Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Panda and Hedgehog Episode 6 Recap

  Our OTP finds a reason to start dating, mysteries arise about Won Il (though nothing too big), and Eun Bi starts to show her nasty side. Also, Seung Ji tries on some pink headbands.

  Customer introduces the stranger to Panda and Seung Ji. He's president of the company where she wants to work, and a famous writer. Since he's here, does that mean she's got the job? Unfortunately, he says he's there to meet Seung Ji.
  Customer tells Panda he must have ulterior motives for coming all this way, and Panda asks if it's because he likes her (Customer). She covers Panda's mouth and tells her she doesn't know anything about dating—she should pretend she doesn't know. Seung Ji runs out and rescues Panda, saying Customer will smother her like that. He tells them that the writer asked for macarons that taste like dating, whatever that means.
  Won Il asks about the new pastries, and is told that Step-dad made them. Step-dad comes up and says he created them on his own. Won Il tells him he's embarrassed and lets him know he's aware of his underhanded tactics. Mom comes to say the foreign customers are here and they need the new products packaged and ready to go. Won Il insists that they sell something else, but is ignored by Step-dad and rebuked by his mom.
  Seung Ji haggles with the Writer over prices, and they settle their terms. Seung Ji asks how he heard of him, and he says Seung Ji's products are superior to those of the company he initially hired—Saint Honore. Seung Ji refuses the money—he just wants the article to say that he was chosen over Saint Honore and why.
  Won Il, Glasses, and Eun Bi discuss the new product—can they do anything about it if it isn't an exact copy of Seung Ji's? Eun Bi points out that Seung Ji also sent over a sample, implying that Step-dad can use that as leverage against any action Won Il might take.
  Customer comes to a stumped Seung Ji and asks him if he's ever dated. She recommends that he tries out dating with Panda, just to get the hang of things. He scoffs, and she replies "Then, do you want to date me?" Panda comes in and Seung Ji starts considering.
  Eun Bi points out to her coworker that there's something odd about Won Il—she's never seen him eat any of their cakes. In his office, Won Il gets ready to try one of Step-dad's copycat macarons, but Glasses stops him. He says he can't eat that, and even Step-dad shouldn't be eating cakes, and if Won Il eats it, he's admitting defeat.
  Seung Ji gives Panda a hard time, but she tells him this will determine the future of Cafe Panda and runs upstairs to change. Won Yi and Da Na return with some supplies Seung Ji asked for, and Panda comes down wearing a shirt that matches his. The girls ask why they match—are they going on a date? Seung Ji looks at Panda and she chuckles to herself.
  The two show up at a cafe, but Seung Ji says it's dumb, when they work at a cafe. So  they move on to Plan B—a jjimjilbang. He's upset, but Panda explains that they can put their hair up, eat boiled eggs, and watch tv lying side by side. "What? Side by side?!?" "Well, if it's too awkward, one of us can sit up." Seung Ji says they can just do all that at home, so it's another bust. She snaps at him that he can just choose, then. 
  He chooses a movie theater, and says he's great at coming up with ideas. Panda says that this was her next choice, so really, he's not all that original, either. They argue over whether to watch an action movie or a melo, and end up with. . . Madagascar 3. I haven't seen it, but I'm not sure there's much of either action or melodrama. Kekeke.

  Panda falls asleep, and her head drifts over to Seung Ji's shoulder. He props it back up, but she continues to bob, so he carefully puts it back on his shoulder. She starts snoring, and the patrons around them start complaining. He apologizes, and tries to plug her nose, but she moves away, snoring contentedly.

  Won Il is still mulling over what to do about the macarons, and Eun Bi comes in to ask if he will go with her to Panda's. When he agrees, she considers it a small victory and the first step to winning his heart.

  Panda and Seung Ji leave the theater, she feeling well-rested, and he rubbing his shoulder. He says he's so embarrassed and asks how a girl can snore like that. She apologizes, since she assumes he's upset that he couldn't hear over her snoring. She suggests they go get something to eat, and grabs his arm. He says she's acting so comfortable and ribs her about borrowing more money—"I just seem like a moneylender to you, right?" "Yes."

