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Panda and Hedgehog Episode 7 Recap

  Panda is finally forced to face the rivalry for her affections. It's about time someone clued her in! But then she comes up with the most unusual challenge for the guys to prove their love for her, and I think it's going to make things veeery interesting. Bromance is in the air, even if romance isn't quite there yet.

  Panda finds Seung Ji in the park and tries to make amends with him. He sulks because she said he wouldn't be able to make the macarons. She insists they're a business couple, but he retorts that they're only a couple in business, but when it comes time to play, she's someone else's partner. She asks who he's talking about, and just then Won Il yells her name. She hastily drops Seung Ji's arm and assumes Won Il's there to talk to him.
  She explains that Won Il has been looking for him, and he asks if last night she sent him a text and then had an uninvited guest. Won Il: "Uninvited?!" Panda: "Text?" Lamesauce sits in the stolen van wondering why Seung Ji has no manners, since he never replied to the text he sent from Panda's phone. Panda demands to see the text, and Seung Ji assumes she's trying to relay a message to Won Il by reading it in front of him.
  When she reads it, Seung Ji gripes "you can't forget the heart!" Won Il wonders if she sends texts like that to just anyone. To Seung Ji "Who are you to have stolen one of my hearts? I got two hearts." And he shows a text that contains song lyrics. They both as Panda if she's two-timing them. They simultaneously get texts from her that say the same thing: "I'll be very lonely tonight. How about you? ♥♥♥" Panda finally has to explain that Lamesauce stole the van, her phone and her wallet.
  Seung Ji calls Panda's phone and Lamesauce answers, trying to pretend to be Panda (epic fail), completely aegyoing it up (another epic fail). Seung Ji yells at him to bring the van back. Seung Ji storms off to get the van back, and Won Il tries to stop him so they can have their little chat. Panda complains that she didn't come to have this conversation, and Won Il yells why did she come, then?! 
  Host Club and Beom Bo (I know I keep changing the spelling, but I'll try to remember to stick with this one) meet with Seung Ji to try to find the van, and Host Club complains that they're forced to do this on such a nice day. Seung Ji snaps back that he can just leave, then. He asks if Seung Ji is upset because of the van or because of Won Il. "Do you get mad at the mention of Won Il? That's the start of love."
  Seung Ji gets a call to come back to the cafe because Writer is waiting for him. He heads back and asks about the type of advertisement, and finally finds out it's a makeup brand for young women called Macaron. He thinks back to the driving date, and how Panda made him put on makeup and realizes she really did help him create the perfect macarons.
  Panda and Won Il are trying to figure out what to do about her phone, but Won Il is mostly sulking that she didn't tell him about the theft earlier, and that she was arm-in-arm with Seung Ji. She brushes it off as them being business partners, but he insists there's more there. Won Il yells that if they really are just business partners, then she should be more professional and less touchy with Seung Ji.
  She storms out, and he follows, trying desperately to apologize. Finally, he admits that he was too harsh with her, and that his words weren't really directed at her, but at his mom.
  Writer tries to warn Seung Ji about Step-dad—but does it in a roundabout way. He warns him that Step-dad doesn't really have talent as an artist, but as a businessman, and great businessmen usually take ideas wherever they find them—even if that means stealing them.
  Mom is trying to find new ideas to help inspire Step-dad. He gets a call from the Writer and asks for the photos to be sent over. He gets photos of Seung Ji's newest macarons, and informs his wife that they'll serve as inspiration for him to improve upon.
  Won Il tells Panda that shortly after his dad died, Mom started bringing home Step-dad, and he saw them linked arm-in-arm. He felt something was off, even as a young kid, but she just explained that it was because they were business partners. Soon, Step-dad was in their house, in dad's chair, even in his bed. Panda takes Won Il's hand in both of hers and says "it's because we're friends." (I'm not sure if she's referring to Seung Ji or Won Il here—as in, I'm holding your hand to comfort you, but just as a friend.)
  Won Yi and Beom Bo happen upon Panda and Won Il looking all chummy in his car. They feel a dilemma, and Won Yi explains it as being in a sandwich. She's rooting for her hyung, but wants Hedgehog to do well in the romance department, too. Beom Bo decides to call Host Club so that he can keep Seung Ji away. Instead, Seung Ji answers on speaker and hears about Won Il and Panda holding hands. 
  He goes inside to bake, but can barely button his chef's jacket because his hands are shaking so much. He comes into the cafe to hear Da Na talking to a difficult customer. He's demanding a cake, and they've already dropped 3 other bakeries that didn't give a satisfactory design. He sees Seung Ji and asks for a different patissiere, but Da Na explains how good he is. The DC (difficult customer) warns that if they don't make a perfect cake, he won't pay.
  Seung Ji mutters at him after he leaves, and Da Na warns him not to ruin it. It's for a 30 day dating anniversary, and they're planning to rent the whole place out. Seung Ji complains that it's only 30 days, not 30 years (he really has a point. I mean, I know anniversaries are very important in Korea, but you must really be obnoxious if dating a girl for one whole month is that big a deal, DC.) Da Na gives him the order instructions and he sulks off. She wonders why he's so touchy about it, and notices the customer's name is Choi Won Gil. Ahhh, just another reminder of your rival, eh?
  Seung Ji reads over the instructions—basically a list of the girl's favorite things, like pink, white chocolate, white roses, the words lovely and romantic, etc. He broods for a bit, then asks himself if he's willing to go that far just to date.

