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Haeundae Lovers Episode 11 Recap

  Okay, because of a soccer game, only one episode aired this week. Episode 12 airs Monday 9/17. Hopefully, this can tide us all over:

  Tae Sung overhears part of So Ra's conversation with Joon Hyuk, and comes down the stairs to see her struggling against him. She sees him and he turns and walks away. Seriously?! Your wife is obviously in a tight spot and trying to escape, and you just walk away?! She manages to break away and follows him. He tells her that she has 2 months, and if she does something with Joon Hyuk before then, he can't forgive her. Despite So Ra's insistence that it's all a big misunderstanding, he continues to lecture her about using him and keeping Joon Hyuk close as insurance.

  They go to opposite rails, and just then the captain notices a boat in their path. He turns sharply, and So Ra falls overboard. Tae Sung jumps in to save her, but it takes him a while find her, and by then, she's unconscious. It's silly that she's having such a hard time swimming, since we've seen her swim multiple times already. I mean, she's not half torpedo, like Tae Sung, but she's still capable. Let's just blame it on the dress and heels. (P.S. Going overboard is also a good method to keep Se Na and Tae Sung apart a while longer.)
  Joon Hyuk goes looking for the waterlogged couple, and Se Na offers to help search. They go on the top deck, and Se Na spots Tae Sung's blazer in the water. Joon Hyuk calls 911.
  At the police station, Joon Hyuk and the uncles told that the waves are too high for search craft, and it's too dark for helicopters. They'll have to wait until morning to send out search crews. Tam Hee gloats that it's impossible to survive such waves. Never fear, Tae Sung will use his super swimming powers to save them.
I swear he's not choking her.
  Speak of the devil, he's dragging So Ra ashore right now. He freaks out that she's not breathing and performs CPR, doing the chest compressions over her clavicles. At least he has the excuse of having amnesia. Keke! He screams apologies at her and promises not to get jealous any more, if she'll just open her eyes. He's sobbing, so he doesn't notice at first when she does. When he does, he scoops her up in a giant hug and thanks her for being alive. Until she asks who he is. Yes! I was so hoping for a double case of amnesia! Now they can both not remember their pasts together!
  Wait, is this a fakeout? So Ra tells him she's never felt this way before, and he tells her it's okay, he understands what that's like. He sobs some more and pulls her back into his embrace. Finally, she asks Nam Hae if they can take this somewhere else. (Like the hotel? Oohlala! Except, not really, because I'm not comfortable with them progressing the relationship that far until the show has dealt with the whole Se Na problem.) He pulls back and says "yes, my name is Nam Hae." Still not in on the joke. 
  So Ra smirks at him, stands, and holds out her hand to help him up, but he finally figures things out and slaps her hand away peevishly. He walks away, and when she asks where he's going, he replies "Anywhere, as long as you're not there." She follows him, pelting him with reminders that he said he was glad she was still alive. 
  Bandanna tries to go out searching for So Ra, but 2nd Uncle convinces him it's too dangerous. Plus, if he dies before Dad, it's a huge betrayal. Betrayal! They start sobbing together.

  So Ra and Tae Sung hike through some underbrush in the darkness, and suddenly Tae Sung screams and starts running. So Ra tells him it's just a branch. "What man has so much fear?" "Fear?! Hah! In this world there's nothing I fea—aaah!" And he screams again, cowering down. So Ra looks at the ground and sees a flashlight, but it doesn't help him calm down when she shines it at her face like she's telling ghost stories. 
  He's still crouched down, and she tries to help him up, asking where it hurts. She pulls his arm over her shoulder, and he grins to himself, but says it hurts. He hops along beside her as she tells him to lean on her, but he decides it's too hard to keep up the pretense, since she's so much smaller than him. He walks ahead, but then reaches back for her hand.
  They find a rocky grotto surrounded by cliffs, so it's out of the cold wind, and Tae Sung says it's perfect, since they're Alone. *Hint hint* She wonders if Joon Hyuk or Se Na would have noticed they're missing, and he sulks that she's talking about Joon Hyuk again. When So Ra complains of the cold, Tae Sung unbuttons his shirt, and she tells him that he's cold, too. "Oh, that? I was just going to sit on it, because it's so rocky here." Little punk! When So Ra sits down next to the shirt, he sneakily drapes it over her shoulders.
  So Ra hopes someone will be able to find them on this deserted island, and Tae Sung says he remembers the lessons he learned watching castaway movies, so he won't let her starve. He remembers something? But it's just the movies, no memories of where, when, or who he watched them with.
  He decides this little island isn't so bad, and asks So Ra if she wants to live there with him, leaving all the complications of their lives behind. Even her dad and the uncles. But she says that they aren't complications, they're an essential part of her life, and she has to protect them. "What about me?" So sad, yet so hopeful! She reminds him that he'll leave when he gets his memory back, whether it's as Nam Hae or Yang Tae Sung. He asks whether it's one or the other, he'll still have to leave? She doesn't answer. He tells her to sleep and goes to stand further out on the beach. 
  She finally follows him, but he doesn't respond when she says his name. She notices a shooting star and asks if he knows to make a wish. He tells her he knows, and he's been making them every time he sees a shooting star. She guesses that he'll get his memories back soon, then, if he's made that many wishes for it. He responds that it's been a while since the last time that was his wish.

