makes a heart over his head and says "I love you" (adorable!). Seung Ji sulks that he can't say anything in front of Grandpa, because he just imitates everything. 
  Won Il is in his office, being shown photos by Eun Bi and her cohort. Cohort reports that Step-dad, or the person with his name, disappeared over 20 years ago, leaving only his mother, who has since died. He was also mentally disabled, and according to the neighbors,  would never have been able to make ramen, let alone cakes. There was never a death certificate, which is how Step-dad has been able to use his identity for all this time. 
  Eun Bi says she's read news articles about mentally disabled individuals who become homeless and are targeted by identity thieves. They fake accidents and then claim the insurance money. Sometimes they even kill the poor guy. They wonder if he was in the business, and Won Il asks when Step-dad would have learned to make cakes.
  Cohort admits that he doesn't really do much—he mostly puts the finishing touches on things. Eun Bi wonders about his lovers, and Cohort replies that she heard one girl's family borrowed a large amount of money from him, and they used her as the collateral. (Well, that explains the strange level of loyalty from some of the workers, anyway.) Another girl was his mistress, and he brought her in with no certification. They are so engrossed in their gossip, they forget they have an audience. 
  Won Il is completely in the dark here and asks for enlightenment. The girls belatedly realize they've just given away the big secret they were keeping from him. Eun Bi explains about taking a photo on her phone, and how Mom saw it, which is why she sided with Won Il. They tell him that Mom and Step-dad have had plenty of fights in the past, but they always make up in a few days.
  Eun Bi brings up her visit to her dad, since the company lawyer is Step-dad's man. Lawyer Dad insisted on meeting Won Il personally, and he asks Eun Bi to set it up. Eun Bi also explains that Step-dad took copies of legal documents and extra seals from the patisserie. The girls warn Won Il that there's plenty of mischief that Step-dad can do with those items in his possession. 
  Mom goes to get a massage, and Step-dad follows her, reminding himself that he can't live without her—but not in a romantic way. More like in a creepy, she-knows-too-many-secrets-and-I-have-to-protect-myself kind of way. He takes over from the masseuse, but Mom shoos him away. Then she gets mad when he actually leaves.

  Won Yi searches for the camera in Mom's office, and Host Club wanders in. (Omo, are they going to have a moment? I certainly hope so!) He notices one of the photos of Step-dad and wonders if he really had that many tattoos. Won Yi says the scars are from a burn he suffered while working. He insists that it's from tattoo removal, and tells her he's an expert in the field of tattoos, and can even name where they were done and how much they cost. She excitedly starts showing him her tattoos, first on her shoulder, then on her hip, then her stomach. He correctly prices the first two, despite his growing discomfort, but can't handle any more and insists that she stop. 
WY: Why? 
HC: Because I'm a man. 
WY: Of course you're a man. Do you think people don't know you're a man? 
HC: It's not just that. It's—I'm a man, and you're a woman, and we're alone in this room.  
WY: Why does that matter?  
HC: It's because you're pretty, so don't do that any more. 

  He leaves, and she wonders what his problem is, but covers back up anyway. He fans his face and wonders if she has any sense. (I admit, I kinda wanted a bit more, but at least these two are acknowledging an attraction to one another.)
  Seung Ji watches as Grandpa continues to work and notices Won Il leaving without so much as a goodbye. Grandpa and Seung Ji have an argument over the nicknames they call each other, each one using the nickname as much as possible. Finally, Seung Ji leaves, "to pee," but Grandpa knows he's going to find out where Won Il is headed. He chuckles to himself that they should treat one another like brothers. 
  Seung Ji calls and asks what's wrong with Won Il. He answers that he's just going to see Panda. "What? When I'm not even there?!" Won Il explains that he has some questions about Step-dad, but Seung Ji asks what that has to do with Panda. He explains that Step-dad is Min Woo's father, and he wants to consult Panda about locating the lost child. He asks if they can talk tomorrow and hangs up. 
  Aunt and Cherry Blossom have a little talk about Grandpa. Aunt wonders why he only has a little corner shop if he has such an amazing talent. Cherry Blossom says that she was born in that house, and that Grandpa doted on her completely when she was a child. He went back to his bakery while waiting for her. She admits to Aunt that she was in prison for 20 years, which makes Aunt very uncomfortable. 