   He goes outside to wait impatiently for Panda to come back. When she and Won Il drive up, he asks what they've been doing to waste so much time. She explains "we went to the police station like you suggested to find my phone, but we didn't have any luck." He repeats "we" bitterly, and Won Il gloats. Won Il asks him to make sure to save time for him tomorrow, because he they really need to talk. (Seriously, just take the 10 minutes to talk already. You're killing me, Smalls!)

  Seung Ji says he's busy tomorrow, and Panda insists on knowing why. He asks why it matters to her, and she starts to reply that it's because they're business partners, but cuts off and looks apologetically at Won Il. He just beams at her, and she beams back, making Seung Ji even more upset at their sudden understanding. Won Il waves and promises to come the day after tomorrow.
  Panda asks Seung Ji why he's so upset with Won Il, and grabs Seung Ji's arm. He wonders if this is a habit of hers, and insists she let go, before jerking his arm away and grumps off. Panda complains to herself about the guys harping on about linking elbows. She runs inside and warns Da Na that she won't work alongside Seung Ji any more. She'll just do her jobs when he's not around.

  Seung Ji goes to his room to sulk, but Host Club gives him a hard time and asks if Panda kissed Won Il. Seung Ji snaps that he wouldn't know, and Host Club asks why he's so touchy if he doesn't know anything. They continue to bicker about things, and finally Host Club tells him to think about things clearly, with his hands on his chest. "Ask yourself: have I fallen for Panda without realizing it? Will I confess? Will Won Il steal her away?" After he leaves, Seung Ji asks himself if he's crazy, and what he should do.
  Panda can't sleep that night, since Seung Ji still hasn't apologized. She vows that they'll see who wins this.
  The next day, Won Il asks Glasses if his hand shines more brightly. Glasses asks why he's being so disgusting all of a sudden, and he tells him that Panda held his hand yesterday. Glasses tells him he's crazy, and reminds him that he needs to meet with Seung Ji, not go around holding Panda's hands. "Business comes first."
  Won Il teases him that he must have never dated, or he'd understand. He jokes about what it's like and grabs Glasses' arm. An employee asks them to stop messing around in the patisserie, since customers can see them, and Step-dad's been watching.
  Step-dad gives his spy a package, and the spy passes it on to a mysterious woman in a dark hallway.
  Won Yi tries to convince Da Na to support Won Il's claim to Panda, but she refuses. Won Yi is worried that if it's 2:1, her hyung will never win. Da Na wonders how it's already 2:1, and Won Yi explains that she's already given a point to each boy. I love her split loyalties, and the major moral dilemmas they're causing her.
  Da Na concocts a plan to Parent Trap Panda and Seung Ji into making up—they just need to watch the store together. She goes upstairs and lies to Panda about needing her to watch the store, since nobody else is there.
  Seung Ji tries to make a list of Panda's favorites, based on the list left by the DC, but doesn't know a single answer. Won Yi barges in and tells him to watch the store. (What, they're actually concerned for once about who's manning the store? Amazing!) She tells him Panda went out, so he'll be alone, and runs off. 