  He menacingly tells her that since he doesn't have blood or tears to give her, she'd better not take him lightly, and shakes his fist under her nose. "I'm scary, right?" Panda replies, pretending to be scared and stuttering "You're scary, just like your tattoo." Then breaks into a smile and says let's go. She grabs his arm again, and tells him that as a panda, her fur is so thick that she doesn't feel the pricks of the hedgehog. Aww, cute.
  Eun Bi and Won Il discuss how Panda doesn't want Saint Honore to scout Seung Ji. Eun Bi says that Panda told her that she can't afford for him to get famous and move on, because she'd go out of business. Ummm, that doesn't sound like Panda. She explains further that that's how Panda always talks, which is why she has no friends. Eun Bi just manages to tolerate her. If they were to really talk about how bad her personality is, Eun Bi could go on for days.
  Won Il asks if there's another reason Panda is mad at him. Eun Bi says it's not because she's angry, but because she fell so hard for Seung Ji, that there's no room for anyone else in her heart. After worrying so long about her cafe and money, suddenly she has a man who can take care of both. It's like a gift from heaven. Plus, Panda's kinda dumb, so she can only focus on one thing at a time.
  She moves on from lying about Panda, and asks why Won Il can't eat cake? Is it because it upset his stomach? He can't improve the company without trying the product. She whispers (I think she thinks she's being seductive) "Do you want me to be your lips and tongue?" Ew. Won Il just gives her a confused/slightly nauseated look. She brags about how great her palate is, how well she scored on the employment exam, and how the president noticed her right away. "Oops, I got carried away focusing on my good points!" She thinks to herself that she's been successful in the second step of making him fall for her.

  Seung Ji and Panda go to an outdoor market and try on headbands (his has spikes, natch) and buy shoes, clothes and makeup. Every time she asks for him to help her decide, he buys all the options.

