Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Panda and Hedgehog Episode 10 Recap

  So much awkward and cute in one episode! Gah! Things are really starting to get moving, and we have less angst than I anticipated. (Always a plus in my book.) But we do get enough to make things interesting.

  A devastated Won Il leaves the site of his unintentional Peeping Tomery. 
  Panda ends the kiss, and reassures Seung Ji that she's not drunk, although she feels dizzy. Doesn't he? She uncertainly asks if he'll be mad at her for taking advantage of a younger guy, and he stiffly and awkwardly says no. He runs out. Panda chases after him asking why he's being so awkward.  
  Seung Ji gets some water, and Panda runs up, demanding some as well. When he reaches for another glass, she tells him that now that they're close it's okay if they share. He grabs a glass anyway, and gives her water. He goes to leave again, but she stops him, and tells him that it just happened, like her lips were drawn to a magnet. It's her first time, so she's a bit confused and ashamed. He finally relents and says he liked it. "Really?" He stiffly says yes and wanders back to his studio. Panda says to herself "I suddenly feel like I have the whole world." (Okay, I love how adorably awkward and sweet this whole scene is. They're so inexperienced, but both are trying so hard in their own way.)
  She follows him back into the studio and asks if he wants to initiate things this time. He tells her that although he liked it, and would like to kiss her again, he doesn't think they should. She assumes he wants to take things slow, but he reminds her that he hasn't been able to find the right things to tell her yet. She tells him that if he's worried about his qualifications, she doesn't have much to offer, either. She almost lost everything, and he saved her cafe—"not that that's why I chose you over Won Il. I like you for other reasons."
  He asks if they'll just separate later, and she explains how much she hates the thought of separating from someone she's close to. Which is probably why she brought up marriage before, because she was nervous and afraid of separation. "Are you afraid I'll suddenly come to dislike you someday?" 
  He answers that it's not so much that she'll come to dislike him, as it's that he has things about him which are worthy of that dislike. They come from different worlds, and he doesn't want to see her innocence taken from her. She tells him that in the last few days, he ran 100 meters away from her, but she closed the gap as quickly as she could. All that matters is where they are right now, as long as they'd be together, right? She also reassures him that she won't rush him into anything. She tells him she'll go to bed to let him think, and squeezes his hand. 

  He grabs her in a hug, tells her he's sorry and that he's grateful, and then kisses her forehead. She goes upstairs, and I'm not sure if she's just really really thoughtful, or if she's about to cry. I'm inclined to think it's the latter.
  Won Il is at home looking over Seung Ji's file. He puts it down and starts sobbing. (There there, noona's here. Poor lovesick man!)
  Aunt comes into the kitchen early in the morning to find Panda making a chart. She asks why she's so pensive, and she shows her the "Qualification Sheet" she's drawn up. 
     Looks: Seung Ji=A   Me=A?
     Personality: Seung Ji=B   Me=A
     Age: Seung Ji=A   Me=B
     Capability: Seung Ji=A   Me=C
  Does Aunt think this is a fair representation? "For what? To determine who should be the boss of the cafe?" Panda tells her that Seung Ji's worried about not qualifying for her love, and says that she already fell for him. She's so cute in her attempts to be objective and logical about love!
  Seung Ji is awake, thinking about their hug. He wonders if he's crazy, because he misses her. "It wasn't this bad before." He tries sending her a text asking her to come down so he can explain everything, but can't bring himself to send it. 
  Panda tells Aunt that she wants to find out what he's so worried about on her own, so that she can reassure him that it doesn't matter. Aunt tells her that there's someone who knows everything, and she can just ask him.

