Thursday, July 12, 2012

Big 11-12

  There was just so much awesome sauce packed into episode 12 of Big! I know a lot of people haven't liked the pacing of this show, and for them episode 11 was especially bad, but I felt it was necessary to get Gil Da Ran to where she needed to be. Plus, it led up to such a great ending for ep. 12, that I can't really complain. 
  I'm not saying Big is without its problems, but the overarching story is what I love, and I love that it's so focused on the characters. I guess in many ways it's like Coffee Prince that way. This brings me to my highlights of these episodes.

Making Evil Mother pay for her evilness.

Wear it home.

Kyung Joon does a great Yoon Jae impression!

Pan tuning?

Sooooo cute!

Da Ran obviously learned nothing from Tangled.
Joseon Pororo!

Poor Ae Kyung

Poor Phys Ed never knew what kicked him.

So adorable with the sunflowers!

Episode 12:

Prolly my favorite.

This moment. . .

Made me hope for something like this (from Coffee Prince, for anyone who doesn't know):

  Alas! 'Twas not to be. :( And my heart broke during Kyung Joon's confession of his fear of disappearing and being forgotten.

  But this made up for most of my heartbreak:

So hard to get a decent screenshot.

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