  Panda and Seung Ji meet in the cafe, and he glowers at her before snipping at her to wipe the jam off her mouth. He stomps back downstairs and rebukes himself for being dumb. That's not at all what he wanted to tell her after thinking about it all night. Why'd he say something so stupid? He wonders if it would kill her to apologize, then psychs himself up to go face her again. 
  He creeps back upstairs to the cafe, but can't find Panda anywhere. He goes outside and punches the poor panda head, knocking it on the ground—and with it, a note she's left for him. He wanders upstairs to the living area, and calls out for her, but gets no answer, so he checks her room. No Panda. (But there is a plush hedgehog sitting on a shelf riiiight next to a plush panda.)
  Host Club talks to Cherry Blossom about the whole Seung Ji/Panda situation. She suggests that it would work itself out if he just told her how he feels. Host Club explains that he and Seung Ji have dark pasts, so it's not so easy to get a girl. They have nothing to offer and lots to hide. Wouldn't any girl choose a guy like Won Il over them? Cherry Blossom replies that not all girls are the same. Host Club explains the mistake he made with Beom Bo's call, and Grandpa wonders from the next room what they should do about it.
  Won Yi runs in with the note Panda left and shows it to Da Na. They run and show it to Seung Ji, and it says "I won't come home until I find the van. You shouldn't belittle people like that, Seung Ji." Seung Ji leaves to find her.
  Aunt tells Da Na that Panda and Seung Ji are a pair of fools, running around searching for things they won't be able to find that way. They just need to tell each other how they feel. DC comes to check on the design, with the most obnoxious attitude ever. Aunt and Da Na search through Seung Ji's things to find his plans, but find his list of Panda's favorites instead. Aunt goes to grade the "exam," and he fails miserably. 
Favorite Color: Black? White?Favorite Snack: Bamboo Tree?Favorite Flower: Bamboo Flower?Favorite Thing: Cosmetics? Flower? Car?Favorite Word: Money?Score: 0
  BUT, DC overhears her mumbling, and says that he's sure Seung Ji will do a good job if he's thinking along those lines.
  Grandpa calls Seung Ji and tells him to come over—he'll make him "not busy." Seung Ji grumbles to himself, but goes—only to find Panda drinking with Grandpa and Cherry Blossom. She sees Seung Ji and passes out. Grandpa orders him to take her home. Seung Ji asks why he should, when it was Grandpa who got her drunk. He says he did it for him, but if he's going to be a punk about it, he won't tell him what she said. Grandpa and Cherry Blossom go to bed.
  Panda wakes up long enough to tell Seung Ji to be quiet, and he smiles to himself at her drunkenness. 
  Next we know, he's pushing her home on a delivery cart. She starts complaining about being dizzy and offers to push him instead. She stands up and he catches her before she falls over. He says he's going to go crazy, and she answers that she is too, searching everywhere for the van. She wraps her arm around his neck and suggests they go somewhere more comfortable. (Omo, I hope she's not really saying that!)