  Won Il shows up to work with sunglasses on, trying to hide his face, and Eun Bi asks if Hedgehog punched him again—"Ah, wait, you weren't hit that time. He just roughed you up." So not helping. He tries to get rid of her, but Won Yi comes in bearing a cake made by Glasses. When he's distracted, she rips off his sunglasses and wonders if a mosquito bit him. Eun Bi replies that his eyes are swollen because he cried. They give him his shades back out of pity.
  Panda shows up at Grandpa's house, with her own eye problem—dark circles from staying up all night. She says that in her family, when they're distressed, they become pandas. Haha! Grandpa drags Cherry Blossom off to make a plan.
  He's decided he'll tell Panda about Seung Ji's past, while the guys take Seung Ji out to eat. Cherry Blossom thinks it would be better if Seung Ji told on his own, but Grandpa explains that he'd be confrontational about it and ruin his chances. But if Grandpa tells, he'll point out how sad and lonely Seung Ji's been, and how he's a great person. He's already shed a lifetime's worth of tears, and he won't let him shed more by losing his one true love. 
  Step-dad and Mom overhear customers choosing Cafe Panda over Saint Honore, and Step-dad loses it. He decides he's going to use Mina's image and put their macarons on it and hang it up all over the building. Mom tries to convince him that it would be better to just hire Seung Ji, but he insists that's not how he does things. Plus he'd lose lots of money that way. He reminds Mom that she's supposed to investigate Eun Bi's connection to Panda. 
  Seung Ji comes into the cafe looking for Panda, but Da Na tells her she already went out. She shows him a list of orders for more cakes, thanks to the kids telling everyone they know. Lamesauce is excited to get to work; he even got a haircut! (I almost didn't recognize him. Heh.) 
  Da Na and Lamesauce explain how Seung Ji needs to move upstairs, so he's closer to Panda. Plus, Lamesauce is moving in, and his snoring would keep Seung Ji up all night, so he wouldn't be able to work. Seung Ji isn't very happy with this plan, and tells them he'll think about it.
  Panda and Grandpa sit awkwardly in the park, not talking.
  Eun Bi calls Da Na and tells her to have Seung Ji hurry and make her cake so they can have their brownie game. She asks if Won Il and Seung Ji fought, and if not, why are Won Il's eyes so puffy? Mom walks in and overhears plenty of the conversation. She demands Eun Bi give her her phone, and asks what the relations are between Panda, Won Il, and Seung Ji, and how they relate to Eun Bi.
  "Well, you see, Panda's a friend—but definitely not a close friend. Seung Ji is her patissiere, and Won Il—" "Did you introduce him to Panda?" Eun Bi explains that they knew each other in elementary school. Mom demands to see a photo of Seung Ji, but Eun Bi doesn't have one. Nor does she have one of Panda. (Uh oh, I see where this is heading.) Mom keeps scrolling through the many many selcas on Eun Bi's phone, but stops short when she sees the one of Step-dad accosting the female employee. Eun Bi suddenly realizes that it's not her photos of Won Il that mom's upset about, but the ones she took as proof of Step-dad's evil. She snatches her phone back. 
  Step-dad bullies an employee into creating the images of Mina with Saint Honore's macarons, despite the employee's insistence that it violates the law. After he sends his employee away, he tells himself that he'll be able to get rid of Won Il once and for all when he finds out his connection to Cafe Panda and Seung Ji. 
It's not so awesome to call you Glasses when you hardly wear them anymore.
  Glasses lectures Won Il about doing nothing when he saw the kiss, but Won Il explains that it was Panda who started things. He doesn't want to lose her, but he also doesn't want to try to steal her from Seung Ji. He really wants to ask why Seung Ji had to live "there" for so long. (He starts to say prison, but stops himself.) Won Yi hears from outside the office.
  Mom warns Eun Bi and her cohort that they had better not ever mention the fact that she's seen that photo. To anyone. She makes Eun Bi send her the photo and erase it, and the cohort erases the photos she has, too. Mom says that they can't tell anyone, until she's decided what to do. 
  Won Il wanders out to find his mom surveying the patisserie. She asks him if he thinks he's capable of running things on his own, and he answers yes. She tells him that her one condition is that he meet girls of her choosing. He doesn't have to get married right away, but she needs control over this aspect of his life right now. To her amazement, he readily agrees to her terms. Poor, sad little puppy!
  Panda and Grandpa stroll through the park, still not talking. Cherry Blossom and Host Club meet Seung Ji at the cafe, while the detective watches from across the street. Lamesauce and Host Club pack up Seung Ji's things to move them upstairs without his knowledge.

  Da Na nags Seung Ji about not eating when she asked him to, but when Cherry Blossom asks, he complies right away. He compliments Cherry Blossom on bringing his favorite foods, and Da Na says they look like mother and son when they talk like that. He yells at her that there's no way she looks like his mom. "She's like my youngest older sister." So cute. He asks about Grandpa, but Cherry Blossom hedges.
  Panda cries alone in the park, while Grandpa lectures a photo of Seung Ji. "She's a good person. You can't lose her, you rascal!"
  Seung Ji sends off Cherry Blossom and Host Club, and the detective pulls out one of the Missing Child posters to compare.
  Panda forlornly walks home, and Won Yi sees her and hugs her from behind. When she sees her face, she asks if she's been crying too. Panda makes some excuse and asks who else had been crying. Won Yi explains that her brother messed up his timing again and saw Panda and Seung Ji kissing last night. But she's not supposed to know, so she's been avoiding him. Panda tells her she's embarrassed, but Won Yi says it's a natural part of relationships, so she has nothing to be ashamed of.
  Won Il shows up at the prison to see the place Seung Ji lived. Glasses calls and tells him that he actually got the info on Seung Ji from a dodgy friend who knows him. He had a rough childhood, but is a strong enough person that he could make a completely different life for himself. He says that he likes Seung Ji, so don't judge him by his record. 

