Monday, July 2, 2012

Do Jin and Yoon Show Their Gentlemanly Side (ep 11 & 12)

  Finally, some real progress in the relationship between Do Jin and Yi Soo! The tension has been great, and it's led to some awesome squee-worthy moments, (see screenshot below), but it's nice that they're both on the same page now. I especially loved how sincerely Do Jin asked Yi Soo to be his future. I feel this is real progress for him in his life. He actually sees a future with just one woman, and, for the first time we know of, it's what he wants.

  I find it interesting that now it's Yi Soo who is a little hesitant about how long their future will be. She's always struck me as someone who wants to get married and be with that one person for the rest of her life, someone who values commitment. I don't think she doubts Do Jin's sincerity any more, but I think she's trying to be realistic in her expectations of him and not move on to forever just yet. Which is probably really good for him, because it lets him decide what this relationship really means to him. Also, I love that Do Jin is showing his true romantic side. This scene is especially touching, because it echoes the scene in episode 9 where Min Sook asks Jung Rok to just hold her until she sleeps—she likes "warm things" more than "hot things". In this case, Do Jin is initiating the "warm things" and showing his caring side to Yi Soo. So sweet! 

  Also, how adorable was it when he asked her what kind of house she wanted, in order better understand her disposition? (Cue setup for Yi Soo exposing her abandonment issues, which I'm sure have to do with her estrangement from her mother.)
  The most amazing scenes for me in episodes 11 and 12, though, involved the relationship between Yoon and Me Ah Ri. He's coming to terms with his attraction for her, even going so far as to semi-stalk her. And he's careful to make sure he doesn't stay at Mango Six long enough to be a true stalker. "One wouldn't be long enough and three would make me look sneaky." (In reference to ordering two smoothies for no real reason.)

  I love the scene where he meets her to discuss her life. He finally talks to her like she's an adult, instead of treating her as an annoyingly cute puppy who won't go away. I love that he encourages her to really pursue her dream, and to stop putting her life on hold for him. 
Me Ah Ri: Making bags is my dream, but you are my fate.Yoon: Love is important. But are you going to measure your value only as somebody's lover? If it's really your fate, it will happen, so stop caring about me and focus on yourself.
  It's about time someone said this in a drama! (Maybe they have, but not in any I've seen.) I love that Yoon wants her to be more of a well-rounded and self-aware person. I truly feel that love is richer and more abiding when each person takes time to grow and develop their own character and abilities. Because then you have a better sense of self to offer the other person and have so much more to share. Yoon has had much more time in life to do this, and he wants Me Ah Ri to have a firm sense of self. For herself. I just love him!

  I also like that we got to see a little more background with Dong Hyub. I know he's a bratty little snot, but I can't help but like him. I like how his feelings toward Yi Soo are changing from "I've got the hots for teacher" to "I appreciate that someone cares for me, and I need to figure out how I can be worthy of that caring and concern." So much growth and development in many characters, and all in two episodes!
   Finally, in these episodes Tae San and Se Ra are forced to decide what they truly want from their relationship. Tae San has finally decided that he wants to marry Se Ra and have a family, but she's not ready to give up her career to have kids, and told him from the get-go that she didn't want to settle down. I think this is especially difficult for her, because they're no longer on the same page as far as marriage and family is concerned, but at the beginning of their relationship they were. She's not really ready to end things with Tae San, but she does, because it's a better alternative than uselessly dragging things on. 
  I think this relationship drama, along with the further development of the Yoon Me Ah Ri love story, will be the driving elements of the plot for the last episodes, now that Do Jin and Yi Soo are together. Which I'm fine with, because once it's actually established, I prefer less angst in the main OTP relationship. 

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