Thursday, July 17, 2014

Deja Vu, or Why Do They Keep Trying to Throw Lee Jun Ki off a Cliff?

  I know that we see the same things over and over again in kdramas—I mean, I have already dedicated posts to tropes and cliches. But this is one trend that I find especially worrying. There are many, many instances of dramatic cliff-edge cliffhangers in Dramaland, and especially in sageuks, but something is definitely amiss with my beloved Lee Jun Ki. 

See the tiny speck next to the red arrow? That's Jun Ki.
  In the last two years, Jun Ki has had three intense encounters with huge cliffs in all three of his dramas in that time. Don't believe me? I have proof.
No touchie!
  Firstly, in Arang and the Magistrate, he has this moment, where an assassination attempt is preceded by a cracking branch, landing him on a ledge on the steep cliff face.
  Later on, it's Arang who ends up falling off the precipice, but Jun Ki has several close calls.
  Then, in Two Weeks, Lee Jun Ki is cornered at the edge of another bluff overlooking a river, gets shot, and falls the 100 feet to the river below. 

  And now in Joseon Gunman he has again been hunted to the edge of a cliff and held at gunpoint. 
  Luckily, he has escaped unscathed until now, but it begs the question, what is going on here? Is it just coincidence? Or is there some grand conspiracy to harm my beautiful, beautiful Jun Ki? Are all the writers/producers of his dramas out to get him? Has he angered the drama gods somehow? Why does everyone want to see him fall off of a very, very tall precipice? I'm a bit worried for him.
  After all, the world would be a very sad place indeed without such a talented, beautiful, engaging, and exciting actor like Jun Ki. 
Be still my heart.


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