  She tells him she made a wish, too, but he's worried he won't like it, so he refuses to ask. She steps up on a rock next to him and looks him in the eyes. "I'll tell you my wish, but you have to decide later if it makes you angry." She reaches out and kisses him. He finally puts his arms around her and kisses back.
  She wakes up the next morning in their grotto, but there's no Tae Sung beside her. She goes out looking for him, and finds him catching things on the beach. He has all sorts of seafood caught in tidepools. He congratulates himself on being so resourceful and tucks a dandelion behind her ear. She asks how they're going to cook it with no fire, and he teases her that she doesn't get any, since her attitude's so bad.
  Joon Hyuk goes back to the police station to inquire about the search, and is told they've already set out. He informs the officer that they're looking for live bodies, since they can both swim. He goes to the lobby and tells the uncles and Dad that the search party has set out, now they just have to wait. Dad sneaks off to go to kindergarten, but is held up by Se Na, who brought everyone breakfast. Bandanna yells at her that they won't be able to eat anything in the state they're in, and she apologizes. Joon Hyuk follows to comfort her, and she comforts him in turn.
  The family joins them, and they decide that Joon Hyuk will take Dad to school, Bandanna and Maknae will go out on the boat, and 2nd Uncle will stay at command central, in case they hear anything.
  Tam Hae celebrates their loss by visiting the salon and bragging about how milky her skin is. Also, her son Penguin is coming back today!

  So Ra makes a big SOS in the sand on the beach, while Tae Sung lies in the O. They hear a boat, and So Ra yells for it, but the boat misses them. Honestly, her red dress is probably the first thing they'll notice. Tae Sung pouts and repeats his offer to live there, lying next to each other. *Wink wink* So Ra isn't having that, though. She has to get back to her family.
  He asks if they can just have one more day together on the island. "Why do you have to be so proactive? Do you hate being with me so much? If you were going to be like that, why did you do. . . (kissy face) last night?!" (Poor guy really wants a honeymoon!)
  Joon Hyuk takes Dad back to the house to get his things. While there, Dad shows off his pog skills. Joon Hyuk notices some strange notes in one of the pogs and opens it to find a note saying "Loyalty. I am writing this and pledging my loyalty to you in blood, hyungnim. 5/4/1998 Yang Man Ho (President's name.)" Another pog is made from the poster of Tam Hee's old lover, the father of Penguin. Dad tells him everything about them. But it's a secret.
  Joon Hyuk sends Dad off and takes the evidence with him. He realizes that the DNA won't match, since Penguin isn't President's real son.
  Tam Hee picks Penguin up at the airport. Aww, he even brought her a penguin hat! He tells her that if they build a hotel at the south pole, there'll be no competition, since it's all penguins. (Which means you'll have no business either, you dolt!) Tam Hee congratulates him on being just as considerate as his father. Which is when Joon Hyuk comes up all friendly-like, and offers him coffee.

  Tam Hee tries to win Joon Hyuk over, and acts all nice and chummy with him. After Penguin leaves, she tells Joon Hyuk that he's just her type. Plus, she's single now, and has money, a pretty face, beautiful body, and a great personality. I shudder and Joon Hyuk cringes back into his chair. She leaves all flirty-like, and makes a point of brushing his knee as she passes, thinking she's convinced him. As soon as she's gone, he requests a plastic bag and wraps up Penguin's glass to send for a DNA sample.
  He goes up to Tae Sung's suite and bribes the nosy maid for her help collecting Tae Sung's DNA. She tells him that Tae Sung and So Ra use different rooms and bathrooms.
  Out in the middle of the ocean, Maknae yells Nam Hae! over and over. Cuz that's going to find them. Bandanna sobs in despair, and 2nd Uncle paces nervously. Wait, I thought he was staying behind. Oh well.
  Joon Hyuk meets with his lawyer friend and hands off the DNA samples, including the message written in blood by President. Smart, very smart.
  So Ra finishes crafting a raft and oars out of garbage washed up on the island. She's ready to leave, but Tae Sung sulks and says that she doesn't want to be with him. She complains that she's hungry, so hungry, and all she wants is ramen and rice. He yells "Do you like ramen and rice more than me?!" but she just pouts till he gives in. The raft tips as they hit the waves, but luckily a helicopter heads their way.