  Panda asks Won Il why he wants to know so much about Min Woo. He tells her he's ready to share his secret, but wants to know if she has anything that belonged to Min Woo. She opens a basket with clothes, crayons, and a Power Rangers sketchbook. Won Il remembers back to a time when he and Min Woo drew on each others' faces with the crayons.

  Panda hands him the sketchbook, and he thumbs through drawings of cakes and the three of them together. The last drawing he looks at is of Min Woo and Panda, with their names and a heart. Won Il realizes that Min Woo's family name is Jang, not Choi like Step-dad's. He tells her that Step-dad is Min Woo's father. 
  Panda asks him if he ever asked Step-dad where Min Woo is, but he tells her that Step-dad lives his life as if that child never existed. Won Il also admits that his mom said that he may not have lost Min Woo, but Step-dad probably got rid of him. He says they need to start looking for Jang Min Woo, and she explains that her father searched for him before he died, but was never able to make any progress. She reveals that she became a reporter specializing in cakes to try to find him in her own way. She figured Min Woo would become a patissier, so if she was always involved in reporting about cakes, she'd eventually be able to find him. 
  She vows to renew her efforts. Won Il suggests they look for his mother, but she says his mom wasn't listed on any of the records. And his father was reported as being dead shortly after Min Woo disappeared. Panda doesn't even have any pictures of him. 
  Aunt brings some beer to Cherry Blossom and suggests they drink together. Aunt mourns the fact that she lost her house and her taxi. She realizes it must seem silly to Cherry Blossom, but it's hard on her, and she is going to work in a restaurant, now. She admits that she wanted to encourage Cherry Blossom, and they decide to become drinking buddies. Cherry Blossom says she feels like she has a sister.
  Cherry blossom explains how she met her son's father. He was an assistant baker at her dad's bakery, but was fired due to his bad personality. To get revenge, he seduced her, making her believe he really loved her, and she thought he was her first love. Her father tried to get her to end the relationship, but she insisted on raising her son. 
  Aunt asks about her son, and then asks what kind of crime such a nice person could have committed to be in jail 20 years. Cherry Blossom explains that her husband had debts with loan sharks, who threatened to violate her and injure/kill her son if she didn't find some way to pay them. She threw gasoline on them to defend herself, but doesn't really remember what happened next. She woke up to fire and smoke, and thinks she was hit over the head. The detective told her recently that it was her husband who committed the arson, but left her to take the blame. She mentions her husband's scary tattoo on his arm.
  Won Il takes photos of the drawings, and says he'll do his part from now on to find Min Woo. Panda says she believes in miracles, and starts singing the insect song. She tells him that Min Woo will come back to them singing that song. 

  Won Il remembers back to his childhood and sitting at his dad's bedside in the hospital. Because his family couldn't go on trips, he decided to take a science class offered at his school, so he could at least go on field trips to find butterflies and bugs. But he has a long list of bugs to memorize and wants to give it up. His dad tells him that it was hard for him to memorize cake names, so he made it into a song. He makes up a song for Won Il with the names of the insects. He admits to Panda that that was the last time his father held him, and the last song he left for him. 
  Panda tells him that after he taught that song to her, she taught it to Min Woo. It's a song only the three of them would know, so if they find someone who knows it, that person has to be him. Aunt runs in dragging Cherry Blossom and exclaims that this is Min Woo's mom. They have a tearful reunion, now that they know each others' identity in relation to him. 
  Aunt notices Won Il's stunned reaction and takes him into another room. Won Il explains the relationship with Step-dad and wonders if he should make him beg forgiveness from Grandpa. But he worries that it would shock Grandpa too much. Aunt advises him to tell Cherry Blossom first, and explains her prison time to him. 
  Cherry Blossom cries over her son's drawings, and Panda asks her for a photo so she can track him down. Aunt gets out a photo of Min Woo and some MISSING fliers for them to keep. Won Il tells her about Step-dad. 
  Beom Bo presents Grandpa with a new shirt and buttons it for him—the same way Seung Ji would. Host Club asks if he thinks he's Seung Ji, and Beom Bo explains that this is the way Grandpa taught Hedgehog to button up. Host Club insists that Seung Ji learned it as a kid, and got beaten up a lot in jail because of it.
  Seung Ji chants his mantra and prepares to make cakes, but becomes angry when he thinks of Panda and Won Il playing around together without him. He decides to not make any cakes, and goes upstairs to mess around on Won Il's computer. 
  Won Il drives home, thinking about Cherry Blossom asking him not to say anything to Grandpa. She'll bring it up after the croque en bouche is finished. She also tells him that she'll meet with the detective tomorrow. 
  She gets home to find a note from Grandpa saying he's already gone to bed. She goes to tuck him in. She thinks over what she'll tell him, and vows to find her Min Woo. 

