Thursday, July 24, 2014

An Explosion of Cute in Trot Lovers (But, Sadly, That's not All. . .)

  (Major spoilers for episode 10 of Trot Lovers.) 
  I saw it coming. Honestly I did. There was just too much cute happening. But I still had hope that maybe, just this once, all that happiness and cute wasn't just the calm before the storm, the sweetness of sugar before the bitter pill, the joy of freefall before the reality of gravity sets in.

  Okay, really I didn't have much hope. I spent the entire episode just waiting for (and dreading) the dramatic ending that I knew was coming. And Trot Lovers didn't disappoint in the drama there. I'm okay with it. Really. (I keep telling myself.) I'm just dreading next week, when we'll probably find out that Jang Joon Hyun has amnesia and evil Park Soo In tells him she's his girlfriend. 
  (Speaking of the devil, I find Soo In's characterization a bit troublesome. She's kind of all over the place. I feel like she's having a major mental break, but we see so little of it, and there are so many moments of aaalllmost normalcy from her, that it feels very. . . disjointed? Sudden? Unearned? Confusing?
  I'm not really sure that I can say it's just one of those things, really. I mean, I know she's been struggling a lot with deciding how much she'll suppress her morals for her career/love (definitely more for love/obsession), but still, I wish it were a bit more developed.)
  Anyway, I just want to show all the cute moments. Mainly so I'll have a place to come back and find happiness in the midst of the drama that is to come. Ooof, my poor little over-invested heartstrings.
  I'll start off with the "cute" moment that I actually find a little disturbing. The kiss at the end of episode 9/beginning of episode 10. I really really want to like this kiss. But whenever I think about it from Choi Chun Hee's perspective (and I can't really see it any other way), it makes me uncomfortable. I mean, imagine you're sitting alone, in the middle of nowhere, with your eyes closed and singing along to the music from your headphones, and suddenly some random person starts kissing you. Not cool. Not cool at all. It's just too aggressive. 
  (Also, while I'm on the subject, their first kiss was also forced and overly aggressive. But at least with that kiss, I felt like Joon Hyun instantly regretted it. Hence the tears, and my ability to forgive him for it.)
  Anyway, when they kiss again, with Chun Hee being fully aware of what is going on, it's a very sweet and dreamy kiss. This I like. I'll just pretend that this is where their relationship really started. 
  And now for a rundown of all the rest of the cute moments. Tbh, I'd probably normally be gagging at so much adorableness, but they're just so cute about it all, I can't help but grin like a fool.
  First, Joon Hyun tells her how much he cares about her getting involved in a public scandal and that he's not willing to risk her career. Gah! So sweet! 
  Then they text and he gets upset/jealous when she tells him that's not her first kiss. And he completely forgets that he kissed her angrily a few episodes ago.
  I love that they both think that hiding under their blankets is going to block the sound of their phone conversation. Kekeke!

  Clandestine hand-holding on the elevator.

  Secret love note handoffs. 

Splashing in the stream together.
  Arguing over who gets to be Party B in their contract, because obviously that's the person who loves more. And the contract in general is adorable, as it contains clauses about petting each other on the head each day, daily compliments, and secret nickname initials for Chun Hee to protect her in case their contract leaks.
  Joon Hyun changing his name in Chun Hee's phone from Bad Man to Pretty Man.

  Chun Hee worrying that Jooh Hyun is trying to move their relationship too fast. But then he just shows her an adorable video he made for the song he wrote her.

  Secret glances and coded gestures.
  Back hugs.
  Under-the-table hand holding, at a party, and nobody notices.
  Even when they argue, it's cute, especially because he's trying to protect her, and she just wants to perform with him.

  An intimate piano lesson.
  Coffee date on the stairs.

  Joon Hyun's charming relationship with Byul.
  Joon Hyun designing a necklace for Chun Hee so he can propose onstage.
  Fulfilling their daily petting quota.
  More secret waves.
  Chun Hee's utter joy at being able to buy back Joon Hyun's precious guitar. She even dances with it and kisses it, she's so happy.
  Joon Hyun, planning his proposal and leaving a present just to make her smile, and how happy all this makes him.
  But then there's the final, horrible moment, when Joon Hyun sacrifices himself for Chun Hee. This act of true love, after all the sweetness of new love in this episode, is what really slays me. 
  Don't mind me, I'll just be over here in the corner sobbing.

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