  Eun Bi and Won Il show up at the cafe, and Aunt and Customer tell them Panda and Seung Ji are out on a date (Won Il "A what?!"), and Da Na and Won Yi are eating out with Seung Ji's friends. Won Il asks "Won Yi hangs out with his friends?!" She even follows them around calling them "hyungnim." He asks about the massage chair, and they tell him Seung Ji uses it most, so they put it in his room. Won Il imagines Seung Ji gloating in the massage chair.
  Da Na, Won Yi, and Seung Ji's friends are chasing down Lamesauce. I love that Won Yi is ahead of all the others, but it might have something to do with the fact that Host Club is wearing flip-flops. Won Il pulls up and grabs his sister, pushing her into the car. Host Club mourns that Eun Bi saw him dresses so casually.
  Won Yi bemoans the fact that her brother interfered when she almost had Lamesauce. Won Il snaps at her and asks why she was chasing that guy. Because Seung Ji told them to. "Whose sister are you, anyway?!!" Won Yi asks why he's so grumpy, and Eun Bi tells her it's because Panda and Seung Ji were out. "Why are you so worried about two people who were working?" "Working?" Won Yi explains that they are doing research on dating. In the back seat, Eun Bi is practically crying, but Won Il is suddenly elated.
  Panda keeps stopping at every store, and Seung Ji says he's becoming too frustrated to make macarons now. She asks why he's so anxious, and he says because Da Na and Won Il might be waiting. A store clerk comes up and hears them bickering and asks if Panda's been like that since the beginning of their relationship? He talks about kids, and when they go to leave, says "Are you really going to be like that? Dad, just buy this for Mom, okay?" Both yell back that she's not a mom, and leave in a huff.
  They get back to the cafe, and Panda apologizes for keeping him out so late. He tells her he has a headache from all the shopping, and that's not really dating. (You're in a Korean drama, that IS how it's done.) She tells him to get some rest, and he can make the macarons he wants in the morning. "Good work today, Dad!" she says and skips off. Seung Ji is left puzzled: "Dad?"
  Won Il and Glasses discuss what to do about the copying situation. They've already sold over 2000. Won Il promises not to get into a fight when he tells Seung Ji later that day. Glasses asks if he's told Won Yi, but he says he can't tell her her father is that kind of person. They also decide that she might try to do something to Seung Ji if she finds out.
  Step-dad presents an advertising idea to Writer, and writer instantly recognizes the macarons. He asks when they made them, and is told they started yesterday. Writer says he needs to consult with an advertiser named David before he can okay the product. Step-dad curses Writer as they leave, and Mom wants to make sure they don't know about Seung Ji's macarons—they'll need to pay him off. He calls President Cho, a shady character they know.
  Panda comes down that day in one of her new dresses—a cute white lace one. Seung Ji doesn't like it, and she pouts, since he bought it for her yesterday, and it's perfect for a date. She runs to go change again, and Won Yi and Da Na ask to go shopping with them today, since he's obviously not dressed for a date. (Who runs the store when they're all gallivanting around all the time, I wonder.)
  Seung Ji takes Panda for a hike, but they argue over the merits of hiking. 
  P: Is there something to see at the top?  SJ: No, but there are flowers, trees and mineral water.  P: There are flowers and trees down here, too. And you can always buy mineral water.   SJ: Young people don't know anything! Mineral water is best straight from the ground.  P: You can have ice, you know. Plus I don't want to mess up my hair and makeup by getting all sweaty today.
  So, Seung Ji decides to take her somewhere more suited to a Panda. . . an exercise park. She doesn't like this idea either, and they bicker some more. He tells her if she isn't going to act like a panda, she should change her name to Duck Feet. He promises to take her to a good place tomorrow, and she stalks off to "go ride somewhere in the van." Which gives him an idea.
  They pull into a parking lot, and he opens the door for her. She's impressed by his sudden show of dating manners, and gets out. He gets in on the passenger side and tells her to get in. "What? You're a pervert! You want me to sit on your lap?!" "I'm going to teach you to drive." Great idea—every woman wants to be criticized for her driving on a second date. (Also, why is it that dramas continuously peddle the stereotype of bad women drivers? Don't be so sexist, dramas!)
  Panda insists on putting on makeup before driving, so her skin won't get burnt, natch. She's going to take a picture, so she insists on Seung Ji putting some on as well. He criticizes her about putting on too much, so she puts blush on his nose. Haha!
  Bum Bo goes shopping with Cherry Blossom, and she asks about the tastes of the girl he's trying to impress. He tries to act like nothing's going on, but she sees right through him and says so. He stammers something about Seung Ji and Panda hooking up, and Cherry Blossom realizes it's Da Na he likes. (Cute! I could totally see them together, and I've been hoping they'd get a story line.)
  Back to the driving lesson—Seung Ji yells at Panda for not doing anything right. She yells right back, and wonders why it's important to learn turning—she just needs to go straight, and if she needs help parking, she'll just find a man to do it for her. (Ugh, seriously?! Drama, you're killing me right now!) He yells at her using banmal, and she gets even angrier. The fight starts to get personal, and Panda leaves in the van. (Which has a little hedgehog sticker in the back that I haven't noticed before! Cute!)

  On her way back, she stops at a red light, where Lamesauce is waiting to cross. He comes over and asks what she's doing driving a car. He offers to drive for her, but says he changed his mind once he gets behind the "handle" (steering-wheel, I just had to use a new Konglish word.) and "borrows" it for a few days.

  Seung Ji goes to Grandpa to complain, but he asks why he isn't dressed nicely for the date? "Didn't Panda wear something pretty and fluttery?" "She did, but I couldn't teach her to drive in that." "Go apologize NOW! Also, you should never teach a girl to drive on a date!" Seung Ji says the macaron idea was a bust, and Grandpa advises him to go sleep so he can organize his thoughts. How can he, when all that's in his head is Panda? His friends come in, all dressed nice, and Grandpa says that's how you dress for dating.
  Panda is collapsed on her couch and Da Na tells her to come down to see a customer. She hopefully asks "Seung Ji?", but it's Won Il instead. While he waits, Won Yi brings him a drink, and he asks about Seung Ji. Won Yi hedges for a bit, but caves when he threatens not to give her allowance next month. She tells him about the fight, and his jaw drops as he looks up to see Panda in her cute lace dress. Won Yi tells him to wipe the drool off his face. He tells her she's pretty.

  Lamesauce decides he needs something to eat, so he uses the money in Panda's wallet and snoops through her phone, especially the photos of her and Seung Ji. Seung Ji sits in the park griping at his friends. He gets a message from Panda saying "I like you. What about you, baby?" Host Club grabs the phone and reads the message, saying that Panda is more forward than he thought. Seung Ji takes his phone back and stalks off. 
  He strolls through the park looking at the pics sent, and giggling to himself. How should he answer? He sees some flowers and smiles.