  Joon Hyuk is relieved to find out they're safe. The uncles cry. And Tam Hee throws a tantrum in the hotel lobby. (I really feel bad for her long-suffering bodyguard this episode.) Back on the island, near the giant SOS, is a note drawn in the sand saying Nam Hae ♥ So Ra 2012-9-7, and a tide pool built to catch shellfish. Aww, Tae Sung, why so sweet?

  In the ambulance, So Ra rejoices at getting back, and makes sure her uncles were contacted. Tae Sung just stares at her, slack-jawed and smiling. When she asks what he's looking at, he tells her "I'm alive. I'm contacting you." When she just looks confused, he explains that she's the only person who he has to contact. She takes his hand and thanks him for coming back alive. They playfully grab at each other, while the paramedic looks ready to gag. Sorry, dude, but they deserve to be this adorably gross together. If you only knew.
  At the hospital, the doctor evaluates him, then prescribes a new medication to help his amnesia. In the bathroom, he thinks it over, then chucks the meds in the trash. Joon Hyuk sees and calls him out on it. He returns with barbs about unrequited love, and even offers to buy consolatory booze for Joon Hyuk. Joon Hyuk demands a DNA sample, but he says he'll give it when he's good and ready. Joon Hyuk warns him to think of how all this affects So Ra.

  So Ra takes a bath at the hotel, and Tae Sung peeks his head in to offer a glass of wine. She throws a shampoo bottle at him to get him out. Next he offers to pour wine in the bath, since he's heard it's good for the skin, but she throws a towel. He peeks in again with a rose in his teeth and asks if she wants it behind her ear. "Or better yet, how about I join you in the bath?" She throws a wet loofah, and it hits him square in the face. "You little devil!" 
  Tae Sung drinks with the uncles and Dad, and Dad asks him to take care of his poor motherless child. He agrees, calling him Dad, and can't quite hide his grin at being able to do so. Bandanna says he knew, ever since they pulled him out of the sea in their nets, that Tae Sung would be their luck. He then passes out. 2nd Uncle tries to stagger down the hall, but runs into the wall, falls down, and passes out too, in So Ra's room.
  Maknae keeps drinking, and Tae Sung asks how he'll drive if he's drunk, but he insists he's staying the night. He offers to make Tae Sung the pitcher on their baseball team, complete with a uniform. But then he remembers that Tae Sung uses banmal with him and tells him to stop, since the ink has barely dried on Tae Sung's ID, and Maknae is already an uncle. An Uncle! He, too, passes out. Dad gets angry that they're all asleep and vows to not sleep one wink, before promptly falling asleep on the table.

  So Ra comes out to tuck everyone in, and says she'll just sleep in Tae Sung's room. He excitedly asks "You want to sleep with me?", but she decides to just bunk with 2nd Uncle instead. He begrudgingly offers to sleep in the living room, and sighs when she goes to his room without him. He falls back on the floor, and immediately Maknae and Bandanna drape themselves across him. Trapped! Haha!
  Joon Hyuk and Se Na console one another over their one-sided loves. Joon Hyuk's lawyer friend happens by and coincidentally has the DNA results with him. We don't know what they say, yet, but the lawyer says it's pretty complicated.
  Tam Hee pulls up to the hotel the next day, and Maknae helps her out of her car, now that he's back to being a bellhop. They trade barbs, and she goes inside, but Maknae notices Joo Hee having a hard time unloading the shopping bags from the trunk. He gets this smitten look, then insists on carrying them for her. (Nooooo, Maknae! Don't fall for the witch! She's too evil! And you're so cute!) 