  Seung Ji shows up at the cafe in the early early morning. He says that it's only been 2 days, but he's really missed the place. He then swears to get even with Panda for not even calling or texting him before going to sleep the night before. He goes up to his room and finds her sleeping while clutching one of the fliers. He jealously tells her that he can't bear to see her sleeping with her first love, and pulls the flier away and tucks her in before lying down next to her. 
  He asks his sleeping Panda what she's been doing and if she missed him. He decides she must have cried herself to sleep over Min Woo and says he hopes she finds him. He tells her he has an hour to sleep, and they should meet in their dreams. 
  Later, Panda wakes up and tucks the blanket around him. She has a similar conversation with him, and then explains her discoveries from the day before. She says she couldn't tell him, so that's why she didn't contact him, and she now understands that Grandpa didn't tell him anything about the lost grandson because he didn't want him to feel bad about his own situation. 

  Seung Ji stirs and wakes up, pleased to see her sitting by him. She asks when he got there (4 a.m.) and asks what time it is. When he finds out it's already 7, he jumps up and starts yelling about being 2 hours late for work. He goes to run out the door, but she pouts that he's just leaving, and he gives her a hug, saying "Oppa's leaving now." She yells after him about calling himself her oppa (since he's younger than her), but smiles and runs after him. She tells him that she packed him his favorite red undies for luck. (I can't wait to see how that plays out! Heeheehee!)
  As he drives off, Customer comes and teases Panda. They decide Seung Ji needs a lunch from home, since he's probably never had one. 
  Grandpa, Glasses and Won Yi admire the cake Seung Ji finished last night. Won Yi asks Grandpa if the croque en bouche is finished, and Glasses apologizes for her bad manners. Grandpa smiles and says it's what makes her so cute. Mom stands outside glaring at their backs. 
  Won Il comes up, sees Mom, and turns around to leave. She stops him and warns him not to make any mistakes with the croque en bouche. He hands her Grandpa's resume and tells her to review it carefully. Eun Bi runs up to report that the wealthy customer is there. She asks if her order is ready.

  Seung Ji pulls up and Host Club runs out to drag him in for the grand unveiling. The entire staff has turned up for this moment, and the croque en bouche is gorgeous. The customer asks to see the patissier, and Grandpa steps out. She greets him by name and says she knew it was his work the moment she saw it, and she hugs him. The guys come in cheering, and Grandpa points out Seung Ji as his greatest pupil, who's even better than he is. Seung Ji winks and nods. 
  Mom takes a look at Grandpa's resume and her jaw drops. His qualifications are very impressive, including graduating magna cum laude from Le Cordon Bleu, to working in various hotels and as a researcher. 
  At the bakery, Won Yi explains the scene to Da Na, Beom Bo and Lamesauce. She explains that Grandpa made the wealthy customer's cakes for her proposal, her engagement party, and her wedding. The 2 men kiss Grandpa's license and say I love you! Haha!
  Panda, Cherry Blossom and Won Il meet with Detective to plan their next step. Cherry Blossom suggests they keep Won Yi out of things, to spare her feelings. They decide to use Eun Bi's father to help with Min Woo and the fire, as well as Step-dad's embezzling. Cherry Blossom offers to confront Step-dad, but Detective has a plan and makes her promise to wait for his go-ahead. 
  Won Il reports to Panda that he sent the photo to his friend. 