  Somewhere more comfortable appears to be a park bench, where she passes out again. Seung Ji tries to get a grip on himself, and Panda makes drunken, sleepy kissy-faces at him. He sits down to help her up and contemplates kissing her, before deciding to piggyback her after all. Panda wakes up the next morning and asks Da Na how she got home. Da Na scolds her for getting drunk and making Seung Ji piggyback her home.
  She goes downstairs to apologize to him, and just as he asks what she confided to Grandpa, they hear Won Il call out for them. "Why does he have to come when I'm trying to talk to you?" They go upstairs, and Seung Ji yells at Won Il and angrily walks out. Panda explains last night and tells Won Il to just go talk to him.
  She goes back upstairs for some hangover soup, and Da Na scolds her for being stupid. Doesn't she know the guys are fighting over her?! She denies it, but Da Na insists it's true. Panda starts pacing and wonders why they would like her. What did she do? Da Na asks which she sees as a man, and she answers that she's never thought of them that way. Da Na asks which she'd rather kiss, but Panda answers that she hasn't kissed either, so she has no opinion. Haha. A very frustrated Da Na advises her to try dating both of them to figure it out, and Panda points out that she already dated Seung Ji. "A real date, stupid! Not like those fake ones!" Panda worries about causing problems if she two-times, which is when Won Yi comes in offering her own advice—just be up front with them both! (Wow, Won Yi may actually know something about dating, after all.)
  The guys discuss the stolen macaron situation. Won Il asks why Seung Ji hates Step-dad so much, and he answers that it's because he has no talent for making cakes. When he asks Won Il the same question, he answers that it's because Step-dad is a person who shouldn't make cakes. Won Il suggests that they lodge an official claim against Saint Honore. Seung Ji doesn't want to mix up his professional life with his personal life (too late, my friend. Too. Late.), and makes a counteroffer. Won Il gives up on Panda, and he'll drop the matter.

  Panda sneaks up outside in the panda suit. Won Il asks what he means by mixing up his personal life with his professional life, and he explains that every time he makes a cake, he pictures Won Il. Because he wants to punch him. Heehee! Won Il responds that he wants to hit him, too, so they wonder if they should just take it outside. (Won Il, we already know what happened last time. No repeats, please.) Won Il suggests they fight using a Malaysian martial art, and they agree that the loser has to back off from the love triangle. Panda tries to take off the panda head, but it's stuck, and the guys notice her for the first time.

  She tries to run away, but falls and can't get up around the panda suit. Won Il wonders who it is, but Seung Ji clues him in, and he runs outside to help her up. She covers her face, and says that she's too embarrassed to face them, since she heard their conversation. She asks them not to fight over her, and Seung Ji scoffs that he never said he'd live or die over her, did he? He demands she tell them which she likes, and she coyly answers that since she knows they both like her, she likes them both. 
  They insist that she can't date both of them, but she says they'll have to do things her way. Seung Ji balks at that, so Won Il declares himself the winner. Seung Ji insists that he's not one to back down so easily, and agrees to her terms. Won Il just grins at her, and Seung Ji tells him to wipe his drool off. He does. Bwahahaha!
  Round 1: the guys have to do something nice for each other. The winner gets the first date with Panda. 
  Seung Ji asks Grandpa what he can do nice for Won Il, and Grandpa's suddenly suspicious that he beat him up or set fire to Saint Honore. Why else would Seung Ji want to do something nice for Won Il? Grandpa tells him the 3 types of rivals: one who is smaller than you, one who is about your size, and one who is bigger than you. Hahaha! The taller guys are softer, so you have to use tears.
  Won Il gathers his troops (Glasses and Won Yi) to help him strategize. He leaves to get ice cream, and Won Yi suggests that to make Seung Ji happy, they should help him date Panda. Nice. Not really what your brother is looking for, though. Won Yi complains about being stuck in the middle, and how she doesn't want to go back until this round is over.
  The next day Seung Ji is preparing the DC's cake, but is distracted. He looks up, and Won Il is standing dejectedly outside. He's here to be Seung Ji's assistant. He also notices Seung Ji's haircut (about 1 cm) and says it doesn't look very good. 
  Won Yi shows up at Grandpa's to be his assistant for a few days (and possibly a spy? Though she wouldn't be very good with her favoritism of Seung Ji. Haha.)