  Panda tells Won Yi that she needs to apologize and explain to Won Il. Won Yi answers that he really wants to talk to Seung Ji about living "there," although she doesn't know where there is. She worries that her brother would be clingy even after rejection. He needs to realize that he should tackle the problems he can solve and leave the rest to work themselves out. Panda figures out that she should apply that to her own situation, and thanks Won Yi for her good advice. Won Yi sings her a song to cheer her up.
  Won Il calls Seung Ji to have a talk, but he's too busy filling custom orders and won't have time for a couple days. Lamesauce runs in and tells Seung Ji to come out, where several people are hanging out in the cafe. They are there to interview him after reading Mina's article about his macarons. They want to do a detailed story about his past and the path that led him to make such awesome pastries.
  He turns them down, and Panda comes in and offers to do the interview instead. Apparently, Da Na gave the reporters the go-ahead. Panda explains that she used to work as a journalist, so if they email their questions to her, she can reply with the answers. Also, the detective is sitting by the window, listening in. 
  Everyone goes outside to send off the reporters, leaving Seung Ji alone with the detective. The detective starts asking about where he learned to make cakes, and uses the excuse that he wants his son to learn the trade. Seung Ji doesn't give him an answer, but the detective says he'll probably be in regularly to talk about his son.

  Won Il comes home to find a whole bar set up on his table. Won Yi insists he drown his sorrows in alcohol, but he refuses, since he doesn't really like to drink. She tells him to be a good hyung to Hedgehog, and they end up having an ice war. I've missed the cute sibling interactions with these two.
  Seung Ji plans out the dessert for the brownie game, and tries to decide who of the three is the unluckiest. He crosses out himself, Panda, and Won Il, but then decides it must be Panda. Because she loves you? Sad! He goes downstairs to bed, but finds a snoring Lamesauce in his room. Panda comes and finds him as he's about to sleep on the couch in the cafe, and tells him to sleep upstairs. 
  She tells him about Won Il witnessing their kiss, and he thinks that must be why he wanted to talk. Panda requests that he let her talk to Won Il first. She shows him to his room, which is decorated with hearts and pictures, with the centerpiece being their photo from their driving date.

  She tells him she can't explain how special that picture is to her. She says that no matter what, she's already heard his answer, and she wants to stick so close to him that their lips can touch. He asks if she's going to wait for his confession before deciding that, but she answers that it won't matter, she'll still be there for him. She kisses him on the cheek on her way out, and warns him that his lips and cheeks are hers! "I wonder what I'll make mine tomorrow?" (Wow, Panda, are you really that forward? I thought he wanted to take things slow. Heehee.)
  After she goes, he tenderly touches her cheek in the photo. Outside, she says to his door that he can stop feeling cold now that he has her. 
  The next day the detective's son brings back the cake and demands a refund. Seung Ji tells him he can't do that on principle, but tells him to spend the day there instead. Panda tries to set up a meeting with Won Il, but he puts her off till later that day. Glasses asks if he's going to tell her about Seung Ji, and he says he won't.
  Beom Bo comes to eat with Cherry Blossom. Grandpa leaves, and Beom Bo feels bad, but she explains that he misses Seung Ji. She reassures Beom Bo that even though Seung Ji is Grandpa's favorite, he's her favorite, and he's made her adjustment to living there much easier.

  Grandpa watches Seung Ji and Panda flirting and playing around, thanking God that his prayers were answered.
  Panda meets Won Il in the park, and she reveals that she knows about Seung Ji's past. She asks if he wanted to keep it from her so she wouldn't cry alone, and he says yes. She apologizes to him for not choosing him and asks what he wanted to tell Seung Ji. He admits that he was going to ask Seung Ji not to date her and make her life harder.
  She answers that no matter what, she's going to stay by his side, and not worry about what other people say or think. She says that among all those critics, how many would be able to persevere as he did, and make a new life for themselves? She says that she really respects Seung Ji. She'll take all the stones thrown at him, and shower him with all the love and attention he never received growing up. This has become her purpose in life. 

  Won Il starts crying and she asks why. He tells her that he envies Seung Ji for winning the heart of such a great girl. He tells her he's proud of her, feels sorry for her, and likes her so much. She takes his hand and apologizes and thanks him. He tells her he hates her, but hates Hedgehog more. He jerks his hand away and wipes his tears.
  She tells him it's been 20 years since she last sang this song to comfort him, but she wants to sing it again. He asks what son it is, and she sings a tune from the soundtrack with the words of the mantra. He joins in. (Ah, so that's where the mantra came from. I guess it makes sense that Panda taught it to everyone.)
  I just love this scene! Even when Won Il says he hates her, he says it with a tenderness and a sadness that's very sweet and touching. They really have a deep understanding of one another, and I really think that they'll be able to be great friends after a little time apart. And while there's heartache and bitterness there, it's overcome by the sweetness that defines their relationship.
  Panda comes home as the detective's son leaves, having spent all day sampling rice-based cakes that Seung Ji made. He tells her he'll be back again tomorrow. She goes inside and asks why Seung Ji is angry, and he tells her that it's because he found a passion in baking that made him happy. But that kid. . . . Panda tells him he's a good influence for the kid and can help him stay away from trouble. 