  Eun Bi whines to her dad that he doesn't look presentable. He tells her he's most comfortable in this setting and that he's meeting Won Il as a favor to her. She continues her complaints, and he warns her that he'll expose her living habits and bad aspects to Won Il. She changes tack and begs her dad not to tell (here he tells her "He came," but she just thinks he's teasing) Won Il about her messy habits and what she's like at home. She's mortified when she realizes Won Il heard everything she just said.
  Lawyer/Dad/Chef explains that one of his associates is acquainted with Step-dad and doesn't seem too trustworthy. He worries that Won Il isn't emotionally prepared for the consequences of this suit. Won Il says he just wants things to be accurate and straightforward, even if it means a criminal investigation. LDC warns him to make sure he does his work well so rumors don't start about his incompetence, giving Step-dad a possible weapon. 
  Creepy Spy reports to Step-dad about the success of the croque en bouche. Step-dad realizes it's Grandpa's doing.

  Seung Ji sees Grandpa and Host Club off. He and Grandpa make hearts and say "I love you!" (They are soo adorable!) Won Il pulls up and says he's going to work late, since he's been gone all day. Seung Ji tells him to make sure he puts his laptop to good use. 

  He goes up to his office and grumbles when he sees his computer. Seung Ji has plastered pictures of his face all over it, as the wallpaper and icons. Panda calls to say she's on her way up, since she wants to see Min Woo's photo, too. Also, she brought Seung Ji dinner. 
  Won Il opens the jpeg in his email, but it's a picture of Min Woo and Seung Ji. He's frustrated because he thinks it's part of Seung Ji's prank. He realizes his mistake. 

  At the same time, Seung Ji is in the kitchen reciting his mantra, when he's interrupted by Panda, who asks who he is. She then asks "Hedgehog is. . . Min Woo?"
  Okay, a couple recaps ago I said I thought I knew Won Il's big secret. I thought it was that he was jealous of Min Woo and led him away to get lost, or at least that he thought for all these years that he was responsible. But no, it was just the fact that Min Woo's dad was Step-dad. So much turmoil and angst for something relatively small (at least as far as personal guilt goes). Sweet Won Il! Always overthinking things and torturing yourself!
  Step-dad's full story is pretty much out in the open now. So I guess we'll get to see how his mischief plays out here at the end. I have a feeling he has a pretty dastardly contingency plan, and I don't like that thought very much. Knowing what he's capable of, I wouldn't put it past him to do some real harm to people. Except Won Yi—I'm pretty sure she's the only person he really cares about.
  Speaking of Won Yi, I'm really happy to see some romantic developments between her and  Host Club. Although, I do worry that there are only 2 episodes left, so we won't really get to see much. *Tears!* Plus, Da Na and Beom Bo cuteness has been way too underplayed as well. I want some good secondary couple action, please! These guys are all almost as adorable as Panda and Hedgehog, so I think they deserve some good screen time. 
  I'm still not a huge fan of Eun Bi, though she has grown on me a bit the last couple episodes. She has almost zero chemistry with Won Il, though, so I still don't want to see that one happen. I swear he has more chemistry with Cohort, so I could see them developing some feelings, but his interactions with Eun Bi are just so blah. (Not that she isn't trying hard, or anything.)


  1. OMG! I can't believe you called it on WY and HC! That's just awesome!

    Still loving this show! Most of all for the fact that it isn't so much romance orientated as it is bromance/family and just people loving each other as one extended family. How I wish real life was like that! Anyway..Thanks for a wonderful reacap.

    1. Haha! I love that they have a little scene in this episode. It's probably my favorite. That and the red underwear scene.

  2. Am I the only one upset that they didn't continue with the underwear story? LOL!

    And when Seung Ji was downloading all the naughty stuff onto Won Il laptop, I am like Donghae ah, wrong laptop! Should be Eunhyuk... Sorry Eunhae shipper here :)

    Completed the drama... satisfied with how it turn out but still love reading your recaps!

    1. Yeah, what was with the underwear? I thought it was going to lead to more misunderstandings, because it didn't make sense to me that Seung Ji would have it. I mean, he's never really done the whole dating thing before, and I'm positive he doesn't wear it. I thought it would turn out to be Da Na's or something funny like that, but the whole joke fell really flat when they didn't address it again.