  Won Il is a very picky assistant, and Seung Ji does everything he can to annoy him—throwing eggshells everywhere, pushing him out of his way, and sending him to find a pen.
  At that point, Panda sees Won Il, and snickers quietly to herself about her plan. Seung Ji offers Won Il a cupcake as they're pulling an all-nighter, but he refuses. Seung Ji lectures him about how a true baker sometimes has to work through the night, and Won Il remembers that his dad used to do that, too. (Cute, maybe they can become friends!) 

  Seung Ji breaks the confiding mood by accusing Won Il of being there only to steal his cake. Then he starts yelling for Panda, saying Won Il is beating him up. Which inspires him to elbow him just as Panda comes in. She reminds them that they have to do nice things for each other. "One says 'do you want to die?!' and the other tattles." She warns them that she might just have to find someone else if they keep this up. They decide to work well together, and she leaves. As soon as she's out of the room, though, they both start calling her name, suddenly all buddy-buddy. (This scene is so adorable! They're so immature, yet so cute.)
  She goes out and laughs to herself that they actually are doing what she asked, even though she didn't really mean it. But, since both guys are so desirable (I'll say!), she can't decide what to do or which to pick.

  The DC comes in to see their finished product in the morning. He looks at the cake and cupcakes for a long time before giving his verdict. It's adorable that Won Il is nervously watching for Seung Ji's reaction, and when the DC decides he loves it, Won Il Pats Seung Ji on the back of the head—then immediately makes my favorite angry/threatening face that they do in Korea and mimes hitting him.
  Won Il gets a phone call and goes outside. Glasses tells him that he thinks Step-dad stole again, since the macaron maker has disappeared. Dun-dun-DUN!
  Omo! Was I right about them developing a bromance between the guys in this drama?! It's so cute when they're working together. I also love how innocently devious Panda is being with her plan to get the guys to fight for her by being nice. Sneaky sneaky!
  I love that Seung Ji is really starting to wrestle with actually having feelings for a girl, and he's not very coy about the fact that he wants to date her. Won Il is pretty straight-forward, but just hadn't quite gotten around to expressing himself enough for Panda to actually understand him. But Seung Ji is much more reserved with his feelings, and is trying to come to grips with his own attraction, as well as figure out what the heck he's doing. They're both so incredibly clueless, yet very determined as well.
  Also, Won Yi is so hilarious in her confusion over which guy to root for. I love that she basically ran away so she didn't have to resort to betraying her brother in an attempt to help Seung Ji. Smart move! Plus, maybe she can fall for Host Club. Seriously, it seems like every young adult in this show may end up with their own romance tied up neatly with a bow. Which I find interesting in fictional worlds, but extremely gratifying, also. Plus, it totally fits in with the cute factor here.


  1. Hooray for The Sandlot reference! And thank you for the recap! :)

  2. Thank you! You just made my day! : )

    You were so right about the bromance; an awesome force indeed!

    I still don't get Panda's feelings though; I know she doesn't doubt the sincerity of the boys advances but I don't think she realizes the severity of them. I get that she had to give much of her life to work and so no time or interest in love AND I can even go with the theory that she has had not real advances from men BUT seriously, she must understand the basic mechanics of dating and love? Right? I don't know... I would like just a little bit more depth there before I can get on board with any Panda and Hedgehog romance.

    As for Won Yi & Host Club, that would be funny. Kind of like the robotic couple in Wild Romance. All straight talk and cutting to the meat of the matter.

    1. I know. Panda is a complete mystery to me too. Luckily, she has people more experienced to advise her. Unfortunately, she rarely listens to their wisdom.

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  4. Like the malaysian martial art part...even though only watch without subs...

    Fb@mizzarella harun

  5. (IMHO) I dont like the girl who cast panda, she really did not know how to act. She ruins the chemistry while Seung Ji and Won II give their best of acts. Though all the cakes are cutes I love the drama because of the cakes.

  6. do you know what macaron book the mother is reading at 13 mins?