  She says a prayer thanking God for letting Seung Ji find this path in his life and for bringing him into hers, for letting her share his burdens, and for helping him overcome the difficulties of his life. She asks that Hedgehog can know how incredible and amazing he is. She prays that no matter what his past has been, she wants to be there for him in the future, and wishes she could have been there in the past, so he didn't have to cry alone. They both start crying.

  When she finishes, he pulls her into an embrace. Then he leans down and kisses her.
  What a touching and beautiful ending to this episode. I love that Panda was able to express all the things in her heart in a way that didn't make Seung Ji feel defensive or worse about her choosing to be with him. It's great that she could express to him how she wants to always be a support and helper in his life, and that he really is an amazing person, despite, or because of the hardships he's been through. Also, I like that he was the one initiating this kiss. He's finally come to terms with himself and his capability to love and be loved.
  I'm glad it was Grandpa who was able to tell her about Seung Ji's past. Not as much as I would have liked for him to be able to reveal that side of himself, but at least it's someone who loves and understands him so fully. And Grandpa's intentions were 100% pure, so he could tell her in a way that would give her the most peace of mind. I also love that she realized in her talk with Won Yi that this is something she can't change, and that she can move on and let it go. It doesn't change who Seung Ji is, it just sheds light on how he became the person he is now, and why he struggles so much to let people in. I also love that Panda has come to admire and love Seung Ji even more because she knows what he's overcome in his life.
  I think that her break-up scene with Won Il was perfectly executed. It was emotionally gratifying to see them come to terms with not being together, yet starting a transition back into friendship. Under ideal circumstances, I'd expect Won Il to need some time away from Panda to deal with everything, but I think that the issues with Step-dad will push them together more, which will cause him more pain, but help him recover sooner, IMHO.
  I also felt that that scene helped me come to terms with Panda choosing Seung Ji over Won Il. It's no secret that I've loved him since the beginning, but it's always been inevitable that Panda and Hedgehog would end up together. That is the point of calling your show Panda and Hedgehog after all, right? So I'm glad that I got a little emotional closure there, and that they properly addressed it.
  I'm a little shocked that Mom is the first one who found out about the photos Eun Bi took. (I'm also a little surprised that she had no idea these things were going on, but I think she's been willfully blind when it comes to her husband.) I think she'll be the one to really get the ball rolling to take him down, and it'll be interesting to see how things shake out. I really hope they let him continue to be a villain, because I kinda hate when they give everyone a redemption arc. This guy's pretty messed up, so let's see him get justice.


  1. I feel like such a rotten person for saying anything bad about Panda. Panda I love you!

    Still, since we are past the half way mark, I am worried what 'revelations' are about to come to their ruin. (It is 16 episodes, right?)

    I wouldn't mind if everyone redeemed themselves, though I don't think they are setting dad up for that, because the best justice is when people feel guilty. You might be able to punish him but you can't make him feel bad and I think for most people that is what we want; that perpetrators realize the severity of their crimes. That is punishment enough.

    Once again, thank you for your detailed and excellent recaps.

  2. Ahhh... so glad for this episode!

    Panda grew up and she impressed me with her big heart... just felt rip off that Grandpa scene with her is silent... but I guess that's the best way the story portray it rather than to spell everything out on her conversation with Grandpa regarding Seung Ji's past but her crying kinda explains how much she feels for Seung Ji.

    Lamesauce clean up! Nice and Seung Ji move upstairs! Lamesauce is lame but at least he is a good appa to an adorable child.

    Won Il really gets to me with his crying... I really wanted to pet his head!

    Now that Won Il& Won Yi mom's found about the discriminating pictures... Bet a lot of confrontation and revelation are coming...

    Panda and Won Il "break up" scene is really pretty too... I like how she said the same thing as Seung Ji, except when Seung Ji said he is sorry and is grateful to her it symbolize the starting of the next stage in their relationship, moving from partners/friends to a couple, a new path for them though we know Seung Ji is still hesitant. But when she said to Won Il that she is sorry and she is thankful, it symbolize an end of a possible romance between them but reverting back to their friendship. Really like the scriptwriter!

    And once again thanks for your awesome recap!!

  3. The show needs more Won Yi. Mo, scratch that, Won Yi needs her own show.