  Tam Hee goes upstairs and runs into 2nd Uncle mopping the floor. So, you decided to give up the glamorous life, huh? She yells at him and stalks off. Joo Hee exits the elevator like a runway model, complete with hair blowing in the wind (from the air conditioner?), and 2nd Uncle insists on mopping the floor in front of her, so she steps on clean tile. Of course, she slips, but Maknae's there to catch her, and they have a moment. Poor 2nd Uncle! So disappointed. Maknae sees 2nd Uncle and runs away.
  Tae Sung and So Ra eat with their favorite shareholders, who have decided to join forces. However, their shares are very small, so they recommend convincing President Song, who's in the hospital and has wayward children, also. Joon Hyuk's already at the hospital, but he's meeting with President Song's son, to strike a deal for his father's hotel chain. As he leaves he runs into the newlyweds, and asks to speak to So Ra alone. Tae Sung doesn't want her to go, but agrees saying that it's not that he doesn't trust her, but he doesn't trust Joon Hyuk.
  Joon Hyuk warns her that she won't succeed and asks her to stop something she'll regret. But she answers that she'll regret not giving her best, not trying and failing.
  She runs back upstairs to meet her husband, and he tells her to wear cute shoes from now on, like the ones she's wearing. They even make her look like she's 4 palm lengths! "What you mean to say is that I look good!" Teach him well, So Ra.
  They go in the room, but President Song has soiled himself, causing a fight among his family. They run out on each other. Tae Sung wants to leave, but So Ra insists on helping President Song. She used to have to do this for Dad, but she's lucky he's better now. As she shares that, Tae Sung has this great look of sorrowful admiration for her. They introduce themselves, and So Ra starts telling him why they're there, but decides it's inappropriate to bring these things up to a patient. Instead she offers encouragement. 

  As they leave the hospital, So Ra shares some of her past with her sick father. Tae Sung realizes how angry she must have been at President, and she says it was more than anger—she wanted him to suffer the same things. She swears that if Tae Sung is really President's son, he'll be out of her life. She also tells him that the fight that injured her father was over getting rid of the casino. She swears revenge on President. Tae Sung runs after her, yelling that she's scary. Haha! In the car on the way back, he takes her hand and gives her the most adorable wink.
  Joon Hyuk shows up at Se Na's work to take her out for lunch. She teases him about abandoning her earlier, and compares him to Tae Sung, who also used to leave her. He bristles at any mention of any Tae Sung. She admits that she saw how pitiful Tae Sung was and used that to get close to him. If she was nice to him, he wouldn't be able to throw her away, because he'd feel bad. She knew that the more pity he felt towards her, the more he'd be tied to her, and she took advantage of that. Joon Hyuk complains about all the women falling for Tae Sungs and asks if he should change his name.
  Se Na shows him a picture of her husband and he stares in shock. "Is that guy really him?"
  I said it last time. Joon Hyuk is going to be the one to figure everything out, and he'll definitely use his knowledge of Tae Sung's identity to try to win So Ra. I think the major question I have now is how long he'll drag it out for maximum impact. Will it be next episode, or will we have to wait until the finale? Our OTP is close enough now that Tae Sung's being married to another woman won't really be sufficient to keep them apart, so it's a matter of time before the angst-fest really gets going.
  Speaking of angst, I was really upset about how this episode began, with Tae Sung blatantly ignoring the obvious, and not listening to So Ra, but I'm happy they resolved things so quickly. That's one thing I like about this show: they don't really drag things out beyond what's necessary. And most of these things come up as part of the loving spoofing of the genre, and then they're over. The one exception being the Se Na/Tae Sung almost-sightings. It's like he's her Bigfoot. Or Nessie.
  I really loved the cute moments in this episode, and there were so many. Pretty much the whole island part was awesome. Also the bath scene. And I love to see the reliance the OTP has developed in one another. At the beginning of this episode, Tae Sung felt hurt and betrayed by So Ra's almost (and very forced) kiss with Joon Hyuk. To the point that he questioned ever trusting her at all. But by the end, he has complete and absolute trust in her, even alone with his rival. And that didn't really take the whole episode to develop, even if it took him the whole episode to express it. Pretty much, their kiss said everything he needed to know. 
  I've really gotten to the point where I want to see Se Na and Joon Hyuk become a thing. Because they're already dating, even if they don't realize it, and they would really make a good match. I think she'd help him overcome the darker side of his character in an awesome way. (But hopefully that doesn't happen too soon, because I need to see some Evil Joon Hyuk action first. I really don't want the creepy kiss-forcing Joon Hyuk to show up again, but I want to see him go all-out in his attempt to take over the hotel.) 

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