  Panda and Won Il sit in the window talking. He tells her that he can't just talk to Seung Ji over the phone. She brings up the massage chair, and he asks why it's in Seung Ji's room. He tells her that the chair represents his heart, and she should stop looking at it from a monetary standpoint. He asks to go for a drive, and she brings up the booger cafe incident. He explains that he wasn't really talking about her cafe—he wouldn't disrespect her parents like that. He asks her to forget it. She says she won't forgive him next time, just as Seung Ji walks up with flowers, and they pinky swear. They start teasing one another and Seung Ji angrily leaves.
  He goes to Grandpa's and angrily deletes the text and photos, before swearing that he'll never see her again. He has a video montage of all their dating moments over the past 2 days, and starts to feel conflicted again. He gets to work on some new macarons.
  Eun Bi shows Won Il the website redesign, complete with photos of Step-dad and his new macarons—which Won Il had instructed not to be used. Panda leaves her house and sees the new macarons displayed in the window. She runs off to find Seung Ji. Won Il comes to the store to talk, and goes off in search of them. She finds Seung Ji in the exercise park and grabs his hands, just as Won Il spots them.

  One of the things that often annoys me in kdramas and jdoramas is the lack of touching, when it really seems unnatural. Obviously, there are people who aren't touchy-feely (I happen to be one of them), and I get the impression that that's more common in Korea and Japan. I also understand that the writers like to build tension by holding off on the skinship, but sometimes it just doesn't fit with characters whose personalities seem more touchy. And I'm not just talking about romantic skinship, either, but touch in general.

  That's one thing I really like about this show: Panda is a touchy person—not excessively, but appropriately. And they show that, mostly with Seung Ji, although I still don't think she's even thought about actually liking him in that way. (She totally does, but I don't think she's thought about it.) It just feels more natural for her to touch people, and it fits so well with her warm and open character, and I like that. So it makes sense to me that the writers are also going to use this as a point of friction between the three leads.
  I'm still sad that the strain between Panda and Won Il seems a bit manufactured. In other dramas, you definitely get the sense that timing is a big part of which relationships are going to blossom and which aren't. I don't get that here, but I think we're supposed to. It just doesn't fit that Won Il wouldn't be trying harder to woo Panda when he has loved her for so long and had determined to do something about it. I know he keeps seeing Panda and Seung Ji together, but it really feels like the writers aren't giving him a fighting chance, and I think his character would do more. So, that conflict doesn't jive well with me.
  I know I've said before that I love Won Il, and I do have a bit of second-lead syndrome, but I really like Seung Ji as well, and I really want to feel a tug-of-war between the two men. There's great material there, I just think it's being ignored or short-changed. *Pouty face*
  I also like that we're finally getting to see the bad side of Eun Bi. The character description says that she has been Panda's friend for a long time, but when she gets jealous, the claws really come out. We haven't really seen that up until now, and although she's not a particularly likable character, she hasn't shown that jealousy much. I really think she's not a very sincere friend, and it will be interesting if her character can go full-out awful. I hope the writers don't try too hard to redeem her in the end. Sometimes you just need a hateful villain.


  1. "(Who runs the store when they're all gallivanting around all the time, I wonder.)"

    Hehe, true. However my local bakery too only opens half day, early morning so people around here know to go shopping then. I wondered what they did for the rest of the day AND now I know. Still, isn't more of a cafe type thing...urgh, this is going to bug me now!

    1. Haha! It seems that most dramas that take place outside the workplace do this. It's just extra obvious here, since they're the ONLY employees.

    2. I watched the last few episodes again, and now that you have brought this issue to the forefront of my mind, I keep noticing, like how whenever they walk in to the 'open' shop there is no one around. I mean no customers or staff... Just all those sweet things on display...

  2. I realize this is a year late, but Panda's money snatching is really bugging me. I know he is throwing it around (I seriously want to know where he got it all), but still. She's a bit much. And with the dating thing too, complaining about everything. Though the driving makes sense. And Lamesauce too! I don't understand why they aren't doing anything! I mean like you said last recao at least report it!